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God’s opinion of gay people shouldn’t affect public policy.

So.. there was an article in this website that was posted last Thursday. It’s about that “protect religion from a perceived threat” bill that gives pretty much anyone who wants to claim religious motivation to act out their hateful or bigoted fantasies something to lean on if they get complaints.

The actual text of the bill basically restricts local governments from doing anything to “burden” someone claiming some kind of religious exemption. Feels pretty vague and far reaching. Almost as if it could be applied to pretty much any situation involving civil rights.

Discrimination based on gender, race, age, disability, military service, “other” religions, all those things suddenly become legal if someone decides to say it’s a religious thing.

The thing that gets me about this is that the motivation, allegedly, was anti-gay sentiment. Apparently, anti-gay sentiment great enough to erase decades of civil rights history.

I’m just not sure where it all comes from. I’m not the most well-read person in the world, I’ll admit. But most of what I’ve read suggests the average gay person is as benign as the average straight person. I honestly doubt that a rainbow-colored gay-people launched bomb is going to land on anyone’s church.

There was a lot of commentary below the article, 251 comments as of this writing. The vast majority of the supporters of the bill were of the “God hates gays, and government should, too” variety.

To me, God’s feelings on any issue, including homosexuality, should be taken with a grain of salt. There’s too many ways to interpret the holy books, and too many people with differing agendas between god and the masses. “God said so” is, without other justifications, a bad reason for any action or inaction.

So, is there a real reason for this odd fear about what two consenting adults might do when they get a private moment? Reason enough to justify attacking a lifetime of civil right movements? Other than “God said so?”

I don’t think there is. It worries me that our current crop of elected officials believe otherwise.