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Happy Happy Joy Joy

Mel Briscoe

Just going to post the list and the link.... Your thoughts?..... http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20100216/sc_livescience/happieststateshawaiimovesintofirstplace If you needed an extra twist of the arm to set off on a Hawaii vacation, here it is: The big-wave state was the happiest place to live in 2009, according to a newly released national survey. Topping ...


Mel Briscoe

In case any of you haven't heard, Haiti was hit by a 7 point earthquake and much of the nation was leveled. They think the death toll could possibly be as high as 500,000. I just wanted to ask all of you to send your prayers their way. If there ...

Blagojevich: 'Blacker' than Obama

Mel Briscoe

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - Rod Blagojevich apologized Monday for saying he's "blacker than Barack Obama," but the disgraced former Illinois governor said he probably won't try to make amends directly to the president. "I'd be happy to but, you know, I don't have the phone number," he told reporters outside his ...

Topeka Warden Accused of Racially Insensitive Comments

Mel Briscoe

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - The warden of a Topeka woman's prison is accused of making racially insensitive comments. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported on the allegations against Topeka Correctional Facility Warden Richard Koerner as part of an ongoing investigation. The claims include that Koerner made a lynching reference while criticizing two ...

What Are You Listening To Right Now?

Mel Briscoe

Is it just the clickety clack of your keyboard, your coworkers or classmates talking about what their Aunt Lottie gave them for Christmas or a particular tune? Always interesting to know these little bits o' information. :)

Gifts for Your Boss

Mel Briscoe

This is going to be a short blog... I was going to just make this a comment in my white Christmas thread but I thought it was worthy of its own space. One of the most asinine things about work is the practice of buying one's boss a Christmas gift. ...

Who Wants A White Christmas

Mel Briscoe

Okay, first of all, let's get the innuendo out of the way... For those of you who I have had banter with in threads pertaining to race, this has NOTHING to do with the color of anyone's skin. Let's get that out in the open and get past it. So ...

Off the Wagon

Mel Briscoe

As a few of you know, I live in Salina and as even fewer of you know, I had signed up for a city wide fitness deal called the Pounds Plunge. It was a 12 week stint of watching what we ate and exercising. There were weekly weigh ins at ...

Strippin' Ain't E-Z

Mel Briscoe

Made you look you dirty crook, you stole your mother's pocketbook! :P Okay, so I actually made myself chuckle there... If nothing else becomes of this blog, atleast it was worth a little laugh for myself. :D The title of this blog is a spin on the song "Pimpin' Ain't ...

Larryville's Conservative, Boring Sister

Mel Briscoe

Okay, so I am reading my hometown's newpaper website, The Salina Journal online (http://www.saljournal.com/) and I noticed that our Chamber of Commerce has paid for Ms. I-Can-See-Alaska-From-My-Backyard to speak here in February. Not only that, but check out the list of names of former speakers... I must admit that I ...


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