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Fox Proves That Big Girls DO Cry!


Okay, so I watched the newest spin on the Bachelor, a show called More to Love, which aired last Tuesday at 8 pm on Fox. My 15 year old son and I decided to tune in, solely because we had been inundated with commercials about the upcoming show for the past couple of weeks.

Normally I don't like the dating reality shows... I think they seem scripted, rehearsed and contrived. The only ones I half-way enjoy watching are the dating debaucles on VH1, and that is because VH1 someway, somehow finds the zaniest, most over-the-top characters in the reality show universe to showcase in the name of love. I ain't gonna lie, however demeaning the Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I love New York, Daisy of Love and Real Chance of Love shows can get, they are almost always a hoot and definitely guilty pleasures.

Anyway, back to Fox.... This show sounded qausi-promising. The commercials stated somethng like, "The average female contestant on reality shows are a size 2 and the average American woman is a size 14/16-- how is THAT reality?!" So I'm thinking, "hmmm... yeh, i'll tune in and see what's going on."

The bachelor in this case is a 6'3'', 330 lb. teddy bear who seems to be a bit bland, but overall likeable. He said that he has had his own issues with size/weight and can relate to how a larger woman would feel when it comes to acceptability in the dating arena... Bring on the girls. There were 20 in all. Ranging in size from probably a 14 to a 22, and heights from about 5'2'' to 6'2''. They are all dolled-up, decked-out in really pretty dresses. Makeup done, hair looking great, accessories just right. All in all, this is a very attractive bunch of women, by probably most people's standards. And this TV-- so if you saw one of these chicks in real life, drinking a 7&7 at a bar w/ a bunch of girlfriends, I'm sure you'd take notice.

So it starts out promising. Nice build up via commercials, Beautiful host (the always lovely supermodel, Emme), Sweet guy, Cute girls. And then it rapidly started to go down hill......

For pretty much the remainder of the broadcast, we keep being subjected to snippets of almost every single one of these heffers crying and whining about how they have been rejected. How, when they go out w/ their girlfriends, they always get overlooked, how they have never found love. One girl says her fiance broke up w/ her because of weight (which leads me to believe she was a size 6 when they met and then found out how wonderful Ding Dongs really are), another very pretty brunette in her late 20s says she has NEVER had a date. And all I can think is.... WHY??! I mean WTH? Maybe because you're standing there crying, looking and acting like the proverbial shrinking violet, shoulders hunched with no confidence whatsoever. I don't care if you look like Halle Berry, the total lack of confidence and the subzero self esteem is a HUGE turn off to people. Men, women, whoever.

These broads are as abject, miserable and pathetic as can be. Oh, and I didn't mention DESPERATE. One girl asks another "If he asked you to marry him, would you?" and she says w/out missing a beat "OF COURSE I WOULD!" Okay, girlfriend, did you not JUST MEET this dude? And you're already hoping to marry him? mmm kaaay.....

Oh, and by the way, I myself am a plus sized woman. I wear a size 18 or 20, depending on whether or not elastic is involved in the waistline. And I have NEVER had difficulty attracting a man. Which only makes me more disappointed in Fox for airing this crap and even moreso in these women for putting themselves out there like that. Even Emme, in all her fabulousness, looks bored.


pace 8 years, 10 months ago

yeah, that dab about putting up the weights, age up, do they do that for the skinny ones. Can you imagine, size 2 87 pounds. 22 years old.

bearded_gnome 8 years, 10 months ago

For pretty much the remainder of the broadcast, we keep being subjected to snippets of almost every single one of these heffers crying and whining about

my wife is plus size too Honeychild.

I heard some excerpts of this, supposed to be a promo...I'm sorry the guy sounds like one giant big @$$ schlub!

no wonder he has to have a reality show beauty pageant.

I almost lost two meals into the toilet hearing this dude talk! bleck!

I agree w/Pace, how about we have the postings elsewhere too: NFL football [left guard, 345lb, 6' 10'', insecure].

or the evening news: Katie Couric, weight measurements, favorite hobby, all listed on the screen!

hey, Honeychild, there's an idea for a blog, we could all check in and post our desired and actual captions for TV reality show.

oh probably wouldn't get much participation...oh well.

Mel Briscoe 8 years, 9 months ago

pace, i am in total agreement. can you imagine the stats for the rock of love chicks? "charise, 22 yrs old, size 0, 108 lbs, drug of choice: meth, cup size D, original cup size A"

bearded gnome, we could have fun doing that (creating stats for ALL reality show contestants). and btw, when you ARE a woman, you legally and ethically can call other chicks heffers. kinda like how black folk can call other dark-skinned people the N word and get away w/ it. lol ;P

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