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Back On The Chain Gang


Okay, so I'm sitting here at work and feeling kind of bored. Sluggish, really, and in need of a power nap. "It's Monday..." I remind myself as I slowly go about performing my task. The job I have now is clerical and can get a bit teadious, however when I start to feel bored here, before I even allow myself to go down the "this job blows" path, I think about another job I've had which made Mondays suck even MORE than they naturally already do and I suddenly feel extremely appreciative for this job.

So I thought how I've had the "Worst Job Ever" converstation with other folks I've known and how it always illicits a laugh or two to hear about the trials and tribulations people have experienced while on the clock. Made me want to make a little list of the worst jobs I've ever had.

  1. Working at the plant here in Salina where they make Red Barron pizzas. Its been here forever and if you know anyone from here, they have probably worked there too. My brother worked there for 14 years. He was a supervisor in one of the bakeries where they make the crusts. My best friend's 23 year old daughter currently works there and has for the past 4 plus years. Me? My tenure lasted all of 5 weeks. It was my 2nd shortest job ever (the shorted being 3 weeks spent at a part-time side gig I had in retail and that was during back-to-school season. two words: never again). Anyway, this plant is HUGE. It employs probably about 2,000 people and I think about 37 of them speak fluent English. The pizzas come down the conveyor belts usually at about 35 miles per hour... I was in packaging and it was my duty to grab the little yum-yums and throw them in boxes. Push the boxes on to the next person where they get put into even bigger boxes, sealed and sent on their ways to the adoring public. Sounds easy enough huh? Well the conveyor lines get stuck, sometimes clogged with cheese and the grossest, smellies toppings ever and then everything becomes one big multiethnic episode of I Love Lucy. However no one is stuffing these pizzas in their mouths.

  2. Working in an insurance claim call center. That is the job that I remind myself of whenever I start to get bored at this one. Try coming to work on a Monday and sitting down at your station, only to find out that there are 400 calls queued up, just waiting for you to log into your phone/computer. The customers calling have been waiting most of the weekend to call this morning, thinking they'd get a jump start on things by calling first thing... And, of course, they find out that it ain't that simple and that NOW they will have to wait for a half hour on hold. By the time I'd speak to them, they were usually "madder than a wet hen" (as my mom would say) and ready to cuss me out. And many times, they DID. Oh well... they were just venting right? The next call will be better..... (Ha.)

  3. Telemarketing. No description required. LOL


Leslie Swearingen 8 years, 9 months ago

Go Go dancer in the Barbary Coast saloon in San Francisco in 1969. I wore a white fringed dress and white boots and, um, danced. Though I was in a cage that hung from the ceiling, guys would stand on tables and chairs and try to grab. They never made contact, with me that is, I guess they forgot that what goes up must come down.

Mel Briscoe 8 years, 9 months ago

wow, irish, you should write a book!! i've never seen a picture of you but for some reason i could envision everything you just described. lol and yeh, that would suck-- then again, after seeing frozen pizzas fly by me at 40 miles per hour, i might've tried on those gogo boots just to get the hell out of that factory.

RogueThrill 8 years, 9 months ago

Dish washer at a mom and pop diner during high school. I saw lots of mashed potatoes with extinguished cigarette gravy. YAY! Working until 1 in the morning for parties, on a school night, without pay after 10.

I also cooked chicken at KFC for a summer. If you are smart you will never eat KFC. At the very least the one in Hays, KS froze and then cooked spoiled chicken (the blood it shipped with had turned greenish during storage). They wouldn't sell it in whole pieces, they wanted to cook it, shred it and put it in the pot pies.

But other than that I have led a pretty soft existence with regards to jobs. I have also been a camp instructor, textbook writer, and IT guy.

RoeDapple 8 years, 9 months ago

Washing dishes (and chickens) at the Virginia Inn (oops!) in 1965

Mel Briscoe 8 years, 9 months ago

marion, i know swope park isn't in KCK but i can remember walking around that place w/ my then-boyfriend, this was back in the 80s, and seeing ALL KINDS of grossness. bleck. so i can only imagine what it would be like to have to clean up a park day in and day out. i tell ya what, thinking of that really makes me appreciate the parks crew here in salina. we have gorgeous, clean parks (one of our strong suits-- we have to do something to make up for lack of a viable downtown area). those crews are really on top of their games because people are just nasty and they treat public parks w/ much disrespect.

rogue, um.... i think i just vomited a little of the banana i had for breakfast.... :( i am not a KFC patron and/or fan and now that i've read your post i will NEVER be. :(

roe, i'd rather wash chickens at the virginia inn than work at KFC. lol

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