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Oh I Wish I Were An Oscar Meyer Weiner


Okay, so I am here at work right now... Hungry. Yes, I am watching what I eat. I haven't been eating all of the junk, visiting the evil vending machine, stocking up my desk drawer w/ healthy snacks (Craisins, reduced fat crap, 100 cal packs, etc etc). I went home at lunch and didn't eat anything. Not completely my fault. The kids ate up the bread so I couldn't make a sandwich. They also ate up the wheat crackers so I couldn't even have crackers and cheese! (Taking a personal inventory of why exactly I had children.....)

My favorite lunches are when my job caters and/or orders in food. I love eating on someone else's dime (one of the many splendid things in life), plus, the few times the organization I work for has sprung for lunch, it has always been from a quality place and I was able to fill my belly for free and be quite happy during and after the process. The only thing is, this rarely happens.... Maybe twice per year at best. So most of the time, darned it, I have to provide my own lunch.

I personally really like Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine entrees. They cook really quickly and always pack a nice little punch taste-wise. Of course, grilled cheese sandwiches are the bomb, but now that I am not eating alot of fat, they're pretty much out of the question (bummer!). Oh, and the tried and true standby of the PB&J-- or, as my cousin calls them "choke 'n slides".

So what did you have for lunch today?


RoeDapple 8 years, 8 months ago

Ya had ta ask didnja?

A left over pork cutlet, two sliced tomatoes (walked to the garden, they looked good so I ate 'em!), a chocolate granola bar and a DDP (diet Dr Pepper)

sassypants 8 years, 8 months ago

Garden salad with chicken, cheese strings, grapes and glass of skim milk. Yummy...

Mel Briscoe 8 years, 8 months ago

roe, your lunch sounds scrumptdelicious! (can i use that word?-- it used to be property of DQ...)

i effing HEART garden tomatoes!!!!!! the old lady next door had a bumper crop last year and they were so delicious. i ate them by themselves, as part of sandwiches, i cooked w/ them... i wish i had one right now. sigh

sassy, your's sounds good too. especially the salad and string cheese part.

today i'm having a roast beef sandwich on multigrain, low-fat bread (w/ mustard, no mayo) and one slice of cheddar cheese. then i brought some carrots and radishes too. i needed the crunch factor so i wouldn't visit the vending machine. :/

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