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Where KU ranks on White House’s new ‘College Scorecard’

If you watched President Obama's State of the Union address last night, you may have heard him mention a new "College Scorecard" to help prospective students figure out where they'll get the most educational value.

Well, the Scorecard is up and running now on the White House website. If offers a database of colleges and universities around the country with four basic numbers on each: the average cost to attend, six-year graduation rate, the rate of student-loan defaults and the median amount borrowed by students in federal loans.

One category of information it does not have yet — which might be the most interesting — is job and wage information for graduates. But it suggests that info might come later.

I, of course, took a peek at KU's page. Each metric includes a graphic comparing it to the rest of the country. KU ranks on the low end of the "medium" range when it comes to average net costs; in the "high" range with its 60.7 percent graduation rate (though KU leaders want to bump that number up to around 70); and right about in the middle in the area of median borrowing. Its loan default rate, 4.3 percent, is well below the national average of 13.4 percent of federal student-loan borrowers who default within three years.

Below are the numbers for KU and a few other big state universities in the middle of the country:

KU — Average net cost: $14,768 per year. Graduation rate: 60.7 percent. Loan default rate: 4.3 percent. Median borrowing: $214.34 per month.

Kansas State University — Cost: $14,352. Grad rate: 56 percent. Default rate: 4.5 percent. Borrowing: $225.85/month.

Iowa State University — Cost: $13,554. Grad rate: 67.5 percent. Default rate: 4 percent. Borrowing: $250.30/month.

University of Iowa — Cost: $14,245. Grad rate: 70.8 percent. Default rate: 2.9 percent. Borrowing: $235.91/month.

University of Missouri-Columbia — Cost: $15,759. Grad rate: 68.9 percent. Default rate: 3.9 percent. Borrowing: $223.29/month.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln — Cost: $13,108. Grad rate: 66.7 percent. Default rate: 3.7 percent. Borrowing: $218.66/month.

At that point, I had to pull myself away. But poke around yourself for more.

You can fill out a scorecard for Heard on the Hill, if you like, and send it to But please also include a KU news tip, if you've got one.

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Visiting historian Richard Norton Smith dreams about future Dole Institute expansion

Before his talk about George Washington on Sunday, I chatted with presidential historian and former Dole Institute of Politics director Richard Norton Smith about what he's up to these days (finishing up a 1,200-page book, plus a "couple thousand footnotes," on Nelson Rockefeller, for one).

But we also chatted about where the Dole Institute is now compared with his time there, when he oversaw the construction of the building in which we were sitting. (Not that I had to ask many questions; that guy is a talker, which might have something to do with why his presidential talks are pretty popular.)

He said he's thrilled with where the institute is now and how it's progressed under Bill Lacy's leadership. It attracts crowds to its events while staying lean and efficient in a way that Bog Dole himself would appreciate, he said. "It's more than lived up to our hopes," says Smith, who left the institute in 2003.

But he also couldn't help dreaming a bit about what it could still become. The Dole building was purposefully designed so that it could be expanded, Smith said, and, boy, wouldn't it be nice if there were an auditorium tacked on to the north end, or an outdoor amphitheater around the artificial lake out front?

Right now the Institute holds its events in its main hall. It's certainly nice to look at, and it seats several hundred folks, but I've often seen crowds overflowing into a media room where people can watch on a projector screen. I can certainly see how an auditorium would come in handy.

The KU administration has always been supportive of the Dole Institute, Smith emphasized, and he thinks the building is beautiful. But if any potential donors out there would like to make a 90th birthday tribute to Bob Dole this July 22 (also the building's 10th anniversary), he has an idea: chip in for a bolstered endowment.

"When you succeed, it's easy to be taken for granted," Smith said, "but hopefully there's no one around here taking the success of the Dole Institute for granted."

By the way, even though Smith will be talking about John Adams over at the Dole Institute when President Obama starts his State of the Union address tonight, he previewed Obama's talk for the Wall Street Journal in this web video. He Skyped in straight from the Dole Institute, you'll notice.

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