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KU continues to bewitch Quidditch opponents

As the @kunews Twitter account notified us this morning, the KU Quidditch team remains a national power this year.

Quidditch is the rather complex sport played high in the air by wizards aboard broomsticks in the "Harry Potter" books. Here, in the non-magical world, players simply run around on a field with broomsticks 'twixt their legs.

This version of Quidditch is played by at least 118 different college squads around North America, and the KU team right now is ranked No.1 out of all of them based on games played since mid-July, according to the International Quidditch Association. According to the rankings table, the team is 11-0 during that span. The group uses a computer algorithm to rank the teams, and it explains the system in impressive detail.

The KU team also won a big Midwest tournament last fall. I have to say I'm not too surprised; if the constant references in the Daily Kansan's "Free For All" are any indication, there's a lot of "Harry Potter" enthusiasm on campus.

And, KU Quidditchers, in case you're looking to improve even further, here's a prospect for you: Daymond Patterson, a wide receiver on the football team, says he's interested.