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71 years ago today at KU: UDK responds to Pearl Harbor

As Finals Week dawns at KU this morning, the always-interesting KU History site lets us know what was going on at KU 71 years ago today, a few days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

On Dec. 10, 1941, the Daily Kansan published a blistering editorial taking the form of an open letter to the Japanese emperor, writing that the United States was sure to emerge victorious from the ensuing conflict. It included the great line "You can paste that in your hat, Mr. Hirohito."

The Kansan and other folks at KU did not even know yet that two of its alumni were among those who'd died in Hawaii on Dec. 7. They'd be the first of 276 KU alumni to give their lives during World War II.

The KU History piece also notes an interesting coincidence — on Dec. 7, the Kansan had published an op-ed from a faculty member (not something you'll see in the Kansan much these days) warning against U.S. involvement in the war. Of course, this was before news of the Pearl Harbor attack had reached campus. But it shows how quickly the attack changed sentiments on the hill and elsewhere.

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