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Our KU news hashtag is: #KUbuzz

You nominated, you voted, and you've picked a winner: #KUbuzz.

That's the Twitter hashtag we'll be using for newsy happenings at KU. I have to confess that was my choice out of our list of nominees, but if you snoop around Twitter you'll find that was the clear choice of other folks, too.

We're planning to dive in and slap that thing on our tweets with gusto, and I really hope you'll do the same. If we at the Journal-World are the only ones using it, it will feel like we're shouting into a big, empty room, hearing back nothing but an echo.

So if you see something happening on campus, find something cool and KU-related on the Internet or wonder what exactly is going on in front of Wescoe Hall, tack #KUbuzz onto your tweet. Let's see if we can make this "a thing," as the kids might say.

As promised, a shout-out goes to the Twitter user who suggested the tag. That would be @DCCFoundation, the Twitter account for the Douglas County Community Foundation. Thanks for helping us out.

Something else that helps me feel like I'm not yelling into an empty room is when you send me your KU news tips. So keep 'em coming to