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KU grad tells Denver Post about Adderall abuse in college

The Denver Post reported this week on the rising number of emergency-room visits related to abuse of hyperactivity drugs, and to put a face on the trend the paper talked to a KU graduate who says she struggled with addiction to the stimulant Adderall during her time in college.

Kate Beach, now 26, told the paper that four years ago she was taking five times the recommended dose of the medication, making use of prescriptions in three states.

But Beach's story has a happy ending: The Colorado Springs native is now clean and working for a health rehabilitation center at the University of Colorado.

The University Daily Kansan talked to a number of students who'd abused Adderall back in 2008, and the federal report suggests ER visits related to such abuse have doubled since about that time. Our Go! Double Take columnists also tackled the issue of Adderall abuse earlier this week.

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