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The 6 ½ th President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, is Michael Lewis???

Mr.Mike Lewis the president of the Haskell's Bank is now the 6 ½ th President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, really...... Michael Lewis????

Wasn't there student bank audits that were requested in 2008-09 that passed with flying colors? If we trust him to run a $20 million dollar operation ? Oh wait, we don’t think there was an audit. Was there ? Haskell's student bank remains ripe for a good forensic audit and Mr. Mike Lewis, who barely has any degree (education or A Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood ?) would also be in line for one....right????

Of course, on campus we all know that he is the puppet of the good Drs: did the last two real presidents have the goods to fire him ? Maybe but they probably were not backed by central office ? Were they ? So we have, with the departure of Chris Redman, a return to the pre-Swisher years ? We predict two things: one, that the informal interview ? Off campus, by Dr. Chenault with Gill Vigil, right before graduation will NOT be repeated for any other candidates ? And two, that Dr. Wildcat will not apply because “he doesn't want the headache” (translate that into I can’t produce a A Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood, not even an itty bitty one like Mike Lewis ?)

Isn't it a sad day for American Indian students and employees at Haskell when Mike Lewis is deemed the “best” The Bureau of Indian Affairs has to offer an institution with over a 100 year history? Considering his move up through the ranks, we would be surprised if he can spell the word “university” let alone know what it takes to create one??? If you don’t believe us, ask ANY of his direct line subordinates. ANY.....

haskellnews commentary 05/27/2013


So long farewell…Mr. Larry Echohawk

Is the Secretary of Interior saddened to lose his staunchest Morman to the Mormon Church? Apparently Larry Echohawk really didn’t mean it when he told folks that he would stay an entire four years with the Obama administration? Did he really mean he would stay until his church called him home?

Isn’t this the moment Indians across the nation have been praying for?

Will his new position, allow Mr. Echohawk (who has an uncanny ability to cry at will) to testify that “all is well” full time?

Despite spending a bit of time making absolutely no positive changes for Indians? We wish him well in his new endeavor. He does seems eminently more qualified to cry than he did to actually make a positive difference in the lives of Indian people? Especially their biggest asset—their children.

He has succeeded where others have failed—was he able to stay longer than any recent Assistant Secretary because he chose to do absolutely nothing?

And his departure will provide a bit of levity too as we watch to see who scrambles to take his place. It will also be amusing to watch the Mormon’s who have safely sat surrounding him, providing Kleenex when he needed it, as they try to stay in their highly paid jobs?

Locally, nothing much will change. It is Haskell after all, and change is forbidden? Is it not?

And they have their own local self-identified Indian who can cry, with his eyes closed, and warn us about global destruction while students, under the tutelage of the Vice President for Academics, holds the tissue?

haskellnews commentary 04/12/2012


I can do anything; please remember I said “I” was the theme of one talk.

Long ago and far away….well, actually a few years ago and right across town, Karen Swisher, the current president of Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas attempted, one last time, to try to make people out there think Haskell was a university ( or a college ) or something, didn’t she? She set up the interview process for her replacement, which looked, from the outside like a real search process for a real president of a real institution of higher education?

Larry Echohawk may have gotten rid of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, who knew nothing of higher education? but the replacement is a democrat who, in spite of coming from a university where he was a “diversity officer” also knows little of higher education administration?

This past week, candidates for the position of President were to Haskell, were shuttled to the backstage of the auditorium, and allowed to make a presentation to those who were on campus.

An hour of:

I can do anything; please remember I said “I” was the theme of one talk. “This job is mine if I am crazy enough to want it” was the theme of another. Some even know so little of Larry Echohawk and Keith Moore’s practices that they actually thought it was done without the dreaded personnel ‘pre-selection” that all real bureaucrats try to hide, but rarely goes unnoticed.

This is proof positive that these people don’t know how to hire a president, even if we were talking about a real university isn’t it? In a normal search, various constituencies are given the opportunity to listen to presentation, ask questions and interact. It is typically a multiple day process (rather than an hour of show and tell). In a real search, students would be there, alumni would be there, all with separate special interest group meetings and feedback. In lieu of that Haskell employees were sent a notice and told if they wanted to be there, they could be…. no candidate names were included on the notice.

Oh and by the way, the answer to the question about how can an Indian can work at Haskell and not be Indian is really a question of academic misconduct, not an illegal personnel question. It is an ethics question, and again, few are left who understand that either.

If Echohawk or Moore had any intention of Haskell turning into a University, they have a weird way of showing it; since it is obvious they allowed the unethical types to make decisions for them, right? Our vote for President elect goes to Venida Chenault . Will she run things into the ground even more? Well, if she does, she ought to be in charge when that happens, right?

Finally, just to show again that George Tiger’s little friends know so little of ethics and it finally catches up with them, The Navajo Nation has removed Haskell Indian Nations University Board member, Fanny Atticity from her position as a member of the Navajo Board of Regents for behaviors similar to those shown on Haskell’s campus. She remains of course on the Haskell Board of Regents.

Link: q=cache:sZIfa2F2cuwJ:navajohopiobserver.1upprelaunch .com/main.asp%3FSectionID%3D74%26SubSectionID% 3D393%26ArticleID%3D12500%26TM%3D74394.37 +The+Government+Services+Committee+of+the+21st +Navajo+Nation+Council+removed+three+Diné+College &cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&

haskellnews commentary 05/31/11


Haskell Indian Nations University Board President George Tiger’s Leadership is Highlighted Again.

Haskell Indian Nations University Board President George Tiger’s leadership is highlighted again.


haskellnews commentary 04/03/2011


Larry Echohawk, has a funny way ….. as he puts it of “Advancing Indian Education”.

"The Bureau of Indian Education (B.I.E.) is one of only two agencies in the Federal government that manages a school system, the other being the Department of Defense. Education is critical to ensuring a viable and prosperous future for tribal communities and American Indians. It is this Department’s goal to improve Indian education and provided quality educational opportunities for those students who attend the 183 BIE funded elementary and secondary schools and dormitories located on 64 reservations in 23 states and serving approximately 41,000 students"... Larry Echohawk, Asst' Secretary -Indian Affairs.

Larry Echohawk, has a funny way ..... as he puts it of “Advancing Indian Education".

In the above speech given on March 8th, 2011, before the Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs, Committee on Natural Resources and U.S. House of Representatives. Mr. Echohawk states that education is critical to American Indians, yet aren't American Indian schools that he is in charge of falling apart?

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, has been without a president for two years. During that time hasn't the school taken a notable dive? Haven't graduation rates during the last two years dropped from nine percent to one percent? Have not various people been “in charge"? Are they not losing their football and volleyball teams? Have they not lost some of their best employees since the departure of Dr. Warner? Do they not have a high rate a crime for such a small campus? Isn't the head of their board of regents (George Tiger) to under- educated to try and lead a “university board”? Haven’t charges been brought against Mr.Tiger by his own tribe for missing funds? ( how many times has the board under George's leadership gone to Washington D.C. and actually lobbied congress for money for Haskell? Isn't that a part of their job?

Because of Larry Echohawk's great concern for American Indian Education hasn't Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) lost their accreditation?

Maybe, there was a time Mr. Echohawk that American Indians would have just taken all of this? We are thinking that time might be over with? Don't you think tribes are going to start calling for accountability on your part? We doubt tears will do the trick this time.

haskellnews commentary March 03, 2011



Are Students at Haskell Indian Nations University keeping their rooms clean?

Some folks have written in asking why we keep writing about room checks at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas? The answer is simple, it shows boarding school mentality has not left Haskell and weekly room checks validate this point.

Do Haskell Employees, Larry Echohawk, Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn , The Bureau of Indian Education and this weeks ACTINGS Venida Chenault and Jim Tucker really believe that room checks are a sign that Haskell is a “Premiere University”? Real universities do not have weekly room checks to double check the sanitation and cleanliness level of their students rooms. Do they?

Aren't Haskell's room checks are a carry over from the boarding school days when people believed that American Indians were not clean and therefore students rooms had to be checked? Here we are in 2010 and Haskell still carries on the traditions of being a boarding school.

Who does these room checks? If other students check the rooms is this a violation of a students privacy? Isn't the entire room check procedure a violation of students rights? Could Haskell loose federal funding over such violations?

Haskell students are adults and therefore should be treated with the respect they deserve, shouldn't they? If they have a dirty rooms, that is their problem, right?

Why is Haskell not student Service-oriented ? Are they doomed to stay in the current boarding school mentality? With 91% of its students not graduating, it does not appear to be working...does it?

haskellnews commentary October 15, 2010


Changing of the guard at Haskell Indian Nations University….again!

This week guarding the ever present boarding school mentality at Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas are two that have hardly ever stepped beyond its doors. Venida Chenault as ACTING president and Jim Tucker as ACTING vice president.

It would almost be funny if it weren't so sad. The leadership at Haskell changes like a revolving door with no one there to push the stop button. Mean while the American Indian students ( 91% of them) are not graduating.

All we have to say about this is maybe Larry Echohawk or Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn should send some clowns in to take over ...... Oh, wait, don't bother, they're already there.

haskellnews commentary

Oct 13, 2010


A New Trail of Tears?

President Barack Obama’s political appointment for Assistant Secretary of Interior-Indian Affairs, Mr. Larry Echohawk appears to have embarked on a mission to bring national attention to the “state” of Indian education by journeying his own Trail of Tears.

In the last year, Assistant Secretary Echohawk has cried at Brigham

Young University, wept openly at The Pawnee Nation, shed tears at Haskell Indian Nations University and last week in San Diego at the National Indian Education Association he is reported to have dropped a crocodile tear or two.

It appears that Echohawk has now traveled the entire nation, north south east and west weeping. Is this apology Indian Country has been waiting for from the federal government?

Echohawk does not appear to be able to contain the mortification he has found in Bureau of Indian Education schools when he talks to Indian students and parents. Assistant Secretary Echohawk has now lasted longer than the last half dozen or so political appointments at that level, but surely the stress of such emotional commitment to Indian children must be getting to him.

It’s a good thing Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and Venida Chenault are social workers and can step up to counsel him.

Of course, we think it would be a better thing if President Obama could appoint someone who actually did something positive for Indians kids instead of hiring and promoting totally unqualified people and then bawling because they screw up. But that’s because we believed President Obama had an Indian agenda—one that looked at education.

Likely you did too.

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Oct 11, 2010