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Is the leadership at Haskell Indian Nations University allowing students who have been academically removed to be reinstated?

Is the current leadership at Haskell Indian Nations in Lawrence, Kansas, allowing students who have been academically removed to be reinstated?

Is the current leadership at Haskell allowing the rescinding of student write ups?

Is the current leadership at Haskell allowing the students to learn a sad game of how to stay at Haskell? By letting students show up for classes every now and again so they can stay free of charge in the dorms for 5, 6, 7, years or more at a time without getting a degree?

Is the current leadership at Haskell more concerned with students having clean rooms, then getting a success center, with that grant money, they received?

Is the current leadership at Haskell more concerned with letting the teaching staff have days off, then holding classes for students?

Who’s in charge of all those grants that Haskell has? Where is the money going? Why isn’t the current leadership calling for an audit of Haskell finances?

Is the Haskell union trying to get Venida Chenault in as Haskell’s next president?

Of course the Haskell union (FEDERATION OF INDIAN SERVICE EMPLOYEES) is all about the best interest of the Haskell employees, who has the students best interest at heart? Apparently not the current leadership?

Is the current leadership at Haskell looking out for the best interest of a few chosen employees?

Venida’s doing such a good job pleasing the employees and not graduating the students, maybe she should become Haskell’s next president? After all Haskell has become an employment agency hasn’t it? It certainly isn’t a university with a one percent graduation rate.

If the current leadership at Haskell continues to make the students concentrate on keeping their rooms clean maybe the students can get jobs at the nearest Holiday Inn cleaning rooms, most likely without the degrees they came to get, that’s about all they will be able to do, isn't it?

While Haskell's current leadership collects their government pay checks.

We truly hope Haskell get’s a real president, who comes in and cares not about the employees, but all about the students.

Maybe Haskell parents should start demanding that their kids receive an education? One thing is for sure The United States Government isn't going to. Nor is Larry Echohawk, The current Haskell leadership, The Bureau of Indian Education, or President Barack Obama.... are they?

haskellnews commentary 02/02/2011


Congratulations to The Bureau of Indian Education….they finally got rid of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn!

Congratulations to The Bureau of Indian Education….they finally got rid of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn!

Today as The National Congress of American Indians ( NCAI ) President Keel delivered The State of Indian Nations address, they also delivered this bit of news; Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn is no longer with the Bureau of Indian Education ( B.I.E.) she has moved on to the Bureau of Indian Affairs ( B.I.A.) Office of Veteran Affairs in Washington D.C.

We wish Stephanie the best, we really do, because we certainly don’t want her back at the B.I.E.

We want to congratulate whoever made this decision and we now hold high hopes that Venida Chenault will follow in Stephanie’s path, after all, isn’t helping veterans more along the lines of social work…. then trying and failing to run schools?

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.... Rejoice !!!!!

haskellnews commentary Jan 27, 2011


Memo from Venida Chenault, Acting President, Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, Kansas.

This is an invitation to all faculty and staff to plan on joining us for convocation day event on Tuesday, Jan 25, 2011.

These events are intended to launch the (#1) Woksape #2 speaker series a semester long discussion. With presentations about the role and specifications of indigenous culture in contemporary higher education and whether the inclusion of #3 tribal culture is associated with retention of indigenous students. These actives are also linked to ongoing discussions with a an #4 academic about cultural content. #5 And the use of cultural rubrics.

The morning will begin with a campus wide blessing lead by Mr. Andy Yellowhair, all campus buildings will be blessed as we begin a new semester and season and move into a new year.

Later on Tuesday a distinguished group of panelists will explore the question of cultural indigenous in the 21st century from ten until noon which will be facilitated by #6 Dr. Dan Wildcat.

Panelist will include Lionnel Bordeaux President of SGU, Maggie George executive director of The White House Invitation on Tribal colleges and universities.

7&8 George Tiger councilman Muskogee Nation legislature and President of The National Haskell Board of Regents and Russell Bradley councilman Kickapoo national and board of regents, National Haskell Board of Regents in the afternoon convocation is scheduled for 3:30 to 5 in the Haskell auditorium our key note speaker will be President Lionnel Bordeaux.

#9 Unless there is a compelling reason you are unable to adjust your schedule to attend please join us for convocation and the discussion Tuesday morning with your classes and students.

#10 There a variety of projects that can be considered for student credit, writing assignments which encourage students to explore the integration of cultural content. The relevance of cultural across and discipline whether there is an relationship between the inclusion of tribal culture and the decision to stay in school use be useful critical analysis that would also provide useful feedback as the division continues work for the development of a cultural rubric for assessment purposes. Students interested in qualitative research might opt to record the series and engage in a theme analysis for a final project for a research project. Students interested in documenting through video could also produce a final product. I encourage ingenuity in linking these events to your course work. And program and look for to a strong academic presence.

Venida Chenault

Acting President Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, Kansas


1. “Woksape”

Wasn’t this the grant that Judith Gipp had to run the Red Center? Haskell’s only research center.

#2 A semester long discussion?? Could this mean that Venida is using the grant money to bring her friends to Haskell all semester to have discussions?

#3 Is this not something that the Bureau of Indian Education should be figuring out??? Or, maybe have already figured out???

4 What Academic????

5 Rubric is a grading tool that lays out assignment expectations on a grid, furthermore, rubrics reduce the amount of time teachers spend grading student work..surprise !!!!

#6( Dan Wildcat) so, distinguished he PRETENDS to be an environmental specialist!

#7 George Tiger a distinguished panelist ????

8 With all of the problems George Tiger has had in the past and present, we are surprised he has the guts to show up and sit on the same stage with Dr. Lionnel Bordeaux and Maggie George (no relation to Maggie George). Has George Tiger and the rest of The Haskell Board of Regents underwent recent background checks? Maggie George may want to follow up on that.

#9 Is Ms. Chenault ordering Haskell employees to convocation? If she is they may want to check with their union on that.

10 Sounds like to us Ms. Chenault is looking for students to come up with an excuse for Haskell’s recent drop in enrollment from the usual 900 to approximately 669 this semester. She wants them to resolve the retention problem? Then she will give them class credit for it? Shouldn’t this be a problem for her to resolve? After all didn’t she and her posse cause it? Don't Haskell Students need to be doing real class work? Not solving Haskell’s current problems for college credit.