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Lawsuit accuses Creek Nation Chief George Tiger of abusing mistress, covering up affair ?

To mimic a favorite nighttime personality, HN is going to post Ten Reasons Why We DO NOT Believe this allegation to be true?

  1. Isn't The Chief of the Creek Nation an ethical, hard working man who always puts his people first? Oh wait, that was Chief Ellis.
  2. Isn't Tiger best buddies with Dan Wildcat, Mike Tsosee, Venida Chenault, Julia GoodFox (the moral backbone of Haskell)?
  3. Based on #9, Tiger would not likely engage in any behavior that is morally reprehensible, like sleeping with students or adultery, would he?
  4. As Chairman of his tribe, with his relatives as attorney, wouldn't he be able to afford the same defense as OJ?
  5. Just because the attorney general ran out of time to prosecute him for cashing checks that he didn't earn doesn't mean he is dumb enough to continue to break the law and expect to get away with it, is it?
  6. Just because non-Indian people (think Mayor of large California town) think that a politician should be held to higher standards doesn't mean that the Creek Nation, a sovereign government, has any standards, does it?
  7. Chairman Tiger said he didn't know anything about the lawsuit in his comment to the newspaper; he really is that obtuse, isn't he?
  8. Getting your tribal law enforcement to refuse to cooperate with local authorities when they want by picking and choosing the incidents is self-determination, isn't it?
  9. Posing as an innocent and staying an arms length from a subpoena is plausible deniability, isn't it? And the 1 main reason we believe Chairman Tiger....
  10. It's hard to imagine anyone that pretty actually wanting to see George Tiger nekkid, isn't it? Link:

Chairman George Tiger

Chairman George Tiger by haskellnews