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Who checks employee work stations at Haskell Indian Nations University?

Who checks employees work stations at Haskell Indian Nations University? We have gotten several e-mail complaints that Haskell’s staff can’t keep their own work stations clean.
If Haskell wants to hold room checks maybe they should start out with work station checks. Any employee found to have a messy work station can then be subject to community work hours and dismissal from their job. A place that calls itself a university does not check its student’s rooms for cleanliness. Like it or not that is the job of the students. Haskell students need to study and graduate. President Redman you need to start holding your staff accountable for their work stations and get rid of student room checks and the housing staff that approves them. Tribes need to make sure their students are treated as university students. * Haskell’s boarding school days are over. Haskell's head of housing needs to realize in 2012 it is time to eliminate this old out dated practice.

*Link: haskellnews commentary 09/24/2012

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Inexcusable Customer Service by Haskell Indian Nations University Employees

Haskell Indian Nations University was founded in 1884 as a residential boarding-school, in 1970 Haskell became a junior college and in 1993 Haskell changed its name to Haskell Indian Nations University. Not because it had the *credentials to do so, but, because The Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs at that time: Ada Deer, approved it.

In the year 2012 Haskell is still in a time lag. It still has not terminated room checks, nor has customer service for students become any kind of priority. Room checks have been a part of Haskell’s culture since its boarding school days. Many Haskell employees attended Haskell and are very resistance too any changes, including getting rid of room checks. The Haskell mentality that students are there to serve employees ( I.E. We will write them up for messy rooms and let them do some of our work: must be stopped.) it is wrong. President Chris Redman, Mr. Jim Tucker, and Mr. Tom Spottedhorse housing must change.

Texts, e-mails, computers, iphones,etc, are part of the U.S. culture and most colleges let students register online to become a student, sign up for classes, housing, etc. Haskell has remained in the dark. In part due to employees who should have been let go, years ago. At least one recent detail to Washington, D.C. was a step in the right direction.

This semester Haskell students stood in long hot registration lines, while academic advisors gave students little or no help in selecting classes. A large portion of classes students finally got were randomly cancelled. Students were forced to start all over. Did Haskell employees offer students chairs to sit in or water to drink? No. Why would President Redman let this happen? Is he on campus long enough to know what is going on? It’s sad when the president of a university doesn’t seem to care. Has he reached out to his students? Does he walk the campus to see what is happening or is he too busy catching the next flight to Oklahoma?

The Bureau of Indian Education can no longer afford to ignore Haskell. By doing so it is slowly pounding the nails into Haskell’s coffin. Haskell is run and owed by the federal government and that has not turned out to be a good thing. Now is the time tribes need to start taking a good look at what type of education they are sending their tribal members off to get and how their tribal members are being treated.

We here at haskellnews commentary do care and will continue to speak up for the students. Haskell students need tremendous support in every area.

Who has the nerve to step up and help them? Starting with the simplest of things: Getting rid of room checks and maybe the heads of housing then going from there.

It should be President Redman or the Head of the Bureau of Indian Education’s newly appointed Kevin Washburn. We have little faith in either.

Haskellnews commentary 09/21/2012

*Webster’s definition of a university: An institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees; specifically : one made up of an undergraduate division which confers bachelor's degrees and a graduate division which comprises a graduate school and professional schools each of which may confer master's degrees and doctorates.

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