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How are Haskell Indian Nations University employee bonuses being distributed?

How are Haskell Indian Nations University employee bonuses being distributed?

On the heels of Haskell’s President Chris Redman and Head of Housing Jim Tucker refusing to get rid of room checks and the free slave labor that Haskell students must perform when many are written up for messing rooms , haskellnews commentary has learned some Haskell employees cannot keep their own work stations clean.

This begs the question of the how Haskell employee bonuses are distributed?

Is it the heads of departments who decides which employees receive bonuses? If so what justifications are given for the employees who receive them? Is there any student input into this process?

Should Haskell employees be receiving bonuses at a time when Haskell is in such turmoil that it appears few employees deserve bonuses?

Wouldn't Haskell employee bonus money be better spent on new BA programs for the Haskell student body?

haskellnews commentary 09/25/2012

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Inexcusable Customer Service by Haskell Indian Nations University Employees

Haskell Indian Nations University was founded in 1884 as a residential boarding-school, in 1970 Haskell became a junior college and in 1993 Haskell changed its name to Haskell Indian Nations University. Not because it had the *credentials to do so, but, because The Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs at that time: Ada Deer, approved it.

In the year 2012 Haskell is still in a time lag. It still has not terminated room checks, nor has customer service for students become any kind of priority. Room checks have been a part of Haskell’s culture since its boarding school days. Many Haskell employees attended Haskell and are very resistance too any changes, including getting rid of room checks. The Haskell mentality that students are there to serve employees ( I.E. We will write them up for messy rooms and let them do some of our work: must be stopped.) it is wrong. President Chris Redman, Mr. Jim Tucker, and Mr. Tom Spottedhorse housing must change.

Texts, e-mails, computers, iphones,etc, are part of the U.S. culture and most colleges let students register online to become a student, sign up for classes, housing, etc. Haskell has remained in the dark. In part due to employees who should have been let go, years ago. At least one recent detail to Washington, D.C. was a step in the right direction.

This semester Haskell students stood in long hot registration lines, while academic advisors gave students little or no help in selecting classes. A large portion of classes students finally got were randomly cancelled. Students were forced to start all over. Did Haskell employees offer students chairs to sit in or water to drink? No. Why would President Redman let this happen? Is he on campus long enough to know what is going on? It’s sad when the president of a university doesn’t seem to care. Has he reached out to his students? Does he walk the campus to see what is happening or is he too busy catching the next flight to Oklahoma?

The Bureau of Indian Education can no longer afford to ignore Haskell. By doing so it is slowly pounding the nails into Haskell’s coffin. Haskell is run and owed by the federal government and that has not turned out to be a good thing. Now is the time tribes need to start taking a good look at what type of education they are sending their tribal members off to get and how their tribal members are being treated.

We here at haskellnews commentary do care and will continue to speak up for the students. Haskell students need tremendous support in every area.

Who has the nerve to step up and help them? Starting with the simplest of things: Getting rid of room checks and maybe the heads of housing then going from there.

It should be President Redman or the Head of the Bureau of Indian Education’s newly appointed Kevin Washburn. We have little faith in either.

Haskellnews commentary 09/21/2012

*Webster’s definition of a university: An institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees; specifically : one made up of an undergraduate division which confers bachelor's degrees and a graduate division which comprises a graduate school and professional schools each of which may confer master's degrees and doctorates.

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Free slave labor from Haskell Indian Nations University Students in Lawrence, KS

Free slave labor from Haskell Indian Nations University Students in Lawrence, KS.

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence KS has a smorgasbord of problems, poor graduate rates, no more sports programs, few BA programs to choose from, no air in a lot of their dorm rooms until last week and still a few rooms without air! And now Haskell is asking its students for free slave labor!

Haskell students are being written up for messy rooms then given 10 hours of community service (free slave labor from the students) this is a school where students need to study and graduate. Haskell has one of the lowest retention and graduation rates in the U.S.

These are college age students living in the year 2012, but at Haskell they are still living in the good old boarding school days. Most college students have messy rooms and we know of no other college that does room checks. At the least they are probably a violation by Haskell of its students privacy. We checked with KU they only do safety checks of their rooms and no write ups if their students have messy rooms.

Haskell needs to be doing safety checks, not room checks. Safety checks are when with notice to all residential students, facilities are going to check the rooms for bad wiring, no air etc., it has nothing to do with messy rooms.

Haskell needs to do everything in its power to retain students ( except for changing their grades ) not making them sign legal documents without an attorney present stating their rooms according to someone else’s standards are messy and then giving them 10 hours of community service.

Haskell students if you are reading this blog NEVER sign a legal document without an attorney present. Room checks may be referred to in your handbooks... this does not mean they are legal.

Students are not even given handbooks until they arrive on campus.

Students should you need help there is a free legal service in Lawrence: Kansas Legal Services, Inc. (785) 838-3401 708 W 9th St # 103

President Redman please help your students and put an end to room checks that go back to Haskell's boarding school days. If you can’t get the room checks to end (a lot of your students are being written on this room check matter) then maybe you need to look at replacements for your heads of housing and the staff who are writing up the students.

haskellnews commentary 09/19/2012

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Mr. Chris Redman President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS shakes things up.

Things have needed to change at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS for sometime and it looks like Mr. Chris Redman is finally shaking things up. One change that has needed to happen for a very long time is to remove Venida Chenault VPAA from that position. Hopefully her move will turn into a permanent one. It also sounds like Mr. Redman is taking more of the reins in her absence which also needed to happen. Keep up the good work Mr. President.

From Mr. Chris Redman MHR:

Effective Monday, September 17, 2012 Haskell’s Vice President for Academics will be on a new 120 day detail to the Bureau of Indian Education Director’s office in Washington, D.C. Dr.Venida Chenault was requested by Mr. Drapeaux Acting Director of Bureau of Indian Education to assist in Development of Special Projects. During this time the administrative authority for academics will be delegated to Mr. Redman. Mr. Redman will work with all deans and academic departments of programs during Dr. Chenault’s assignment.

To campus Subject: Emergency Hire: As most are aware Mr. Manny King has taken on a new role and responsibilities and is no longer in the registrar’s office. During this time of selecting a new registrar and to ensure the integrity of the office, an emergency hire has been made. The registrar’s position is being advertised at this time and will be filled at the earliest possible date. Ms.Carlene Morris has been hired on an emergency basis as the Haskell registrar and has clear all required security checks please provide your support to Ms. Moore is as she fills this role.

haskellnews commentary 09/14/2012

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Haskell Indian Nations University students endure while Haskell employees can’t fulfill their duties?

Memo from Chris Redman:

                UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT of the INTERIOR                  
                                             BUREAU OF INDIAN EDUCATION                                                              
                                         HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY
                                                  Office of the President
                                          Lawrence, Kansas 66046-4800
                                   Phone (785) 749-8497 Fax: (785) 749-8411                     
                    -Building our future…preserving our traditions…through academic excellence”

Date: 7/1/1 To: All Haskell Indian Nations University Employees From: James C. Redman, President Subject: Chain of Command and Proper Adjudication of Employee Issues

This memorandum serves to inform all employees to follow the supervisory line of authority for all matters, including following established procedures or protocol for seeking resolution or relief on complaints and grievances. All employees have avenues to seek resolution or relief if they have any complaint, grievance, appeal, or any issue of discontent, believed to warrant action; this requires following the appropriate protocol and/or procedure. Regardless of the issue, at no time is it ever appropriate for any employee to air their issues publicly through the email or any means of mass communication, while on government time or using government resources, to individuals not directly or specifically a party to the possible resolution of the issue. This includes emailing management at the highest levels of the organization, and circumventing the chain of command.
Employees are also discouraged from actions considered defaming, slanderous, damaging, and inflammatory towards others. Opinions of employees regarding coworkers, colleagues, and supervisors or administration is not protected under “academic freedom” and will be addressed accordingly, should such information result in unwarranted harm toward another. Time management, schedules, and performance of employees, is the responsibility of their supervisors. After lengthy discussion, it is the conclusion of the administration that employees that commit considerable time policing the actions of other employees-peers and administrators alike-are not only usurping authority and misusing official government time, but are also creating and perpetuating animosity and discord within the university that we have worked so hard to remove from prior years. It is and should remain to be the goal of all of us to move away from actions that adversely affect Haskell, its students, and employees. Leadership at Haskell is committed to foster in an era of collaboration, support, and unity that moves this university forward. It is also our expectation that that the above (and past) practices of individuals that unnecessarily damage this university’s reputation and exploit our challenges become the exception rather than the rule. Positive and productive remedies to issues and concerns of employees are in place. Please join us in supporting this endeavor. Signed:James C. Redman, President,Venida Chenault, VPAA: Mother to Joshua Arce, CIO, Clyde Peacock, VPUS,Michael Lewis, CFO,Joshua Arce, CIO: Son of Venida Chenault, VPAA, Mona Gonzales, HR.

Haskell Indian Nations University students endure while Haskell employees can’t fulfill their duties? On July 1, 2012 a memo was put out by Haskell’s President James C. Redman informing employees that they need to stop policing each other and airing Haskell’s dirty laundry in public. That “academic freedom” will not protect them. That’s seems to be a matter of opinion and written by someone who apparently does not understand the full meaning of “academic freedom.” Mr. Redman here are some thoughts and maybe improvements to your memo. Employees are not allowed to leave their duty stations without coverage.They are also not allowed to sleep at their duty stations. Employees are not allowed to drive students around unless it is a true emergency I.E. The hospital. Emergencies do not include a certain male employee driving female students to Wal-Mart, etc. This looks bad on the face of it and is strictly against Haskell policy. University Council meetings need to be used to discuss what can be done to improve educational and residential life for Haskell students and not as a time for campus department heads to sit there patting each other on the back. Supervisors need to do everything they can to enhance the safety and welfare of the students by talking proper procedures as outlined in the employees’ handbook. Employees who fail to do their jobs according to the employee handbook can be permanently dismissed.

Harassment: At least one person who signed your memo has herself sent harassing emails to employees, hasn’t she? Maybe you could start cleaning up your employee base with the VPAA? Harassment is illegal on the Haskell campus.

Mr. Redman you need to seriously consider moving yourself and your family to Lawrence Kansas. When you were hired the expectations were that you would be a full time president. Having several “actings” running Haskell every week is NOT in the university’s best interests and shows little if any leadership. Mr. Redman you seem to be heading in the direction of no confidence as far as employees and students are concerned. Obviously people are wondering about your full commitment to the university.

haskellnews commentary 09/10/2012

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Haskell Indian Nation University Students Suffer Again.

Haskell Indian Nation University students suffer again. Students at Haskell Indian Nations University are sweating it out in dorm rooms with no air conditioning in rooms throughout the largest and newest dorm on the Haskell grounds: Roe Cloud. Various rooms from first floor to the third are without air. Posing not only health concerns but safety concerns as well: Many students are keeping their dorm room doors open to try and get some cool air in to their rooms. Hello security ! Seems like the Haskell President, Chris Redman should go spend the night in a dorm room in 100 degree weather which is what the temperature here in Lawrence is predicted to be today and Thursday and see how he likes it. Haskell’s President knew when the students were returning, correct? So why did they return to rooms with no air conditioning? Maybe he should be looking a little more into who should be correcting the two fold problem, for example maintenance and security? Whoever it is needs to fix it and fast. We hate it that once again Haskell students suffer. haskellnews commentary 08/29/2012

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Whatever happened to Haskell Indian Nations University’s BA in Health Science Degree?

Whatever happened to Haskell Indian Nations University’s BA in Health Science Degree? According to their site on Indian Country Today: Haskell is now down to two BA degrees: Bachelor of Arts in American Indian Studies and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. In comparison KU has 130 undergraduate and 220 masters, doctorate, and professional degree programs. Is there a minimum of BA degrees that a university must offer before it can call itself a university? Is Chris Redman doing anything to reinstate the health science degree and put new BA degrees in at Haskell?

haskellnews commentary 08/27/12

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