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Congratulations to The Bureau of Indian Education….they finally got rid of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn!

Congratulations to The Bureau of Indian Education….they finally got rid of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn!

Today as The National Congress of American Indians ( NCAI ) President Keel delivered The State of Indian Nations address, they also delivered this bit of news; Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn is no longer with the Bureau of Indian Education ( B.I.E.) she has moved on to the Bureau of Indian Affairs ( B.I.A.) Office of Veteran Affairs in Washington D.C.

We wish Stephanie the best, we really do, because we certainly don’t want her back at the B.I.E.

We want to congratulate whoever made this decision and we now hold high hopes that Venida Chenault will follow in Stephanie’s path, after all, isn’t helping veterans more along the lines of social work…. then trying and failing to run schools?

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.... Rejoice !!!!!

haskellnews commentary Jan 27, 2011


Is Discrimination happening at Haskell Indian Nations University?

Were six Haskell Indian Nations University students in Lawrence, Kansas given Notice To Vacate ( NTV’S) their dorm rooms on Monday?

On Tuesday did Haskell’s Chief Information Officer rescind those NTV’S?

Did the dorm staff find the six students and give them 24 hours to leave the dorm?

Were other offices on campus informed that these six students, would no longer be able to live on campus?

Have all students who have been given NTV’s had them rescinded? What about the rape victim, wasn’t she given an NTV shortly after reporting the rape? Was hers rescinded?

Are all students being treated equally? If all NTV’s that have been issued have not been rescinded, isn’t that called discrimination?

OCR Resolves Complaints of Illegal Discrimination: When a member of the public complains to OCR of discrimination, OCR gets to work. Because of improvements in how OCR does its job, OCR started work on virtually all complaints in FY 1995 within ten days. OCR knows that problems that are addressed immediately can often be resolved more amicably and less intrusively. Thus, OCR staff are on the telephone or on site as quickly as possible, working with parents and schools to identify and remedy problems of illegal discrimination. In cases where agency intervention is not appropriate, or where the facts provide an insufficient basis to find that there is illegal discrimination, OCR can also end its involvement more quickly.


haskellnews commentary Nov 24, 2010


Could these things be happening at Haskell Indian Nations University?

No current qualified leadership?

One of the largest student withdrawals in the schools history?

High crime rate? Have there been yet more arrests on campus?

Are dorm staff still making quilts and selling them on government time?

Are government vehicles being used for personal use by Haskell employees?

Did the Haskell Board of Regents cancel their November meeting citing lack of funds and no quorum? Yet, spend Haskell’s money to meet in Washington D.C. just a few months ago?

Are instructors who can’t pass the American Indian language proficiency test being hired to teach American Indian language classes?

haskellnews commentary Nov 16 , 2010


Federal Judge Upholds South Lawrence Trafficway Decision.

A judge has upheld the Federal Highway Administration’s decision to align the South Lawrence Trafficway along 32nd Street, as opposed to a route that would take the road south of the Baker Wetlands. After years of controversy, the South Lawrence Trafficway could be set up for state highway money after a federal judge gave the go-ahead to route the road through wetlands just south of Haskell Indian Nations University. “This is good news for the development of the entire state,” said U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican who has been an advocate of the four-lane bypass around the southeast side of Lawrence. Read more:


Federal judge upholds decision to build South Lawrence Trafficway along 32nd Street; opponents promise appeal A judge has upheld the Federal Highway Administration’s decision to align the South Lawrence Trafficway along 32nd Street, as opposed to a route that would take the road south of the Baker Wetlands.

Read more:

haskellnews Nov 10, 2010


Arrests in Muscogee Creek Nation; Will Haskell Indian Nations University’s Board President, George Tiger be next?

Doesn’t George Tiger sit on the Muscogee Creek Nation board? Just like he sits as The President of The Haskell Indian Nations University Board of Regents in Lawrence, Kansas? With all of the current problems at Haskell did he just cancel the Haskell November board meeting? Now, there’s a lot of caring for the Haskell students.

From: TV 2 works for you news (NBC Affiliate in Tulsa, OK) Link: / 11 people arraigned on embezzlement charges within Muscogee Creek Nation "This isn't like your typical embezzlement case. It's a case where you had board members pay out funds to employees that they weren't entitled to and severance packages for people who never stopped working," Wiemer said. On March 4, 2009 11checks were written out totaling more than $124,000. The funds came out of the nation's general account. The money which should be used towards education, the elderly, and financially needy.

And from The Voices of Courage: Link: ARRESTS MADE - Criminal Complaints NEW TOPIC - as requested.

Jeff Fife - - $25,000.00 Bond --- Funds involved: $20,789.70

Cecil Harry - - $50,000.00 Bond - - Funds involved: $124,932.36

VOC: Please open the links listed below and read the complaints & charges for yourselves..

Moderator please post where appropriate... Posted by Voice4 at 11/1/2010 2:14 PM

Justice wrote: Dear Mr. Tiger, It appears that pretty soon I will catch up with you and everyone else that has wronged the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Least not forget that I know your intentions of running for Chief are absolute just as it is absolute that the sun will rise tomorrow. The sun will rise but for you I cast a dark cloud over you and hope that you turn yourself in, resign from the MCN National Council, and kindly retire from all political office holdings. If not, may you fight me in all my power and ability to show you that vigilance is a price one must pay in not only money and time, but in their sanity, health and freedom. I look forward to catching up with you soon. Yours truly, Lady Justice

haskellnews commentary Nov 06, 2010


Dr. Linda Sue Warner leaves Haskell Indian Nations University; Accepts new post.

Dr. Linda Sue Warner has accepted a new post within the Bureau of Indian Education and resigned as President of Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas. The announcement was made earlier today by Mr. Larry Echohawk, Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs and months ago by George Tiger.

In the time that she was on campus, Dr. Warner tried to make vast improvements at Haskell, which were often met with criticism from The Haskell Board of Regents, who twice took a vote of no confidence against her. (We wonder how many times Dr. Warner took a vote of no confidence on them). However, this is a Board of Regents (many of whom themselves hold less then a bachelor’s degree and have been on Haskell’s board for way too many years), who since Dr.Warner’s departure from campus over a year ago, have stood by and let graduation rates drop to less than any other post-secondary institution we can find, the same Board of Regents that expected to get paid the minute they set foot on campus and the same Board that let the crime on Haskell’s campus get out of hand. You can thank Stephanie Birdwell and Larry Echohawk for supporting the Regents.

Improvements at Haskell somehow threatened them, and other members of the Haskell faculty (especially the ones who were called on the carpet for not doing their jobs).

Dr. Warner was way ahead of her time for the Haskell bureaucracy, at least she tried. Today the country will try to right itself as it elects new leaders; it is too late for Haskell and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.

We tip our hats to Dr. Linda Sue Warner and wish her the best in her new endeavors.

haskellnews commentary Nov 02, 2010


Has Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, Larry Echohawk, let American Indian Students down?

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute a two college for American Indians in Albuquerque, New Mexico lost its accreditation. Under the watchful eye of Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, Larry Echohawk.

New Mexico, Senator Tom Udall, after visiting a majority of The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools in New Mexico, called for an indictment of all federal officials who let BIE schools get into such a tragic mess. Saying that most, if not all are unsafe for their American Indian students, he called the situation a NATIONAL EMERGENCY and NATIONAL DISGRACE from the United States President on down. All, under the watchful eye of Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, Larry Echohawk.

Haskell Indian Nations University, the only four year college for American Indians run by The United States government, lost its well-heeded, University President and begun a one year plus, revolving door of acting administers on an almost weekly basis. The leadership became such a mess that Senator Pat Roberts, had to step in and he is still trying to clean up the mess. Haskell lost some of its best people in the chaos that followed including Safety Officer, Debra Thompson and The Education Department Chair, Russell Blackbird. Crime went up, graduation rates dropped to less then ten percent. Again, under the watchful eye of Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, Larry Echohawk.

Has Larry Echohawk let down American Indian Students down? Ask President Barack Obama, he appointed him.

haskellnews commentary 11/01/2010

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* Federal law takes on crimes against Indian women (

Larry Echohawk’s Empty Promises.

Quote from Larry Echohawk:“We have also made strides in improving the delivery of education to Indian country, both within the BIE’s 183 schools and two universities that serve more than 42,000 Indian students, and within the traditional public school system that serves 95 percent of Indian students”.

Really, Mr.Echohawk ? Ninety one percent of Haskell Indian Nations University students in Lawrence, Kansas are not graduating, crimes are high for such a small campus, and when Dr. Linda Sue Warner was detailed off of The Haskell campus, leadership at Haskell went with her. Since, then, on almost a week by week, basis, Haskell has had new “Acting administers” and we are using that term loosely.

Quote from Larry Echohawk:“Improved public safety in Indian country is important to establish a climate where students can focus on their education and economic growth can take root. That is why we launched the most aggressive recruiting and hiring effort for BIA officers in history, to bridge the serious gap in officer staffing in Indian country”.

Improved public safety in Indian Country, should that not include Haskell Indian Nations University? The very university that Mr. Echohawk is in charge of ? Or do American Indian students not count? Haskell’s safety officer, Debra Thompson is now gone from Haskell, her talents and skills lost to Haskell, forever. Is there now yet another acting???

Mr. Echohawk’s big tears and promises of help for Haskell apparently had no true meaning. What has he done for Haskell and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI)? Detailed of one the best President’s Haskell Indian Nations University ever had, along with one of it’s best safety officers’ and teachers like Dr. Russell Blackbird, let graduation rates plumb it to almost zero, students are being raped and one even put into a coma, put Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn in charge of The Bureau of Indian schools.

Let Southwestern Indian Polytechnic lose their accreditation!

Mr. Echohawk and Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn cut loose a lot of Haskell’s best employees and held on to a lot of the not so good ones, including it’s Board of Regents speared headed by George Tiger (for more information on Mr.Tiger go to: The voices of Courage .com) a lot of the board members (not all) only hold two years degrees, if that, and have been sitting this board for many years.

What do they do? Their traveling expenses to come to Haskell are paid for by Haskell, along with lodging and board (can some empty dorm rooms not to found for them? Can they not eat at Cutis)? They are paid for their time there and ran to Wal-Mart by Haskell employees. All the while crying to The Haskell students, Haskell has no money!

What does Haskell’s Board of Regents do for the Haskell students? Take away four year degree programs and sometimes ride on a float….too bad they don’t just float off of the Haskell campus.

Who put Larry Echohawk in charge? Oh, yes, President Barack Obama, we would like to thank him too.

How big is a mess, when U.S. Senators have to become involved and try to clean it up?

By the way we sincerely want to thank Senator Pat Roberts who continues trying to clean up Larry Echohawk’s and Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn’s mess.

Keep crying Mr. Echohawk…your tears mean nothing anymore.

Larry Echohawk’s quotes and full article can be found at:

haskellnews commentary

October 30, 2010.


George Tiger and Haskell Indian Nations University President’s Office cancels Board of Regents meeting.

George Tiger and The Haskell’s President’s Office ( the acting this week is Clyde Peacock) has canceled the November 2010 Board of Regents meeting due to a lack of quorum.

Funny, we thought you had to actually be at the meeting to see if a quorum exists or not. Besides if George Tiger is going to be there, he thinks highly enough of himself to be the quorum. Just ask his own tribal members at The Creek Nation. Link:

Not that the Haskell Board of Regents needs to meet. All they seem to accomplish is spending the schools money and canceling four year programs.

Never mind all of the current problems Haskell is now facing, the crime on campus, the lack of graduates, and no leadership whatsoever at the school.

George Tiger is right, this particular board of regents needs too stay where they are at.... at home.

haskellnews commentary October 28, 2010.


Haskell Indian Nations University student arrested on rape charges. Is Haskell a dangerous place for students?

A Haskell student was arrested at Haskell Indian Nations University on charges of Forced rape, Criminal sodomy, Criminal restraint and theft. Is Haskell a dangerous place for students?

Maybe, now, whoever, the current "leadership" at Haskell is this week? Can get certain dorm staff to actually work? Current "leadership" Are you going to encourage Public Servants to come to work and do nothing? Except with their friends all night? Make quilts and while they are at it why not have a drink? Instead they need to be patrolling the halls and keeping on eye on what is happening in the dorms. Isn’t a big problem at Haskell, that the dorm staff and others do not see themselves as public servants to the students?

Maybe, they need to stop worrying about room checks and start doing staff checks.

When is the last time the current leadership walked the dorms late at nights or early in the mornings? Who is Haskell's safety officer now that Deborah Thompson is gone? Has Haskell made a report to the folks at Jeannie Clery yet?

From The Kansas University web site: Link: The Clery Act Annual Security Report In 1991, the U.S. Congress passed the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, which requires colleges to report the three previous years of crime statistics and campus security information and policies. The act was amended in 1992, 1998 and 2000. In October 1998, President Clinton signed an amendment renaming the act the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act and requiring that crimes motivated by hate or bias be included in the statistics. In 2008, the Higher Education Opportunity Act added additional requirements for reporting, including but not limited to: emergency response and evacuation procedures, expanding the list of crimes motivated by hate or bias, reporting of fire safety information, and establishing a missing student notification policy.

To contact the folks at Jeannie Clery: Because the law is tied to participation in federal student financial aid programs it applies to most institutions of higher education both public and private. It is enforced by the U.S. Department of Education. Institutions that fail to comply may be fined or lose eligibility to participate in federal student aid programs.

What are Haskell's safety stats? Students, parents and the general public have a legal right to know.

Has anyone heard that Larry Echohawk recently stated (on more then one occasion) that The Bureau of Indian Education should turn the running of the BIE schools back over to the U.S. Department of Education? Apparently, even he realizes that change is needed?

President Barack Obama promised changed….where is Haskell’s?

haskellnews Oct 25, 2010.