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Natives should REJECT this “University.”


I've said this for years. For those whose thin-skinned sensibilities disavow an ability to critique Natives (us!) as social adults or Haskell Indian Nations University as an establishment of, ahem "higher learning," take a look.

Natives should REJECT this "University."

Dr. Warner had a Vision and was not supported because this place has no accountability: and doesn't want any. It is a generator of divisive mindsets and the lowest common denominator.

What it shouldn't have is pride.

I have never met Dr. Wildcat. What I do know is that he did not earn his PhD from Haskell, because they've never developed such a program. Further, if they do -- within my lifetime -- it will, likely, be scoffed at, creating further folks who merely work at Haskell.


haskellnews commentary 06/17/2011



Fannie L. Atcitty Haskell Indian Nations University Board member removed from Dine College Board of Regents.

Fannie L. Atcitty Haskell Indian Nations University Board member has been removed from the Dine ( Navajo ) College Board of Regents.

Could it be that Fannie L. Acitty was removed from her own tribal ( Navajo Nation ) college board for conduct ( which ranged from alleged conflicts of interests, favoritism, improper board actions and personnel disputes) similar to that of many Haskell Indian Nations University Board of Regents members? Starting with their leader George Tiger? Maybe it's time for Haskell to also start cleaning house? New President, New Start.

Below is the PUBLIC press release sent out by The Navajo Nation Council:

The Navajo Nation Council — Office of the Speaker Contact: Joshua Lavar Butler, Communications Director Phone: (928) 871-6384 Cell: (928) 255-2946 Fax: (928) 871-7255 April 27, 2010


Government Services Committee removes three members of Diné College Board of Regents:

Members were Fannie L. Atcitty, Loretta Draper, Clinton Jim

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – The Government Services Committee of the 21st Navajo Nation Council removed three Diné College Board of Regent members, April 26 during a regular committee meeting after nearly two years of unrest at the college. The board members were Fannie L. Atcitty, Loretta Draper and Clinton Jim.

In April, the committee received complaints from Diné College students and on April 13, the Office of Legislative Counsel was directed by the committee to draft a resolution, Resolution GSCAP-15-10, for the removal of the three members.

In December 2008, a joint report by the Government Services Committee and the Education Committee of the Navajo Nation Council was drafted to address the disagreements, which ranged from alleged conflicts of interests, favoritism, improper board actions and personnel disputes. The Board of Regents did not comply with the 24-page document, displaying a lack of cooperation by the board.

Further findings suggested the removal of the appointed board members was best for the college.

The committee resolution requests the President of the Navajo Nation to recommend five new appointees to fill the vacancies, which include the three positions recently vacated, in addition to two other extended vacancies the President has not filled. The three recent vacancies are for representatives from the Northern Agency, the Central (Chinle) Agency and the Eastern Agency of the Navajo Nation. The other vacancies are for Fort Defiance and the Western Navajo Agency.

Three of the eight-member board remain, they include: Andrew Tah, Superintendent of the Navajo Department of Diné Education; Andy Ayze, chairman of the Education Committee and Georgeett Cook, Student Body President of Diné College. According to 10 N.N.C. § 2003, the Board of Regents shall consist of eight members, including the Chairperson of the Education Committee or the committee’s designee, the Navajo Nation Superintendent of Schools and the president of the Diné College Student Body who shall be full official members. Five shall be enrolled members of the Navajo Nation and subject to confirmation and removal by the Government Services Committee of the Navajo Nation Council.

Link: Releases/Joshua Lavar Butler/Apr10/100427_PR_Removal_of_Dine_College_Board_of_Regents_Members[1].pdf

haskellnews commentary 06/08/2011


I can do anything; please remember I said “I” was the theme of one talk.

Long ago and far away….well, actually a few years ago and right across town, Karen Swisher, the current president of Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas attempted, one last time, to try to make people out there think Haskell was a university ( or a college ) or something, didn’t she? She set up the interview process for her replacement, which looked, from the outside like a real search process for a real president of a real institution of higher education?

Larry Echohawk may have gotten rid of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, who knew nothing of higher education? but the replacement is a democrat who, in spite of coming from a university where he was a “diversity officer” also knows little of higher education administration?

This past week, candidates for the position of President were to Haskell, were shuttled to the backstage of the auditorium, and allowed to make a presentation to those who were on campus.

An hour of:

I can do anything; please remember I said “I” was the theme of one talk. “This job is mine if I am crazy enough to want it” was the theme of another. Some even know so little of Larry Echohawk and Keith Moore’s practices that they actually thought it was done without the dreaded personnel ‘pre-selection” that all real bureaucrats try to hide, but rarely goes unnoticed.

This is proof positive that these people don’t know how to hire a president, even if we were talking about a real university isn’t it? In a normal search, various constituencies are given the opportunity to listen to presentation, ask questions and interact. It is typically a multiple day process (rather than an hour of show and tell). In a real search, students would be there, alumni would be there, all with separate special interest group meetings and feedback. In lieu of that Haskell employees were sent a notice and told if they wanted to be there, they could be…. no candidate names were included on the notice.

Oh and by the way, the answer to the question about how can an Indian can work at Haskell and not be Indian is really a question of academic misconduct, not an illegal personnel question. It is an ethics question, and again, few are left who understand that either.

If Echohawk or Moore had any intention of Haskell turning into a University, they have a weird way of showing it; since it is obvious they allowed the unethical types to make decisions for them, right? Our vote for President elect goes to Venida Chenault . Will she run things into the ground even more? Well, if she does, she ought to be in charge when that happens, right?

Finally, just to show again that George Tiger’s little friends know so little of ethics and it finally catches up with them, The Navajo Nation has removed Haskell Indian Nations University Board member, Fanny Atticity from her position as a member of the Navajo Board of Regents for behaviors similar to those shown on Haskell’s campus. She remains of course on the Haskell Board of Regents.

Link: q=cache:sZIfa2F2cuwJ:navajohopiobserver.1upprelaunch .com/main.asp%3FSectionID%3D74%26SubSectionID% 3D393%26ArticleID%3D12500%26TM%3D74394.37 +The+Government+Services+Committee+of+the+21st +Navajo+Nation+Council+removed+three+Diné+College &cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&

haskellnews commentary 05/31/11


Dan Wildcat notes that Haskell’s problems are rooted in the ….Union.

All quiet on the Lawrence Kansas, Haskell Indian Nations University campus.... As summer starts and we find no students (or for that matter faculty who are getting paid) on campus, we need to summarize the past year.

At a recent AIHEC meeting, Dan Wildcat noted that Haskell's problems are rooted in the .....what is the word we're looking for here...union. An odd statement to make in front of forty or so a card carrying member.

Our summary allows us to use the more colorful Indian names of folks, because they all want to be "traditional" and traditionally you would be named for your actions...some of these guys earned their names as adults and that's not all that unheard of either.

We note that Venita Chenault (VCEM) recently congratulates Dean of Redemption for now being appointed into a position that doesn't exist, by administrators without the authority, and prior to a real president being allowed to choose a cabinet.

Princess CrazyHair is advertising far and wide for a president of a college and perhaps forgot to tell Dr. FBI, Dr. EcoPlanet, or Dr. VCEM that the position was open, or perhaps she did and they are reluctant to move from a cushy 60k-100K job to one that requires...well, work, expertise, and is rewarded by about 40k.

We wonder if Dr. FBI is getting unemployement and salary at the same time, we don't think it would be the first time.

And finally Crouching Tiger is still one step ahead of the law....but it will find him.

If there's one thing Haskell teaches us, it's patience.

haskellnews commentary 05/25/2011


What do Dr. Warner and Venida Chenault have in common?

One of our Arizona readers has asked why we haven't mentioned Dr. Warner recently, so we decided to follow up.

This week Keith Moore is interviewing candidates for the president of Haskell Indian Nations University by telephone. We decided to ask this question:

What do Dr. Warner and Venida Chenault have in common?

Answer: Both were interviewed by Central Office for a position they hadn't a snowballs chance of getting ( although we acknowledge for different reasons ).

The interviews are to keep the EEOC folks at bay, and meet the letter of the law requiring that all interviewees be treated the same.

Of course, these two women differ significantly in the ARCH context and we think that is what our reader was referring to:

Accountability: Dr. Warner used logic and programs in budget decisions.

Chenault and everyone it concerns let the foodservices run amok and plan to keep all staff on this summer in an era of unprecedented limited resources so they can keep them smiling. Of course this is the same money that could be used for the students, who by the way have no summer school this summer.

Respect: Really.

Cooperation: Dr. Warner tried to strengthen relations with major universities; Aren't Chenault and Wildcat are trying to run KU's programs in the ground? Thankfully no one on that Hill listens to them.

Honesty: Again, really. Isn't it one thing to KEEP providing false information to the feds? But continuing to feed false information to students is morally corrupt, isn't it?

We hope Goodfox-Tsosee-Wildcat-Chenault ( wait isn't that American Indian Studies)? take time to pray about this one.

Again, thanks to our Arizona reader for posing this post theme.

haskellnews commentary



This week’s news in Indian Country is centered around “Geronimo” and the Democratic, Indian backed President who authorized the deal.

It wasn't all that long ago that the federal union at Haskell Indian Nations University decided to picket during graduation. The pictures ( courtesy of the Lawrence Journal World) show an unhappy bunch of employees and their families with signs. All of these employees are closely connected to the Indian studies (?) program at Haskell. They had their children out there for the photo opportunity. With Haskell's graduation coming up, what's in store?

This week's news in Indian Country is centered around "Geronimo" and the Democratic, Indian backed President who authorized the deal. Where are the Indian studies types now? They have missed their local photo opportunity (Good-fox, Tsosee, Wildcat, Chenault and relatives) and are strangely silent on an issue that most Native people find themselves unable to defend.

So, what are some possible explanations as to why is goes unnoticed?

We'll let our readers supply some answers. For us, we propose that since it isn't Palestine (a favorite photo opp) or news from a self-proclaimed expert on Natives and Climate Change, or a news flash about getting beamed up, well, it doesn't really relate to the one group on the one campus that should have something to "Picket" about.

Perhaps they're waiting to ruin graduation, that's another possibility.

haskellnews commentary 05/03/2011


We predict the next president of Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas to be…..

Broken News (as opposed to Breaking News)

Some folks are laboring through telephone interviews with The Bureau of Indian Education’s (BIE) DC hierarchy under the presumption that they actually are a real candidate for the president of Haskell Indian Nations University.

Others are telling folks that they are travelling to Haskell to meet their new minions.

The phone interviews are likely the same pro forma (since the decision most likely has already been made) that made Kay Hayes “shop noteworthy” for ingraining a practice so that people think it is policy....they do the phone interviews, then they hire whomever they have already preselected.

Of course the applicants at Haskell will go through the same phone interviews even though folks in DC are finally savy enough to understand that if you keep supporting the same old thing, you will keep getting what you've always got.

Also it will prevent the fairer sex from claiming to be discriminated against on sexual preference (as opposed to the Bureau of Indian Education actually being discriminating in trying to find someone who is up to the job).

And also, homegrown Haskellites have proven that they don't have the Knowledge, Skill, and Ability (KSAs) to actually run a school; no matter how often you leave them in charge.

There is still a skill set they are missing. Replacing that skill set with bullying tactics has only endeared them to their Phoenix relatives.

So, we predict the next president of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas to be the Sioux fellow who has all but announced it himself.

Good luck buddy.

haskellnews commentary



Violence and abuse against American Indian women?

Violence and abuse against American Indian women?

Who actually knows more about this than Venida Chenault? If you need an expert on bullying and hate mail campaigns, apparently Haskell Indian Nation University in Lawrence, Kansas has the country's foremost authority?

This weekend Venida travels to Arizona State (her son works in Phoenix so it will be a nice holiday vacation at Haskell's expense..oh, shame on us we thought Haskell was broke ) share her strategies with others.

Last weekend Dan Wildcat, another Haskell Indian Nations University expert on something other than what he was academically prepared to do, was a speaker at American Indian Higher Education Consortium's ( AIHEC ) forum.

Here Wildcat noted that according to his mentor, Vine Deloria, he (Wildcat) had no point since he had no powerpoint! Thankfully some other government agency was paying for that trip.

Thanks to those of you who provide insightful private comments to us; it keeps us going!

haskellnews commentary 04/22/2011


Man convicted of aggravated battery for injuring another man at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

A man was convicted of aggravated battery for injuring another man at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

He has been sentenced to serve 32 months in prison.

Full story at

haskellnews commentary 04/21/2011


Haskell Indian Nations University student, Justin McGee dies on campus.

Haskell Indian Nations University student, Justin McGee dies on campus.

Haskell Indian Nations University student, Justin McGee died on the Haskell Indian Nations University campus in Lawrence, Kansas, last Friday.

According to sources Justin was playing basketball at Tecumseh Hall, when he started to complain about not feeling well. He later collapsed and passed away.

Justin lived on the Haskell campus in Roe Cloud dorm.

It is unknown at this time if any Haskell staff or faculty were present at the time of the incident.

Our condolences go out to Justin's family.

haskellnews commentary

April 19, 2011