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Free slave labor from Haskell Indian Nations University Students in Lawrence, KS

Free slave labor from Haskell Indian Nations University Students in Lawrence, KS.

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence KS has a smorgasbord of problems, poor graduate rates, no more sports programs, few BA programs to choose from, no air in a lot of their dorm rooms until last week and still a few rooms without air! And now Haskell is asking its students for free slave labor!

Haskell students are being written up for messy rooms then given 10 hours of community service (free slave labor from the students) this is a school where students need to study and graduate. Haskell has one of the lowest retention and graduation rates in the U.S.

These are college age students living in the year 2012, but at Haskell they are still living in the good old boarding school days. Most college students have messy rooms and we know of no other college that does room checks. At the least they are probably a violation by Haskell of its students privacy. We checked with KU they only do safety checks of their rooms and no write ups if their students have messy rooms.

Haskell needs to be doing safety checks, not room checks. Safety checks are when with notice to all residential students, facilities are going to check the rooms for bad wiring, no air etc., it has nothing to do with messy rooms.

Haskell needs to do everything in its power to retain students ( except for changing their grades ) not making them sign legal documents without an attorney present stating their rooms according to someone else’s standards are messy and then giving them 10 hours of community service.

Haskell students if you are reading this blog NEVER sign a legal document without an attorney present. Room checks may be referred to in your handbooks... this does not mean they are legal.

Students are not even given handbooks until they arrive on campus.

Students should you need help there is a free legal service in Lawrence: Kansas Legal Services, Inc. (785) 838-3401 708 W 9th St # 103

President Redman please help your students and put an end to room checks that go back to Haskell's boarding school days. If you can’t get the room checks to end (a lot of your students are being written on this room check matter) then maybe you need to look at replacements for your heads of housing and the staff who are writing up the students.

haskellnews commentary 09/19/2012

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