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Pregnant NM teen humiliated at Bureau of Indian Affairs Boarding School

We normally only post stories about Haskell Indian Nations University. However this one so outraged us we felt we had to post it after receiving several e-mails about it:

A 15-year-old girl was initially kicked out of a Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding school then forced to stand before a school assembly to announce that she was pregnant, bringing public embarrassment to the eighth-grader, according to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Court papers filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in New Mexico said Shantelle Hicks, who is Navajo and attends Wingate Elementary School in McKinley, N.M., was embarrassed at an assembly by the school director and another staff member over her pregnancy. The lawsuit said Hicks was forced to stand before the entire school at an assembly and announced that she was pregnant, even though only three school staff members knew.

"It was so embarrassing to have all the other kids staring at me as I walked into the gymnasium," said Hicks in a statement. "I didn't want the whole school to know I was pregnant because it's not their business, and it wasn't right for my teachers to single me out."

The ACLU of New Mexico said the girl's discovery in October that she was pregnant came about three weeks before the assembly. Hicks and her mother said they told the director of the middle school and two other staff members.

School officials initially responded by kicking her out of school but the ACLU of New Mexico sent a demand letter to the school, informing them that it was illegal to deny a student access to education because of pregnancy status.

Wingate readmitted Hicks after four missed days of school. However, the lawsuit said Hicks was placed in front of the assembly and told to announce her pregnancy.

A spokeswoman for the Bureau of Indian Affairs did not immediately return a phone call to The Associated Press.

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haskellnews commentary 03/07/2012


I can do anything; please remember I said “I” was the theme of one talk.

Long ago and far away….well, actually a few years ago and right across town, Karen Swisher, the current president of Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas attempted, one last time, to try to make people out there think Haskell was a university ( or a college ) or something, didn’t she? She set up the interview process for her replacement, which looked, from the outside like a real search process for a real president of a real institution of higher education?

Larry Echohawk may have gotten rid of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, who knew nothing of higher education? but the replacement is a democrat who, in spite of coming from a university where he was a “diversity officer” also knows little of higher education administration?

This past week, candidates for the position of President were to Haskell, were shuttled to the backstage of the auditorium, and allowed to make a presentation to those who were on campus.

An hour of:

I can do anything; please remember I said “I” was the theme of one talk. “This job is mine if I am crazy enough to want it” was the theme of another. Some even know so little of Larry Echohawk and Keith Moore’s practices that they actually thought it was done without the dreaded personnel ‘pre-selection” that all real bureaucrats try to hide, but rarely goes unnoticed.

This is proof positive that these people don’t know how to hire a president, even if we were talking about a real university isn’t it? In a normal search, various constituencies are given the opportunity to listen to presentation, ask questions and interact. It is typically a multiple day process (rather than an hour of show and tell). In a real search, students would be there, alumni would be there, all with separate special interest group meetings and feedback. In lieu of that Haskell employees were sent a notice and told if they wanted to be there, they could be…. no candidate names were included on the notice.

Oh and by the way, the answer to the question about how can an Indian can work at Haskell and not be Indian is really a question of academic misconduct, not an illegal personnel question. It is an ethics question, and again, few are left who understand that either.

If Echohawk or Moore had any intention of Haskell turning into a University, they have a weird way of showing it; since it is obvious they allowed the unethical types to make decisions for them, right? Our vote for President elect goes to Venida Chenault . Will she run things into the ground even more? Well, if she does, she ought to be in charge when that happens, right?

Finally, just to show again that George Tiger’s little friends know so little of ethics and it finally catches up with them, The Navajo Nation has removed Haskell Indian Nations University Board member, Fanny Atticity from her position as a member of the Navajo Board of Regents for behaviors similar to those shown on Haskell’s campus. She remains of course on the Haskell Board of Regents.

Link: q=cache:sZIfa2F2cuwJ:navajohopiobserver.1upprelaunch .com/main.asp%3FSectionID%3D74%26SubSectionID% 3D393%26ArticleID%3D12500%26TM%3D74394.37 +The+Government+Services+Committee+of+the+21st +Navajo+Nation+Council+removed+three+Diné+College &cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&

haskellnews commentary 05/31/11


Man convicted of aggravated battery for injuring another man at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

A man was convicted of aggravated battery for injuring another man at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

He has been sentenced to serve 32 months in prison.

Full story at

haskellnews commentary 04/21/2011


Larry Echohawk, has a funny way ….. as he puts it of “Advancing Indian Education”.

"The Bureau of Indian Education (B.I.E.) is one of only two agencies in the Federal government that manages a school system, the other being the Department of Defense. Education is critical to ensuring a viable and prosperous future for tribal communities and American Indians. It is this Department’s goal to improve Indian education and provided quality educational opportunities for those students who attend the 183 BIE funded elementary and secondary schools and dormitories located on 64 reservations in 23 states and serving approximately 41,000 students"... Larry Echohawk, Asst' Secretary -Indian Affairs.

Larry Echohawk, has a funny way ..... as he puts it of “Advancing Indian Education".

In the above speech given on March 8th, 2011, before the Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs, Committee on Natural Resources and U.S. House of Representatives. Mr. Echohawk states that education is critical to American Indians, yet aren't American Indian schools that he is in charge of falling apart?

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, has been without a president for two years. During that time hasn't the school taken a notable dive? Haven't graduation rates during the last two years dropped from nine percent to one percent? Have not various people been “in charge"? Are they not losing their football and volleyball teams? Have they not lost some of their best employees since the departure of Dr. Warner? Do they not have a high rate a crime for such a small campus? Isn't the head of their board of regents (George Tiger) to under- educated to try and lead a “university board”? Haven’t charges been brought against Mr.Tiger by his own tribe for missing funds? ( how many times has the board under George's leadership gone to Washington D.C. and actually lobbied congress for money for Haskell? Isn't that a part of their job?

Because of Larry Echohawk's great concern for American Indian Education hasn't Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) lost their accreditation?

Maybe, there was a time Mr. Echohawk that American Indians would have just taken all of this? We are thinking that time might be over with? Don't you think tribes are going to start calling for accountability on your part? We doubt tears will do the trick this time.

haskellnews commentary March 03, 2011



Mr. Larry Echohawk Announces MOU between BIE and NIKE, Inc.

“WASHINGTON – Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Larry Echo Hawk today announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and NIKE, Inc. The MOU presents an opportunity for both the BIE and Nike to address health and social-lifestyle choices in American Indian and Alaska Native communities that contribute to disease and other medical conditions. Chief of Staff to the Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Paul Tsosie was present on behalf of Assistant Secretary Echo Hawk for the signing ceremony May 12, 2010, at Nike’s World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore.

The Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs oversees the Bureau of Indian Education, which operates the federal school system for American Indian and Alaska Native children from the federally recognized tribes. The BIE implements federal education laws, such as the No Child Left Behind Act, and provides funding to 183 elementary and secondary day and boarding schools and peripheral dormitories located on 64 reservations in 23 states-- serving approximately 42,000 students (School Year 2009-2010). The BIE also serves post-secondary students through higher education scholarships and support funding to 26 tribal colleges and universities and two tribal technical colleges. It directly operates two post-secondary institutions: Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kan., and the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque, N.M”. 05/17/2010

Instead of making deals with Nike, Mr.Larry Echohawk should be taking a good look at the schools he is in charge of. A lot of the elementary schools are in such bad shape that they would be condemned if they were not reservation schools. Haskell Indian Nations University and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute don't fair much better.

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute lost its accreditation under Mr. Echohawk and Haskell Indian Nations University hangs on by a thread that is going to unravel at any moment.

Anyone for a pair of Nike’s? That should appease the American Indian students who aren’t really receiving an education in Mr. Echohawk’s Bureau of Indian Education schools should it not?

Read entire Bureau of Indian Education Press release at:

haskellnews commentary 03/08/2011


The Bureau of Indian Affairs vs. Brigham Young University.

This past week Brigham Young University's ( BYU) starting center Brandon Davies was suspended for the rest of the season for an unspecified violation of team rules.

It was with high hopes that we watched as BYU’s Larry Echohawk took the reins as Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs. Unfortunately we anticipated that he would bring some of those high Mormon standards with him.

Instead those high hopes were dashed. Under pressure from Senator Pat Roberts, Larry Echohawk made a onetime quick stop at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, leaving empty teary eyed promises, never to be heard from again. He remains silent as Haskell guts its volleyball and football programs, even though Larry himself played football for Brigham Young University.

Then Larry stood by as Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, lost their accreditation.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs vs. Brigham Young University; All in all Larry Echohawk has been a disappointment for American Indian education. President Barack Obama should have left Larry at BYU.

haskellnews commentary 03/05/2011


Breaking News:Haskell Indian Nations University announces the gutting of its football and volleyball programs.

Breaking News: Haskell Indian Nations University announces the gutting of its football and volleyball programs.

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, has announced the gutting of its football and volleyball programs beginning next fall.

Could this effectively cut Haskell’s enrollment by a 150 students and signal the end of Haskell’s sports programs altogether?

This comes on the heels of The Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Mr. Larry Echohawk’s announcement on Feb, 9, 2011 that the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools will participate in the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) Challenge inspired by the First Lady's Let's Move! initiative and commemorating the Let’s Move! one year anniversary. PALA is a six-week long physical fitness challenge managed by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition (PCFSN) and is part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign to end childhood obesity within a generation.

This certainly seems to imply that Mr. Larry Echohawk is still out of touch with the Bureau of Indian Affairs schools that he is supposed to be running.

By gutting these programs Haskell will lose some of its best students. These are the students held to standards of The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, these are some of Haskell's most disciplined students, the ones who get up at six a.m. everyday to work out, try and eat right (as much as they can at Curtis) and the ones who win or lose continue to try with no big sponsor name ( lets say like Adidas ) behind them.

Didn’t Haskell’s Board of Regents President George Tiger get to play ball while he was at Haskell? Now he sits idly by and watches sports at Haskell slowly become eliminated.

How can Haskell possibly be called a university after this?

Someone will jump up and down and say it’s a matter of funding. Yet other programs, like the ones Venida Chenault is in charge of fair no better. Don’t those students get credit for protesting for better working conditions for Haskell employees? (While their fellow students are attending one of the biggest moments of their lives..their graduations), attending convocation, protesting for beavers and doing internships that amount to following Dan Wildcat around?

Let’s us help. You can start making some of these cuts and the leave the sports programs alone.

Cut employees, employees, employees and start with the ones who supported getting rid of Haskell’s sports.

Then cut your board get a new one that you don’t have to pay, get rid of Curtis Hall and just give the kids the money used to run that place so that they can actually eat healthy food.

Again, Mr. Larry Echohawk you just keep making Senator Raud Paul’s case for closing The Bureau of Indian Affairs stronger and stronger.

Maybe if Haskell can’t even afford sports, it should no longer seek to exist.

haskellnews commentary 02/28/2011

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Is Mr. Larry Echohawk paving the way for Senator Rand Paul to abolish The Bureau of Indian Affairs?

United States Dept. of the Interior’s Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Larry Echohawk announced that The Bureau of Indian Education will participate in Mrs. Obama’s Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) Challenge (didn’t Dr. Linda Sue Warner have a similar program called Healthier Haskell)? We wonder whatever became of that?

Does Mr. Larry Echohawk not have bigger worries? Take for example Haskell Indian Nations University’s graduation rates (the fact that there almost aren’t any)? Or the fact that Haskell still has no president, and no leadership? Or all the crime on Haskell’s campus? If he wants the campus to be healthier he might start out with a meal at Curtis. We are sure he and Mrs. Obama would enjoy that. As one commenter once put it Curtis serves “a hot dog with no bun and a taco salad with no salad”.

Or what about? Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute losing its accreditation under Mr. Echohawk’s watchful eye.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Larry Echohawk: Under his leadership American Indians students are failing at getting a post-secondary education. What really bothers us is no one seems to care since the departures of Dr. Linda Sue Warner, Ted Juneau, Deb Thompson, Dr. Russell Blackbird, Sharon Hallum and Dr.Ted Wright, who will be next the beloved Manny King?

Is Mr. Larry Echohawk paving the way for Senator Rand Paul to abolish The Bureau of Indian Affairs with his poor way of running American Indian Education?

Here is Senator Rand Paul's solution: INTERIOR........................................................$10,934,000,000. (78%) Bureau of Reclamation and Bureau of Indian Affairs are abolished.

Indian Health Services: Reduce 46 Percent

The federal government’s Indian Health Services agency is notoriously wrought with fraud. A June 2009 Government Accountability Office reports that “millions of dollars in property and equipment continue to be lost or stolen.” It is time to put an end to this blatant government waste and tighten the belt on such programs.

Bureau of Indian Affairs: Eliminate

For far too long, the Bureau of Indian Affairs has swindled and mismanaged billions of dollars in Indian trust funds. Former Special Trustee Thomas Slonaker in 2004 testified that they Department of the Interior and the BIA were incapable of reform and were unwilling to hold people accountable for their actions. In addition, Paul Homan also has testified before Congress saying that a “vast majority of upper and middle management at the BIA were incompetent. Instead of wasting taxpayer funds throwing money into a bureau of corruption and incompetency, eliminate them and allow the tribes to manage their own trust funds independently without government intervention.

Why should Mr. Larry Echohawk worry about American Indians getting an education? He gets paid whether they do or whether they don’t. He got his education and it was not at Haskell.

haskellnews commentary 02/26/2011


Is the leadership at Haskell Indian Nations University allowing students who have been academically removed to be reinstated?

Is the current leadership at Haskell Indian Nations in Lawrence, Kansas, allowing students who have been academically removed to be reinstated?

Is the current leadership at Haskell allowing the rescinding of student write ups?

Is the current leadership at Haskell allowing the students to learn a sad game of how to stay at Haskell? By letting students show up for classes every now and again so they can stay free of charge in the dorms for 5, 6, 7, years or more at a time without getting a degree?

Is the current leadership at Haskell more concerned with students having clean rooms, then getting a success center, with that grant money, they received?

Is the current leadership at Haskell more concerned with letting the teaching staff have days off, then holding classes for students?

Who’s in charge of all those grants that Haskell has? Where is the money going? Why isn’t the current leadership calling for an audit of Haskell finances?

Is the Haskell union trying to get Venida Chenault in as Haskell’s next president?

Of course the Haskell union (FEDERATION OF INDIAN SERVICE EMPLOYEES) is all about the best interest of the Haskell employees, who has the students best interest at heart? Apparently not the current leadership?

Is the current leadership at Haskell looking out for the best interest of a few chosen employees?

Venida’s doing such a good job pleasing the employees and not graduating the students, maybe she should become Haskell’s next president? After all Haskell has become an employment agency hasn’t it? It certainly isn’t a university with a one percent graduation rate.

If the current leadership at Haskell continues to make the students concentrate on keeping their rooms clean maybe the students can get jobs at the nearest Holiday Inn cleaning rooms, most likely without the degrees they came to get, that’s about all they will be able to do, isn't it?

While Haskell's current leadership collects their government pay checks.

We truly hope Haskell get’s a real president, who comes in and cares not about the employees, but all about the students.

Maybe Haskell parents should start demanding that their kids receive an education? One thing is for sure The United States Government isn't going to. Nor is Larry Echohawk, The current Haskell leadership, The Bureau of Indian Education, or President Barack Obama.... are they?

haskellnews commentary 02/02/2011


The other good news today is did our social worker (Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn) finally found a hole to crawl into?

Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas, prepares for convocation next week and welcomes internationally and nationally recognized Lakota elder Lionnel Bordeaux as the keynote speaker. Dr. Bordeaux’s vision for tribal higher education is one of a premier national university.

It will be interesting to watch the faces of the current administration/union/regent posse determined to live in the 1950s? Like his stage mate, George Tiger? Locally and regionally recognized George Tiger, known for his many questionable enterprises through the Creek Nation, including one tribal indictment for criminal charges( ( won’t understand anything Dr. Bordeaux says, will he? Will union representatives dismiss it outright? Will current administrators, Venida Chenault (VCEM in particular) hug George Tiger and subsequently misrepresent anything Dr. Bordeaux says?

Dr. Bordeaux is an active member of American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC), The National Indian Education Association (NIEA), and National Congress of American Indians (NCAI)—all of which have resolutions to remove Haskell Indian Nations University, from The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and turn it over to tribes (which is likely the only way it could resurrect itself from the Echohawk-Skenandore-Moore-Birdwell fiasco these past months).

Hopefully American Indian studies ( A.I.S) will require their students to attend because Dr. Bordeaux actually knows what self-determination means having lived it instead of waiting until he was an adult to decide he was Indian (pretty much the common dominator for Haskell’s Indian studies PROFESSORS)? At least if US Senators would ever listen to tribes, there would be the chance to create the premier Indian University by removing all of the current mistakes and turning the control of Haskell and all of its affairs to a group who actually knows about higher education and cares about students.

The other good news today is did our social worker (Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn) finally found a hole to crawl into?

Maybe, Keith Moore has figured out Skenandore left him a mess? We’re pretty sure he figured out that it takes more than promises or good intentions to get BIE to move? We are actually hopeful that this negotiated move means Moore doesn’t want Haskell to lose its accreditation? The real higher education legacy of Echohawk-Skenandore-Birdwell-Bighorn.

For our regular readers, any time we make a mistake we will apologize and provide the correct information. So far, as LJW knows full well, we can provide backup for all our facts. Our opinions are our own.

haskellnews commentary 1/21/2011