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How are Haskell Indian Nations University employee bonuses being distributed?

How are Haskell Indian Nations University employee bonuses being distributed?

On the heels of Haskell’s President Chris Redman and Head of Housing Jim Tucker refusing to get rid of room checks and the free slave labor that Haskell students must perform when many are written up for messing rooms , haskellnews commentary has learned some Haskell employees cannot keep their own work stations clean.

This begs the question of the how Haskell employee bonuses are distributed?

Is it the heads of departments who decides which employees receive bonuses? If so what justifications are given for the employees who receive them? Is there any student input into this process?

Should Haskell employees be receiving bonuses at a time when Haskell is in such turmoil that it appears few employees deserve bonuses?

Wouldn't Haskell employee bonus money be better spent on new BA programs for the Haskell student body?

haskellnews commentary 09/25/2012

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The Lawrence Journal World persist in having problems getting requested records concerning Haskell Indian Nations University

The Lawrence Journal World persist in having problems getting requested records concerning Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS. “The Lawrence Journal World has filed numerous open records request with several federal agencies seeking the investigative reports mentioned by Haskell. So far, those requests have not been met." Should there be a Freedom of Information Act Investigation into Haskell Indian Nations University as a whole? The Lawrence Journal World is seeking records about athletes grades being changed, but does an investigation need to go further than the athletic department ? Haskellnews commentary has received many e-mails regarding changing of student grades. Most saying the problem goes further than Haskell’s athletic department? Stating non-athletic students whose names were/are removed from the dorm’s eligibly list due to low GPA's are often readmitted to the dorms once their grades were/are changed to a higher grade? The Lawrence Journal World may want to file a Freedom of Information Act for any and all student records that have been changed by all Haskell instructors. Getting a list of readmitted dorm students over the last two years might be a good start along with seeing if Venida Chenault ever approved changing students grades? haskellnews commentary 09/17/2012 Link: Haskell: ‘Corrective actions’ taken on athletics program by Shaun Hittle September 13, 2012

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Was a Haskell Indian Nations University employee ordered to leave campus?

Statistically domestic violence calls are one of the most dangerous calls police can receive. Therefore we must ask the following questions: Was a new Haskell Indian Nations University residential employee given orders by his boss Thomas Spottedhorse to escort an off campus student to her apartment because she feared her boyfriend might cause her harm while she tried to collect some of her belongings? Can a Haskell Indian Nations University employee who is a federal employee leave their station? In this case the largest dorm on Haskell’s campus to accompany one student to her resident ? Did the employee take her in his own vehicle? Or a federal vehicle? Is either of these two things legal? What if a questionable situation would have happened between the female student and the male employee? What would have happened if violence would have unfolded?
Whose responsibility would that have been? Was the Lawrence Police Department called to help in this situation? How can parents and tribes feel safe about sending their kids to Haskell when residential staff are being pulled from their post and sent off campus? We are thinking maybe some of them don’t with Haskell’s current enrollment sitting very low at around 830 students? Has the Haskell’s president’s office been informed of what happened? Last year the notice below was put out by Thomas Spottedhorse was it followed in this situation? "Memo" written by Tom Spotted Horse Supervisory College Residence Asst. Dated October 3, 2010. A REMINDER: When ever the Lawrence Police Dept. is called to the campus you need to inform the President’s Office of the situation. Sometimes a student may call the police themselves. If you do not know the reason(s) why the police is on the campus, please inquire as to the circumstances. If the Presidents Office is closed, send an email right away before you shift is over and give an assessment of the event. Remember to “cc” the email sent to the VP of Student Affairs, Mr. Tucker and myself. If it is a critical incident, a Critical Incident Form needs to be completed and signed. This is also for medical emergencies and for responses by the Fire Dept. Anytime a student is transported to the emergency room a Medical Emergency Form needs to be filled out and completed for review. I CANNOT STRESS how important this is. If your office does not have the forms, get one from another building. However, every office should have these forms. Thank you, Tom Spotted Horse, Supervisory College Residence Asst. Link: haskellnews commentary 10/13/2011