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Who checks employee work stations at Haskell Indian Nations University?

Who checks employees work stations at Haskell Indian Nations University? We have gotten several e-mail complaints that Haskell’s staff can’t keep their own work stations clean.
If Haskell wants to hold room checks maybe they should start out with work station checks. Any employee found to have a messy work station can then be subject to community work hours and dismissal from their job. A place that calls itself a university does not check its student’s rooms for cleanliness. Like it or not that is the job of the students. Haskell students need to study and graduate. President Redman you need to start holding your staff accountable for their work stations and get rid of student room checks and the housing staff that approves them. Tribes need to make sure their students are treated as university students. * Haskell’s boarding school days are over. Haskell's head of housing needs to realize in 2012 it is time to eliminate this old out dated practice.

*Link: haskellnews commentary 09/24/2012

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