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Has the President of Haskell Indian Nations University become a ghost like presence?

Mr. Chris Redman has held the position of President of Haskell Indian Nations University for a year now, with promises of change. Could perhaps the biggest change he has made thus far is to stay away from the Haskell campus as much as possible? Freshman came in this week and haskellnews commentary received several emails saying that once again Mr. Redman was not on campus and “actings” were taking his place. Other emails have stated that some of the employees don’t even know who he is and when he is there it is not for long, appears he runs on a Tuesday-Thursday schedule? Isn’t that the same schedule he had when he himself was an “acting?” Hard for any university president to know what is going on when he is barely on campus, however, with all of Haskell’s current problems, one would think the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington D.C. would want more than just a ghost like presence and his “actings” running the campus. There have been many reported sightings of ghosts on the Haskell campus, maybe if a student or employee is lucky enough they will spot Mr. Chris Redman. haskellnews commentary 08/17/2012

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So long farewell…Mr. Larry Echohawk

Is the Secretary of Interior saddened to lose his staunchest Morman to the Mormon Church? Apparently Larry Echohawk really didn’t mean it when he told folks that he would stay an entire four years with the Obama administration? Did he really mean he would stay until his church called him home?

Isn’t this the moment Indians across the nation have been praying for?

Will his new position, allow Mr. Echohawk (who has an uncanny ability to cry at will) to testify that “all is well” full time?

Despite spending a bit of time making absolutely no positive changes for Indians? We wish him well in his new endeavor. He does seems eminently more qualified to cry than he did to actually make a positive difference in the lives of Indian people? Especially their biggest asset—their children.

He has succeeded where others have failed—was he able to stay longer than any recent Assistant Secretary because he chose to do absolutely nothing?

And his departure will provide a bit of levity too as we watch to see who scrambles to take his place. It will also be amusing to watch the Mormon’s who have safely sat surrounding him, providing Kleenex when he needed it, as they try to stay in their highly paid jobs?

Locally, nothing much will change. It is Haskell after all, and change is forbidden? Is it not?

And they have their own local self-identified Indian who can cry, with his eyes closed, and warn us about global destruction while students, under the tutelage of the Vice President for Academics, holds the tissue?

haskellnews commentary 04/12/2012


Is Keith Moore a study of Naiveté Native?

Is there an answer to any of the questions Keith Moore raised in any of that gesturing?

This video is proof that Larry Echohawk and Kenneth Salazar (and we wonder since he appointed them President Obama) are clueless about self - determination. We now have proof positive that Keith Moore is clueless. He accuses tribes of being unaccountable to Indian children when he leads the Agency that has an historical commitment to UNaccountability. What many hoped was a breath of fresh air and new leadership we now see as proof that the reasons our cultures listened to elders was because elders actually had experience or expertise. Most of the people reading this are better qualified than Keith Moore. Many of the people sitting in the audience listening to this diatribe in the video have their children or grandchildren in Keith Moore’s schools.

Are his kids in them? Or the better question would he consider his schools worthy enough.

Look at the lady behind him ( to the left) wearing a yellow jacket looks like at times she can hardly contain herself from breaking out and laughing.


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Did a Haskell Indian Nations University student assault a Haskell security guard?

Douglas County Sheriff’s records show an arrest for assault at Haskell Indian Nations University on 01/27/2011, booking number 12-0452. Link:

The important question here is where does that student currently reside?

Do the higher ups at Haskell housing condone this type of behavior?

It’s ironic that Haskell President Chris Redman spoke out against this very thing today (LJW article February 1, 2012.) “Alcohol and drug dependency among students as well as domestic abuse and other violence. “It’s heartbreaking that one student may go through this,” he said. “I refuse to accept behavior that leads to harm.” Link:

The question here is did the heads of housing report the incident to President Redman?

Has President Redman issued an order that he is to be told immediately about any arrests or assaults that happen on campus? Has it been reported to the Jeanne Clery Organization? If not that has consequences and shouldn’t this type of behavior have consequences at Haskell too? Don’t parents of Haskell students have a right to know about any type of crime and violence on the Haskell campus? The answer is yes they do.

From the Jeanne Clery organization: “Institutions that fail to comply may be fined or lose eligibility to participate in federal student aid. Schools that maintain a police or security department are required to disclose in the public crime log "any crime that occurred on campus…or within the patrol jurisdiction of the campus police or the campus security department and is reported to the campus police or security department." The log is required to include the "nature, date, time, and general location of each crime" as well as its disposition if known. Incidents are to be included within two business days but certain limited information may be withheld to protect victim confidentiality, ensure the integrity of ongoing investigations, or to keep a suspect from fleeing. Only the most limited information necessary may be withheld and even then it must be released "once the adverse effect…is no longer likely to occur. The log must be publicly available during normal business hours. This means that in addition to students and employees the general public such as parents or members of the local press may access it. Logs remain open for 60 days and subsequently must be available within 2 business days of a request.” Link:

President Redman has a rough road ahead.

We would wish him luck, but he needs more than luck, he needs fortitude and a lot of it.

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Are there problems at Haskell Indian Nations University’s housing department?

We have decided to start with housing since many of our readers seem to have a great concern about housing at Haskell.

Apparently over the years little has changed with Haskell’s housing?

Haskell's housing has had the same department heads for years. Maybe it’s time for a change there? After all it may be hard to have new ideas with the same old leaders?

How much housing experience did these leaders bring with them when they were hired?

We understand there are still room checks? Not the safety checks that KU does. Haskell university students are treated as if they are attending a boarding school. Housing staff tells to clean their rooms. As if that is not injustice enough the housing staff actually enters students rooms to check and see if they are clean and for the grand finale they can be kicked out of the dorms for unclean rooms!

Do some students get back in the dorms because they run to someone to get a grade changed so now they once again qualify for the dorms? Who is that person who changes the grades? Grades are grades and once given should they not stand?

Seems like students complain a lot about not being able to find some of the dorm staff?

Why are they not where students can find them?

How about dorm safety? One dorm has 3 floors, yet there is no full time staff on floors two and three?

Is the only full staff in any of the dorms is only on the first floor?

These might be things that the new president would like to look into?

May we kindly suggest all student run dorms?

haskellnews commentary 01/25/2012


A new semester has begun and we hear Chris Redman is doing a good job.

A new semester has begun and we hear Chris Redman is doing a good job. That is not to say that he has not inherited years’ worth of Haskell problems. Could the following be true? Haskell’s enrollment is still down? Haskell’s dorm situation is as bad as ever, as far as letting students be readmitted who should have been long gone? Haskell is still not graduating a majority of their students? Haskell continues to throw money at the AIS degree? A degree that most students cannot get a job with? Unless there are jobs for people willing to picket for the rights of beavers?? Do some housing people continue to work and do a good job while others simply don’t care? Or maybe we should rephrase that to a majority that doesn’t care? Maybe a change in the higher up people (T & T..AKA B&B) at housing would be a good start? After all housing is very important to how students succeed in school isn’t it? What about all student run dorms? Like at the real universities? After all this time where are the four year programs? Can a school really be a university with 3 or 4 four year degrees to choose from? Hang in there President Redman! haskellnews commentary 1/18/2012


Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence Kansas, is being labeled a “dropout factory.”

A division of Time Magazine, Time Moneyland "Insights from your wallet to Wall street" has named Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas one of the 24 most affordable schools in the United States and has also labeled it a dropout factory. It's current total enrollment of approximately 800 students and dropping is not helping the situation. Since the departure of Dr. Warner the school has been on a steady down climb. What good is a school no matter how cheap it is if it can't graduate its students?

haskellnews commentary 10/23/2011



Was a Haskell Indian Nations University employee ordered to leave campus?

Statistically domestic violence calls are one of the most dangerous calls police can receive. Therefore we must ask the following questions: Was a new Haskell Indian Nations University residential employee given orders by his boss Thomas Spottedhorse to escort an off campus student to her apartment because she feared her boyfriend might cause her harm while she tried to collect some of her belongings? Can a Haskell Indian Nations University employee who is a federal employee leave their station? In this case the largest dorm on Haskell’s campus to accompany one student to her resident ? Did the employee take her in his own vehicle? Or a federal vehicle? Is either of these two things legal? What if a questionable situation would have happened between the female student and the male employee? What would have happened if violence would have unfolded?
Whose responsibility would that have been? Was the Lawrence Police Department called to help in this situation? How can parents and tribes feel safe about sending their kids to Haskell when residential staff are being pulled from their post and sent off campus? We are thinking maybe some of them don’t with Haskell’s current enrollment sitting very low at around 830 students? Has the Haskell’s president’s office been informed of what happened? Last year the notice below was put out by Thomas Spottedhorse was it followed in this situation? "Memo" written by Tom Spotted Horse Supervisory College Residence Asst. Dated October 3, 2010. A REMINDER: When ever the Lawrence Police Dept. is called to the campus you need to inform the President’s Office of the situation. Sometimes a student may call the police themselves. If you do not know the reason(s) why the police is on the campus, please inquire as to the circumstances. If the Presidents Office is closed, send an email right away before you shift is over and give an assessment of the event. Remember to “cc” the email sent to the VP of Student Affairs, Mr. Tucker and myself. If it is a critical incident, a Critical Incident Form needs to be completed and signed. This is also for medical emergencies and for responses by the Fire Dept. Anytime a student is transported to the emergency room a Medical Emergency Form needs to be filled out and completed for review. I CANNOT STRESS how important this is. If your office does not have the forms, get one from another building. However, every office should have these forms. Thank you, Tom Spotted Horse, Supervisory College Residence Asst. Link: haskellnews commentary 10/13/2011


Natives should REJECT this “University.”


I've said this for years. For those whose thin-skinned sensibilities disavow an ability to critique Natives (us!) as social adults or Haskell Indian Nations University as an establishment of, ahem "higher learning," take a look.

Natives should REJECT this "University."

Dr. Warner had a Vision and was not supported because this place has no accountability: and doesn't want any. It is a generator of divisive mindsets and the lowest common denominator.

What it shouldn't have is pride.

I have never met Dr. Wildcat. What I do know is that he did not earn his PhD from Haskell, because they've never developed such a program. Further, if they do -- within my lifetime -- it will, likely, be scoffed at, creating further folks who merely work at Haskell.


haskellnews commentary 06/17/2011



Fannie L. Atcitty Haskell Indian Nations University Board member removed from Dine College Board of Regents.

Fannie L. Atcitty Haskell Indian Nations University Board member has been removed from the Dine ( Navajo ) College Board of Regents.

Could it be that Fannie L. Acitty was removed from her own tribal ( Navajo Nation ) college board for conduct ( which ranged from alleged conflicts of interests, favoritism, improper board actions and personnel disputes) similar to that of many Haskell Indian Nations University Board of Regents members? Starting with their leader George Tiger? Maybe it's time for Haskell to also start cleaning house? New President, New Start.

Below is the PUBLIC press release sent out by The Navajo Nation Council:

The Navajo Nation Council — Office of the Speaker Contact: Joshua Lavar Butler, Communications Director Phone: (928) 871-6384 Cell: (928) 255-2946 Fax: (928) 871-7255 April 27, 2010


Government Services Committee removes three members of Diné College Board of Regents:

Members were Fannie L. Atcitty, Loretta Draper, Clinton Jim

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – The Government Services Committee of the 21st Navajo Nation Council removed three Diné College Board of Regent members, April 26 during a regular committee meeting after nearly two years of unrest at the college. The board members were Fannie L. Atcitty, Loretta Draper and Clinton Jim.

In April, the committee received complaints from Diné College students and on April 13, the Office of Legislative Counsel was directed by the committee to draft a resolution, Resolution GSCAP-15-10, for the removal of the three members.

In December 2008, a joint report by the Government Services Committee and the Education Committee of the Navajo Nation Council was drafted to address the disagreements, which ranged from alleged conflicts of interests, favoritism, improper board actions and personnel disputes. The Board of Regents did not comply with the 24-page document, displaying a lack of cooperation by the board.

Further findings suggested the removal of the appointed board members was best for the college.

The committee resolution requests the President of the Navajo Nation to recommend five new appointees to fill the vacancies, which include the three positions recently vacated, in addition to two other extended vacancies the President has not filled. The three recent vacancies are for representatives from the Northern Agency, the Central (Chinle) Agency and the Eastern Agency of the Navajo Nation. The other vacancies are for Fort Defiance and the Western Navajo Agency.

Three of the eight-member board remain, they include: Andrew Tah, Superintendent of the Navajo Department of Diné Education; Andy Ayze, chairman of the Education Committee and Georgeett Cook, Student Body President of Diné College. According to 10 N.N.C. § 2003, the Board of Regents shall consist of eight members, including the Chairperson of the Education Committee or the committee’s designee, the Navajo Nation Superintendent of Schools and the president of the Diné College Student Body who shall be full official members. Five shall be enrolled members of the Navajo Nation and subject to confirmation and removal by the Government Services Committee of the Navajo Nation Council.

Link: Releases/Joshua Lavar Butler/Apr10/100427_PR_Removal_of_Dine_College_Board_of_Regents_Members[1].pdf

haskellnews commentary 06/08/2011