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The 6 ½ th President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, is Michael Lewis???

Mr.Mike Lewis the president of the Haskell's Bank is now the 6 ½ th President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, really...... Michael Lewis????

Wasn't there student bank audits that were requested in 2008-09 that passed with flying colors? If we trust him to run a $20 million dollar operation ? Oh wait, we don’t think there was an audit. Was there ? Haskell's student bank remains ripe for a good forensic audit and Mr. Mike Lewis, who barely has any degree (education or A Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood ?) would also be in line for one....right????

Of course, on campus we all know that he is the puppet of the good Drs: did the last two real presidents have the goods to fire him ? Maybe but they probably were not backed by central office ? Were they ? So we have, with the departure of Chris Redman, a return to the pre-Swisher years ? We predict two things: one, that the informal interview ? Off campus, by Dr. Chenault with Gill Vigil, right before graduation will NOT be repeated for any other candidates ? And two, that Dr. Wildcat will not apply because “he doesn't want the headache” (translate that into I can’t produce a A Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood, not even an itty bitty one like Mike Lewis ?)

Isn't it a sad day for American Indian students and employees at Haskell when Mike Lewis is deemed the “best” The Bureau of Indian Affairs has to offer an institution with over a 100 year history? Considering his move up through the ranks, we would be surprised if he can spell the word “university” let alone know what it takes to create one??? If you don’t believe us, ask ANY of his direct line subordinates. ANY.....

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Natives should REJECT this “University.”


I've said this for years. For those whose thin-skinned sensibilities disavow an ability to critique Natives (us!) as social adults or Haskell Indian Nations University as an establishment of, ahem "higher learning," take a look.

Natives should REJECT this "University."

Dr. Warner had a Vision and was not supported because this place has no accountability: and doesn't want any. It is a generator of divisive mindsets and the lowest common denominator.

What it shouldn't have is pride.

I have never met Dr. Wildcat. What I do know is that he did not earn his PhD from Haskell, because they've never developed such a program. Further, if they do -- within my lifetime -- it will, likely, be scoffed at, creating further folks who merely work at Haskell.


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Dan Wildcat notes that Haskell’s problems are rooted in the ….Union.

All quiet on the Lawrence Kansas, Haskell Indian Nations University campus.... As summer starts and we find no students (or for that matter faculty who are getting paid) on campus, we need to summarize the past year.

At a recent AIHEC meeting, Dan Wildcat noted that Haskell's problems are rooted in the .....what is the word we're looking for here...union. An odd statement to make in front of forty or so a card carrying member.

Our summary allows us to use the more colorful Indian names of folks, because they all want to be "traditional" and traditionally you would be named for your actions...some of these guys earned their names as adults and that's not all that unheard of either.

We note that Venita Chenault (VCEM) recently congratulates Dean of Redemption for now being appointed into a position that doesn't exist, by administrators without the authority, and prior to a real president being allowed to choose a cabinet.

Princess CrazyHair is advertising far and wide for a president of a college and perhaps forgot to tell Dr. FBI, Dr. EcoPlanet, or Dr. VCEM that the position was open, or perhaps she did and they are reluctant to move from a cushy 60k-100K job to one that requires...well, work, expertise, and is rewarded by about 40k.

We wonder if Dr. FBI is getting unemployement and salary at the same time, we don't think it would be the first time.

And finally Crouching Tiger is still one step ahead of the law....but it will find him.

If there's one thing Haskell teaches us, it's patience.

haskellnews commentary 05/25/2011


What do Dr. Warner and Venida Chenault have in common?

One of our Arizona readers has asked why we haven't mentioned Dr. Warner recently, so we decided to follow up.

This week Keith Moore is interviewing candidates for the president of Haskell Indian Nations University by telephone. We decided to ask this question:

What do Dr. Warner and Venida Chenault have in common?

Answer: Both were interviewed by Central Office for a position they hadn't a snowballs chance of getting ( although we acknowledge for different reasons ).

The interviews are to keep the EEOC folks at bay, and meet the letter of the law requiring that all interviewees be treated the same.

Of course, these two women differ significantly in the ARCH context and we think that is what our reader was referring to:

Accountability: Dr. Warner used logic and programs in budget decisions.

Chenault and everyone it concerns let the foodservices run amok and plan to keep all staff on this summer in an era of unprecedented limited resources so they can keep them smiling. Of course this is the same money that could be used for the students, who by the way have no summer school this summer.

Respect: Really.

Cooperation: Dr. Warner tried to strengthen relations with major universities; Aren't Chenault and Wildcat are trying to run KU's programs in the ground? Thankfully no one on that Hill listens to them.

Honesty: Again, really. Isn't it one thing to KEEP providing false information to the feds? But continuing to feed false information to students is morally corrupt, isn't it?

We hope Goodfox-Tsosee-Wildcat-Chenault ( wait isn't that American Indian Studies)? take time to pray about this one.

Again, thanks to our Arizona reader for posing this post theme.

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Violence and abuse against American Indian women?

Violence and abuse against American Indian women?

Who actually knows more about this than Venida Chenault? If you need an expert on bullying and hate mail campaigns, apparently Haskell Indian Nation University in Lawrence, Kansas has the country's foremost authority?

This weekend Venida travels to Arizona State (her son works in Phoenix so it will be a nice holiday vacation at Haskell's expense..oh, shame on us we thought Haskell was broke ) share her strategies with others.

Last weekend Dan Wildcat, another Haskell Indian Nations University expert on something other than what he was academically prepared to do, was a speaker at American Indian Higher Education Consortium's ( AIHEC ) forum.

Here Wildcat noted that according to his mentor, Vine Deloria, he (Wildcat) had no point since he had no powerpoint! Thankfully some other government agency was paying for that trip.

Thanks to those of you who provide insightful private comments to us; it keeps us going!

haskellnews commentary 04/22/2011


And the next President of Haskell Indian Nations University is ……

And the next President of Haskell Indian Nations University is ……

The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) reportedly has a certificate with ten qualified applicants for President of Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas. Of course the best qualified, Chris Redman, is back in Oklahoma City and essentially no one is currently in charge of Haskell. Some insiders belief the Navajo female candidate will soon be named (this would keep resident female applicant from filing any sex discrimination complaint) and others believe long-time Lakota friend to Keith Moore will be hired following the practice of hiring his buddies. Or will Dr. Linda Sue Warner be reassigned back to Haskell? Any of these choices assures the Haskell campus that Venida Chenault (VCEM) is not going to legitimately seize the helm.

In the meantime, Dr. Lionnel Bordeaux has called for a special session on Haskell at American Indian Higher Education Consortium(AIHEC's) upcoming meeting. AIHEC already has a formal resolution to remove Haskell from the BIE, and Dr. Bordeaux-once a Haskell Regent and most recently the convocation speaker for this semester, may be ready to get AIHEC to vote to cancel Haskell's membership, since it and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) are the only tribal colleges that aren't tribally operated and do not legally meet the definition of tribal college.

Tribal college presidents are used to fighting for their institutions, but usually it is against bureaucrats who reflect a tendency to interpret the world in terms of western and especially European or Anglo-American values and experiences and not like Haskell, where the leadership has to put up with a union that proposes to be so native that they don't have to really work, and instructors (there are no Professors) on that campus, who pretend to instruct through internships where students don't have to do anything except yell that they are native and have rights. That, by the way, is worth up to 8 credits.

It would be interesting to see what AIHEC presidents decide to do, especially since Dr. Bordeaux asked Haskell's resident Indian expert, the only non-Indian who gets to decide what goes on there, Dr. Dan Wildcat to make a presentation. What will be telling is what Keith Moore decides since he has made no attempt to fix the real problem at Haskell.

haskellnews commentary 04/11/2011