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We predict the next president of Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas to be…..

Broken News (as opposed to Breaking News)

Some folks are laboring through telephone interviews with The Bureau of Indian Education’s (BIE) DC hierarchy under the presumption that they actually are a real candidate for the president of Haskell Indian Nations University.

Others are telling folks that they are travelling to Haskell to meet their new minions.

The phone interviews are likely the same pro forma (since the decision most likely has already been made) that made Kay Hayes “shop noteworthy” for ingraining a practice so that people think it is policy....they do the phone interviews, then they hire whomever they have already preselected.

Of course the applicants at Haskell will go through the same phone interviews even though folks in DC are finally savy enough to understand that if you keep supporting the same old thing, you will keep getting what you've always got.

Also it will prevent the fairer sex from claiming to be discriminated against on sexual preference (as opposed to the Bureau of Indian Education actually being discriminating in trying to find someone who is up to the job).

And also, homegrown Haskellites have proven that they don't have the Knowledge, Skill, and Ability (KSAs) to actually run a school; no matter how often you leave them in charge.

There is still a skill set they are missing. Replacing that skill set with bullying tactics has only endeared them to their Phoenix relatives.

So, we predict the next president of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas to be the Sioux fellow who has all but announced it himself.

Good luck buddy.

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Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Ks, without a president after more than a year.

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Ks, without a president after more than a year.

Dr. Linda Sue Warner, a member of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma, resigned in November 2010. But she hadn't worked at the university since September 2009.

The BIE now has 10 candidates for the job but Director Keith Moore has yet to make a decision. In the meantime, Clyde Peacock will serve as interim president.

Get the Story: New interim president in charge at Haskell Indian Nations University (The Lawrence Journal World 3/28)

haskellnews commentary 4/1/2011


As a new year looms ahead, we thought it a good idea to see what Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas has lost in the year 2010.

As a new year looms ahead, we thought it a good idea to see what Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas has lost in the year 2010.

1.They lost their school President, Dr. Linda Sue Warner. Oh, well, what University needs a good president, anyway?

2.They lost many good faulty members, including, Dr. Russell Blackbird and Coach Ted Juneau. Oh, well, what University needs good faulty members, anyway?

3.They had more drop outs this last year, then the school registrar could remember in recent history, and the registrar has been at Haskell for a good many years. Oh, well, what University needs students retained, anyway?

4.Lost any and all leadership. Oh, well, what University needs leadership, anyway?

5.Lost their ability to graduate students. Ninety percent of Haskell students are NOT graduating, oh, well, apparently, that is not what the faulty is there for (helping students to graduate) anyway.

6.Lost their Red Center, oh, well, what University needs a research center, anyway?

7.Has Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn as a leader, like we said what University, needs a good leader anyway?

8.Speaking of leaders, every University needs a Larry Echohawk behind it, someone who shows up, cries in front of the student body, promises changes, which never happen, leaves and never comes back. Oh, well, what Government ran University needs a good leader? Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas. That’s who.

haskellnews commentary Dec 30, 2010


Are Students at Haskell Indian Nations University keeping their rooms clean?

Some folks have written in asking why we keep writing about room checks at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas? The answer is simple, it shows boarding school mentality has not left Haskell and weekly room checks validate this point.

Do Haskell Employees, Larry Echohawk, Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn , The Bureau of Indian Education and this weeks ACTINGS Venida Chenault and Jim Tucker really believe that room checks are a sign that Haskell is a “Premiere University”? Real universities do not have weekly room checks to double check the sanitation and cleanliness level of their students rooms. Do they?

Aren't Haskell's room checks are a carry over from the boarding school days when people believed that American Indians were not clean and therefore students rooms had to be checked? Here we are in 2010 and Haskell still carries on the traditions of being a boarding school.

Who does these room checks? If other students check the rooms is this a violation of a students privacy? Isn't the entire room check procedure a violation of students rights? Could Haskell loose federal funding over such violations?

Haskell students are adults and therefore should be treated with the respect they deserve, shouldn't they? If they have a dirty rooms, that is their problem, right?

Why is Haskell not student Service-oriented ? Are they doomed to stay in the current boarding school mentality? With 91% of its students not graduating, it does not appear to be working...does it?

haskellnews commentary October 15, 2010


Changing of the guard at Haskell Indian Nations University….again!

This week guarding the ever present boarding school mentality at Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas are two that have hardly ever stepped beyond its doors. Venida Chenault as ACTING president and Jim Tucker as ACTING vice president.

It would almost be funny if it weren't so sad. The leadership at Haskell changes like a revolving door with no one there to push the stop button. Mean while the American Indian students ( 91% of them) are not graduating.

All we have to say about this is maybe Larry Echohawk or Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn should send some clowns in to take over ...... Oh, wait, don't bother, they're already there.

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Oct 13, 2010


A New Trail of Tears?

President Barack Obama’s political appointment for Assistant Secretary of Interior-Indian Affairs, Mr. Larry Echohawk appears to have embarked on a mission to bring national attention to the “state” of Indian education by journeying his own Trail of Tears.

In the last year, Assistant Secretary Echohawk has cried at Brigham

Young University, wept openly at The Pawnee Nation, shed tears at Haskell Indian Nations University and last week in San Diego at the National Indian Education Association he is reported to have dropped a crocodile tear or two.

It appears that Echohawk has now traveled the entire nation, north south east and west weeping. Is this apology Indian Country has been waiting for from the federal government?

Echohawk does not appear to be able to contain the mortification he has found in Bureau of Indian Education schools when he talks to Indian students and parents. Assistant Secretary Echohawk has now lasted longer than the last half dozen or so political appointments at that level, but surely the stress of such emotional commitment to Indian children must be getting to him.

It’s a good thing Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and Venida Chenault are social workers and can step up to counsel him.

Of course, we think it would be a better thing if President Obama could appoint someone who actually did something positive for Indians kids instead of hiring and promoting totally unqualified people and then bawling because they screw up. But that’s because we believed President Obama had an Indian agenda—one that looked at education.

Likely you did too.

haskellnews commentary

Oct 11, 2010


Haskell Indian Nations University’s Leadership limbo

We thought this was such a great article that we posted it to our site. We at haskellnews commentary agree with it 100%. This was written by : J-W editorials, September 30, 2010

The best thing federal officials can do for Haskell Indian Nations University is resolve the school’s lingering leadership question.

Additional federal funds are one way to improve programs at Haskell Indian Nations University, but they don’t address the school’s No. 1 need: a permanent president who can set a strong course for Haskell’s future.

This week, the U.S. Department of Education announced a $1.6 million federal grant to improve academic quality, institutional management and fiscal stability at Haskell. It’s a significant amount of money for the school, whose annual allocation from the federal government is only $14.2 million. According to a representative of the Haskell president’s office, the money will be used to improve advising and student retention services, which is a good goal.

However, despite repeated assurances from the Bureau of Indian Affairs that a decision on the Haskell presidency is forthcoming, the school’s leadership remains in limbo. Linda Warner, who still is the school’s official president, has been fulfilling BIA assignments in other states for more than a year. In the meantime, Haskell has had three acting presidents, but no decision about a permanent president.

The $1.4 million grant is nice, but if federal officials really want to help Haskell, they should quit delaying and return Warner to Lawrence and allow her to oversee and initiate new policies and academic opportunities — or bring in another experienced, courageous, visionary academic leader.