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While Haskell Indian Nations University’s President, Dr. Linda Sue Warner remains on a detail, 91% of Haskell students aren’t graduating.

Last week, Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas, announced yet another acting president, Clyde Peacock, who will serve until October 18, 2010. Who will be next is anyone’s guess. Lack of leadership is one reason The Higher Learning Commission sited in its findings against Haskell sister’s college Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, when it lost its accreditation. Senators Pat Roberts, Sam Brownback and Congressman Dennis Moore and Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, also sited it as a problem.

For the American Indian students who come to Haskell seeking a degree, it’s a tragedy.

One can only assume that while Haskell’s President, Dr. Linda Sue Warner ( who has spent her life‘s career seeking to make education obtainable for American Indians and who tried to make Haskell an actual university ), who has all but, been, tossed aside to make room for people far less qualified than she ( A women who was accepted into Harvard and Penn State, holds a Ph.D., served as Penn State’s American Indian Leadership Program (AILP) director for several years. She also served as a program director at the National Science Foundation and appointed by President George W. Bush to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education. She was named winner of the 2001 Indian Educator of the year Award by the National Indian Education Association for her lifelong dedication to Indian Education) to temporary run Haskell is appalling at best. With all the problems Haskell is having right now, Dr. Warner’s detail needs to end, she needs to be brought back, then supported in whatever, she needs to do to get Haskell running as a real university.

At some point it will be too late and Haskell will be no longer, when it cannot graduate 91 percent of its student body ( For every 10 freshmen who enroll at Haskell Indian Nations University seeking a bachelor’s degree, fewer than one ends up leaving campus with a diploma) the Bureau of Indian Education has a lot to answer for and the bottom line has become, can keeping Haskell open be justified any longer? Or should Haskell close and the students be sent elsewhere ?

In the meantime Haskell is waiting for its superman and that superman / superwoman is someone it already has: Dr. Linda Sue Warner.


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October 4, 2010


Is Haskell Indian Nations University’s New Windfall Just The Old TRIO Grant? No, It’s Not.

A comment started us thinking: Is Haskell Indian Nations University’s new windfall, just the old TRIO grant? The same one it has received for many years?

We looked around to see if an announcement had been put out by President Obama’s Team, about Indian schools receiving new monies and found...well …..nothing…..

The TRIO grant is given to schools by the Federal Department of Education , Haskell has received it for the past several years.

If this is what Haskell has just received, then it adds nothing new to their budget and would be an awful way to deceive The Haskell Student Body, The Indian Communities that Haskell Students represent, it’s employees and the public as a whole ( including The Lawrence Journal World ).

The TRIO Grant could be used for The “new” Haskell Success Center….but ,isn’t that just the old TRIO program with a new name?

Is it the TRIO Grant or isn’t it the TRIO Grant?

The question remains, have the current “leaders” at Haskell Indian Nations University tried to pull one over on all concerned?

haskellnews commentary

Sept 30,2010.

We have to add an addendum to this blog, we have found the answer to our question.

This just out from The U.S. Dept of Education: U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today announced that 63 grant awards, totaling nearly $53 million, from the American Indian Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities (TCCU) Program will go to colleges and universities that serve American Indian students. The grant awards will provide funding to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability of eligible institutions.

“Reforming Native education has never been more important,” Secretary Duncan said. “To do what is best for Native students, we must collaborate with people who know the students and communities. These grants will provide funding to help tribal colleges and universities offer high quality educational opportunities for American Indian students.”

And this from The Kansas City Star “We did not apply for this and we didn’t know we were getting it,” said Stephen Prue, university spokesman. “This was awarded to us based on our track record, on how we have spent other grant money in the past.”

Venida Chenault, a university vice president, said on Wednesday that Haskell has a long list of needs and the grant will go a long way to help “enhance the educational experience for our students.”

Haskell administrators have until the end of October to develop a plan for spending the money. That plan then has to be approved by the federal education department. Read more: