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How are Haskell Indian Nations University employee bonuses being distributed?


How are Haskell Indian Nations University employee bonuses being distributed?

On the heels of Haskell’s President Chris Redman and Head of Housing Jim Tucker refusing to get rid of room checks and the free slave labor that Haskell students must perform when many are written up for messing rooms , haskellnews commentary has learned some Haskell employees cannot keep their own work stations clean.

This begs the question of the how Haskell employee bonuses are distributed?

Is it the heads of departments who decides which employees receive bonuses? If so what justifications are given for the employees who receive them? Is there any student input into this process?

Should Haskell employees be receiving bonuses at a time when Haskell is in such turmoil that it appears few employees deserve bonuses?

Wouldn't Haskell employee bonus money be better spent on new BA programs for the Haskell student body?

haskellnews commentary 09/25/2012


Carrie Coffey 1 year, 6 months ago

On the Haskell free slave labor, those have been called contribution hours for many years. I see no reason NOT to give students these 40 hours per semester, they need to pay for there stay and this is what has been done forever. Probably before you were even born EDITOR! If students want to think this is slave labor then UP the price in housing!!!! Done deal, I think if you get to stay somewhere free then you should earn your keep to stay. These kids these days are given whatever and are not properly shown how to earn your keep to get nice things. Per caps are nice and I love them but 99.5% of my things are earned by hard work that I have done. Good luck kids, hope you survive if the per caps are YANKED!


katatnite 1 year, 6 months ago

Employee accountability would be a start. I like the idea of student input on employee bonuses as long as every student receives a questionnaire that would keep them from being identified. Who best knows how employees perform ....the students. Better yet forget the bonuses and go for new BA programs. I think room checks are the most ridiculous policy I have ever heard of for college students.


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