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Inexcusable Customer Service by Haskell Indian Nations University Employees


Haskell Indian Nations University was founded in 1884 as a residential boarding-school, in 1970 Haskell became a junior college and in 1993 Haskell changed its name to Haskell Indian Nations University. Not because it had the *credentials to do so, but, because The Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs at that time: Ada Deer, approved it.

In the year 2012 Haskell is still in a time lag. It still has not terminated room checks, nor has customer service for students become any kind of priority. Room checks have been a part of Haskell’s culture since its boarding school days. Many Haskell employees attended Haskell and are very resistance too any changes, including getting rid of room checks. The Haskell mentality that students are there to serve employees ( I.E. We will write them up for messy rooms and let them do some of our work: must be stopped.) it is wrong. President Chris Redman, Mr. Jim Tucker, and Mr. Tom Spottedhorse housing must change.

Texts, e-mails, computers, iphones,etc, are part of the U.S. culture and most colleges let students register online to become a student, sign up for classes, housing, etc. Haskell has remained in the dark. In part due to employees who should have been let go, years ago. At least one recent detail to Washington, D.C. was a step in the right direction.

This semester Haskell students stood in long hot registration lines, while academic advisors gave students little or no help in selecting classes. A large portion of classes students finally got were randomly cancelled. Students were forced to start all over. Did Haskell employees offer students chairs to sit in or water to drink? No. Why would President Redman let this happen? Is he on campus long enough to know what is going on? It’s sad when the president of a university doesn’t seem to care. Has he reached out to his students? Does he walk the campus to see what is happening or is he too busy catching the next flight to Oklahoma?

The Bureau of Indian Education can no longer afford to ignore Haskell. By doing so it is slowly pounding the nails into Haskell’s coffin. Haskell is run and owed by the federal government and that has not turned out to be a good thing. Now is the time tribes need to start taking a good look at what type of education they are sending their tribal members off to get and how their tribal members are being treated.

We here at haskellnews commentary do care and will continue to speak up for the students. Haskell students need tremendous support in every area.

Who has the nerve to step up and help them? Starting with the simplest of things: Getting rid of room checks and maybe the heads of housing then going from there.

It should be President Redman or the Head of the Bureau of Indian Education’s newly appointed Kevin Washburn. We have little faith in either.

Haskellnews commentary 09/21/2012

*Webster’s definition of a university: An institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees; specifically : one made up of an undergraduate division which confers bachelor's degrees and a graduate division which comprises a graduate school and professional schools each of which may confer master's degrees and doctorates.


geekin_topekan 5 years, 7 months ago

A very informal survey on the room check issue was taken n 2009 by a student who needed ammo for a project in his course on Public Speaking. Much to his surprise, and mine, a majority of Haskell's students supported the on-going practice of room checks on the grounds of health issues alone,

The raw data ie no bell curve, margin of error etcetc; WHen asked if they approved of on-going room checks 31 said Yes, 35 said NO. When asked if room checks contribute to health in the dorms, 47 said Yes, 19 said No. When asked if room checks are conducive to the learning environment 40 Y, 26 N When asked if they are insulted by room checks 20Y, 46 N. When asked if SOME students NEED to be checked 56 Y 10 N. When asked if student behavior needs to be monitored, room checks or other 25 Y 41 N. A question not on the survey but placed in written comment--many indicated that while room checks are not ideal, they are better than no type of behavioral spot checking at all.

it can be seen where students do feel comfortable with room checks for health reasons alone. An overwhelming majority of students said that they know of at least one student who "needs" room checks. What those two indicate to me, and me alone, is that they feel "safer" with room checks than without. So, health and safety is of concern to Haskell students.

The glaring inconsistency in that survey is that only 25 felt that student behavior needs monitored, so would that mean that they, the students, are willing to tackle the room check issues themselves?

Or maybe Haskell could implement a course on Study Methods and Analysis.

haskellnews 5 years, 7 months ago

haskellnew commentary has no idea how the student handled the survey he took in 2009. Things are different in 2012. Native students are smart, smart enough to know when their rights are being violated. They are in college now and the status of their rooms should be left up to them. Not anyone else. It is a violation of their rights. These students do not live in Russia nor in boarding school times. Safety checks of their rooms is all that needs to be done. KU does these twice a semester with no punishment to any of their students. Safety checks, check only for the safety of rooms bad wires, etc and they have nothing to do with how messy a room may or may not be. If a student is really bothered by the condition of a room this needs to be bought up to dorm staff. That is why they are there. Just because these are Native students gives no one any rights to mistreat them or try to violate their rights by telling them they are not allowed to have an attorney present. They are US and tribal citizens and as such they ALWAYS have a right to legal counsel. Room checks need to go and as earlier stated if housing cannot make them go, then the head of housing need to go as do any staff enforcing room checks. Room checks are only the tip of the housing iceberg to us. Why are Haskell students not allowed to choose their own roommates? If there are empty rooms it seems that many Haskell students could and should have access to their own rooms. Here again we run into the boarding school mentality of why should we let them have rooms of their own. Were the dorms not build for the students to enjoy? haskellnews commentary will continue to pursue this matter until it is resolved because it violates the rights of Native students.

Bob Forer 5 years, 7 months ago

An "informal survey" with a small sample size of 66 is hardly scientific.

ssakcaj 5 years, 7 months ago

That sample size if conducted in a truly random format would give you a 95% confidence level and a confidence interval of 11.5. This is based on a population size of 600. So not horrible, but not great methodology and sampling.

Keith Buster 5 years, 7 months ago

There's only 1000 students on Haskell's campus. Randomly interviewing 66 people is up to par. It is a number that would produce an acceptable margin of error for any scientific study or survey for such a small population.

brewmaster 5 years, 7 months ago

As a long-time reader of editorials and comments about HINU in the LJW over the past several months including the latest room-check tizzy; the answer to several problems appear simple. All students and faculty must complete mandatory yearly training in individual responsibility, social maturity and personal hygiene.

bobandmywife 5 years, 7 months ago

@ brewmaster There's a stereotype of Natives if we have ever heard one. Go into almost any college dorm room and it won't be 100 percent clean. Haskell's room checks are from the boarding school days. We think benofthebull's idea is right on target " Get rid of these ridiculous, dated room checks and give the students more of a comfortable learning environment." and " finally look into the ridiculousness of the employees in the business office. One possible reason for Haskell's unfortunate problems seems to be the laziness of wanting to train new hires, so they keep the same condescending employees " room checks are a symptom of Haskell's refusal to jump into the year 2012 and treat their students with some degree of respect. We as taxpayers should be demanding that Haskell starts changing.

Keith Buster 5 years, 7 months ago

Listen, do you want the government to give back our lands (which could include your house) or do you want them to keep us happy with what they promised us in exchange for everything WE owned. I'd be more than happy to do that. It could happen too if the US would allow the Tribal nations to present their case to the UN. The UN would have no choice but to side with us. After all, they gave the Jews back their homeland after a couple of millennium. Imagine what they might do for the American Indian. I know that the US doesn't answer to the UN. One day it will though. How do you feel about giving everything west of the Mississippi back to the American Indian?

geekin_topekan 5 years, 7 months ago

Duh Synco, where in my post did I even suggest the survey was a scientific model?

Keith Buster 5 years, 7 months ago

If you cared you would quit be anon and go out and speak your mind in the open forum. Go down to the senate meeting and express your concerns directly to the students and faculty. What you are doing is cowardly and coercive. It's obvious that you and your "readers" (some I suspect are simply you patting yourself on the back) have no interest in Haskell existing as a institution. I mean not without belonging to the Lawrence Community or developers. I actually feel sorry for you. I can't wait till Haskell makes some real changes and you're the one without a leg to stand on. Better yet, when we do implement some changes I'm fairly confident you'll try and take all the credit for it. It's a win, win for you buddy. Congrats!

ssakcaj 5 years, 6 months ago

I noticed you used the phrase, "when we do implement some changes" indicating that you are an employee of Haskell. Why don't you stop being "anon" and put your name out there as you so freely advise others?

I like you you say "I can't wait till Haskell makes some real changes." What are you waiting for? Christmas? Instead of typing on a message board mabye you should be making those changes instead of talking about them.

Mike Ford 5 years, 7 months ago

bobandmywife.....for the nine millionth time......your tax money does not support Haskell Indian Nations University.....you sound like another uninformed GOPer. The federal government supports very half a??edly the existence of HINU as part of the treaty trust responsiblity that began with the manifest destiny it's all mine mentality that led your ilk to take tribal lands by any means possible.....murder....deception......theft..... Dawes Allotment Act of 1887......plenary power of the US Congress.....the Doctrine of Discovery in Johnson V. McIntosh......tribal school land surpluses (Hi Roger Boyd), Congressional Termination (HR 108 of 1953), competency for fullbloods versus mixed bloods and theft by White guardians.......forgery of Kiowa leaders leading to Lone Wolf V Hitchcock case of 1903 in SCOTUS leading to abrogation of treaties......I could go on forever....but most americans have no sense of memory or history.....when confronted with facts their history books omitted they play the "You're bitter, get over it card" because they want the whole bit without any responsibility. Deal with reality bobandmywife.....stop creating non issue deceptions about taxes.....it really shows how little you know.....oh haskellnews.... ask dolph for more money for your sabotage services.....

katatnite 5 years, 7 months ago

Haskell is a federally run school under The Bureau of Indian Education which is under the U.S. Department of the Interior. The U.S. Department of the Interior receives taxpayers dollars as do all federal agencies. Therefore Haskell is run on taxpayer dollars. bobandmywife would be correct. WASHINGTON – As part of a major efficiency initiative that will leverage modern technology to save up to $500 million in TAXPAYER DOLLARS by 2020, the Department of the Interior today announced a contract award for Department-wide cloud email and collaboration services using Google Apps for Government. Link: http://www.doi.gov/news/pressreleases/Interior-Selects-Google-Apps-for-Government-for-Cloud-Email-and-Collaboration-Services.cfm

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