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Free slave labor from Haskell Indian Nations University Students in Lawrence, KS


Free slave labor from Haskell Indian Nations University Students in Lawrence, KS.

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence KS has a smorgasbord of problems, poor graduate rates, no more sports programs, few BA programs to choose from, no air in a lot of their dorm rooms until last week and still a few rooms without air! And now Haskell is asking its students for free slave labor!

Haskell students are being written up for messy rooms then given 10 hours of community service (free slave labor from the students) this is a school where students need to study and graduate. Haskell has one of the lowest retention and graduation rates in the U.S.

These are college age students living in the year 2012, but at Haskell they are still living in the good old boarding school days. Most college students have messy rooms and we know of no other college that does room checks. At the least they are probably a violation by Haskell of its students privacy. We checked with KU they only do safety checks of their rooms and no write ups if their students have messy rooms.

Haskell needs to be doing safety checks, not room checks. Safety checks are when with notice to all residential students, facilities are going to check the rooms for bad wiring, no air etc., it has nothing to do with messy rooms.

Haskell needs to do everything in its power to retain students ( except for changing their grades ) not making them sign legal documents without an attorney present stating their rooms according to someone else’s standards are messy and then giving them 10 hours of community service.

Haskell students if you are reading this blog NEVER sign a legal document without an attorney present. Room checks may be referred to in your handbooks... this does not mean they are legal.

Students are not even given handbooks until they arrive on campus.

Students should you need help there is a free legal service in Lawrence: Kansas Legal Services, Inc. (785) 838-3401 708 W 9th St # 103

President Redman please help your students and put an end to room checks that go back to Haskell's boarding school days. If you can’t get the room checks to end (a lot of your students are being written on this room check matter) then maybe you need to look at replacements for your heads of housing and the staff who are writing up the students.

haskellnews commentary 09/19/2012


Leslie Swearingen 1 year, 7 months ago

Found this in the Kansas City paper, it has to do with Native Americans and self-governance.

WASHINGTON — Growing up in rural Oklahoma on the reservation of the Chickasaw Nation, Kevin Washburn spent a lot of time at the local hospital, waiting hours with his mother and brother, who needed asthma treatments.

But he said something changed when his tribe started running the Carl Albert Indian Hospital under a tribal self-governance program: Customer service improved. His mother actually once got a call saying not to show up on time for an appointment because the doctors were running late.

“To my family, it was a clear recognition that it was a new day for the Chickasaw Nation,” said Washburn, who on Thursday won unanimous backing from the Senate Indian Affairs Committee to become the new head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Dean of the University of New Mexico School of Law, he told the committee that his “gritty personal experience” would help drive his push for more tribal self-governance.

The BIA is a division of the Interior Department, where Washburn, should he be confirmed by the full Senate, would become assistant secretary for Indian affairs. The agency serves nearly 2 million American Indians and Alaska natives. It works with 566 federally recognized tribes and manages more than 55 million acres of land held in trust for the tribes by the federal government.

At his confirmation hearing last week, Washburn said that in his writings as an academic, he has questioned the logic of federal agencies serving Indian people, saying, “The overall structure of having services provided by people hundreds of miles away is rarely effective.”

Indian self-governance has improved education, health care and other government services on reservations, he said, but converting immediately to a new strategy was “not the answer for every tribe.”

W. Ron Allen, chairman of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe in Sequim, Wash., said that Washburn possessed “a remarkable acumen in tribal affairs.”

His nomination drew letters of support from more than 40 tribes in 15 states and more than 20 other organizations, according to Democratic Sen. Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, chairman of the Indian Affairs panel.

The praise was bipartisan. Republican Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, noting that he and Washburn had attended the same high school, called him “a superb selection by the president.”

Washburn, a graduate of Yale Law School, is a former federal prosecutor and former general counsel for the National Indian Gaming Commission. He has also taught law at Harvard, the University of Minnesota and the University of Arizona.

He told the committee he was ready to run the BIA after spending most of his adult life “seeking to reform federal Indian policy so that it serves American Indians and tribes better.”

Read more here:


bobandmywife 1 year, 7 months ago

@ Chicha Haskell has changed a lot since you attended. No sports, the students are treated poorly, they have a president that obviously does not care about them the list goes on. In an attempt to up their numbers Haskell probably does not have high admission standards at the moment. Just because a student has a messy room is no indicator that they are not ready for college. It could be just the could mean are they studying so much that a messy room is not as important as their grades! For someone too walk into their rooms( which seems too be an invasion of their privacy) every week too see if they are clean or not and than asking them to sign a legal document stating that their room was messy is just wrong and possibly illegal and of a boarding school mentality which is where the practice stems from. Haskell students are 18 and over if they want to live in a messy room let them. I don't ever want to walk into a college and see every student room sparking clean...sounds very stepford wives to us and that's not a good thing.


Chicha 1 year, 7 months ago

I am a 1996 graduate of Haskell. I have a successful business due to my education at HINU. Why does Haskell have problems? Could it be because Haskell admits students that are not ready to leave home? (Students that do not want to clean their rooms).

Haskell should be the school that develops the Indian leaders for tomorrow and the Indian entrepreneurs to build the reservation economies. Haskell should raise the requirement level for admittance. The people that are not ready can stay home and attend a community college for their first two years. In our travels we meet so many people that regret not going to Haskell. The people that went to Haskell are grateful for their education. People that can claim a parent or grandparent or other relative that went to Haskell say it with a smile. ONWARD HASKELL!


katatnite 1 year, 7 months ago

I have a male friend that lives at Roe Cloud he told me he regrets going too Haskell. He did not know they were going to lose their sports programs then he got written up for a messy room and had too go too the Roe Cloud office. They told him he needed to sign a paper stating his room was messy! He refused. He is a good student . He is not coming back too Haskell next semester. I think they lose a lot of students over ridiculous non-sense like this and a 100 other ridiculous things that go on at Haskell on a daily basis. He was in a room with no air and no one cared. Surprise !


uggadyboogadyboo 1 year, 7 months ago

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bobandmywife 1 year, 7 months ago

@ frankie8 The Bureau of Indian Education is in charge of Haskell. They are in Washington D.C. and they don't care about Haskell. Haskell we believe is the only post high school they run for Natives and again they don't want too be bothered and they show it in every way possible. No funds, barely any classes, a president who seems not to care, a lackluster board of regents and lack of oversight for the entire school for starters no president ever stays long before they are pushed out by the employee campus bullies. What goes on at Haskell has went on for a long time, it's not a university it is a boarding school. People need too start going to their congressmen. The Bureau is done with Haskell. The Lawrence community needs too come together and help Haskell turned into a community college. Here is a link too the people who give Haskell their accreditation they should be contacted. Haskell should NOT be accredited :


3rdiopen 1 year, 7 months ago

I did a story over this last semester for Haskell news. There's a host of problems with Haskell. Retention rates have everything to do with the way the administration treats its students. It's almost as if they want us to fail. This years registration was a joke with NO punchline. Student advisers don't help the students graduate. All of the classes that are on the checklist to graduate either don't have the same name as what's on the schedule or is no longer offered. The student is forced to asked their adviser "what classes will work for this one that you don't offer?" Then the adviser act as if it's the students fault they can't figure it out. As for the room checks, they do check for safety. However, the process is a joke. There's no real standard of punishment. I mean it's up to the RA on duty as to what's too dirty and who gets written up. Even further than that they have no REAL idea who made the mess. Many of these dorm rooms have up to four people in them. I have an acquaintance that was cited and given community service for something he had nothing to do with. Now having said all that, some of the students at Haskell destroy their rooms. I've been in some rooms where I couldn't stand the smell. So much so that it made me gag and I had to leave the room. Others treat their rooms as if they own them and modify them by painting it or hanging tree branches from the ceiling, etc. Unfortunately, this is common in Roe Cloud. Measures had to be taken. Free slave labor? Seems a bit excessive, but in some sense hard to counter. I don't agree with the policies and it is ridiculous that Haskell can mishandle the most miniscule of task. You want a bigger story? Talk about how Haskell gave Chris Redman money to buy a house and instead of moving to Lawrence he bought one in Oklahoma and is rarely around. He stays in a one bedroom apt. when he is in town. Lovely. Can't wait to graduate and GTFO. I wish that I could get my masters and come back to Haskell and make it work, but I heard the politics is ridiculous and I'm liable to choke somebody out.


Leslie Swearingen 1 year, 7 months ago

This is horrifying. Is there no oversight at all as to what goes on concerning the president and department heads at Haskell? It sounds to me as though it is getting worse than when it was a boarding school. Despite my attempts at researching the subject I have not been able to find anything on the web about who is responsible for HINU and how one would go about making the much needed changes. The BIE site has nothing about this that I could find, and their mission statement is less than useless it is so utterly vague as to be meaningless. Does no one in authority have any specific ideas as to how to solve specific problems at Haskell, or does no one know or care?


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