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Mr. Chris Redman President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS shakes things up.


Things have needed to change at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS for sometime and it looks like Mr. Chris Redman is finally shaking things up. One change that has needed to happen for a very long time is to remove Venida Chenault VPAA from that position. Hopefully her move will turn into a permanent one. It also sounds like Mr. Redman is taking more of the reins in her absence which also needed to happen. Keep up the good work Mr. President.

From Mr. Chris Redman MHR:

Effective Monday, September 17, 2012 Haskell’s Vice President for Academics will be on a new 120 day detail to the Bureau of Indian Education Director’s office in Washington, D.C. Dr.Venida Chenault was requested by Mr. Drapeaux Acting Director of Bureau of Indian Education to assist in Development of Special Projects. During this time the administrative authority for academics will be delegated to Mr. Redman. Mr. Redman will work with all deans and academic departments of programs during Dr. Chenault’s assignment.

To campus Subject: Emergency Hire: As most are aware Mr. Manny King has taken on a new role and responsibilities and is no longer in the registrar’s office. During this time of selecting a new registrar and to ensure the integrity of the office, an emergency hire has been made. The registrar’s position is being advertised at this time and will be filled at the earliest possible date. Ms.Carlene Morris has been hired on an emergency basis as the Haskell registrar and has clear all required security checks please provide your support to Ms. Moore is as she fills this role.

haskellnews commentary 09/14/2012


bobandmywife 5 years, 2 months ago

Glad to see Mr. Redman got rid of his VPAA and maybe he is trying to make some good changes. We will see. What department did Mr. King go to? What are they going to do with the money from sports they no longer have? This is another reason it needs to be a community college open to the community. Accountability to the taxpayers.

Jeanette Kekahbah 5 years, 2 months ago

Treaty Law - read your US Constitution - understand your RESPONSIBILITY as a US citizen.

bobandmywife 5 years, 2 months ago

Don't talk too us about responsibility. My wife and I both worked our way through college and both received our college masters degrees. We both worked full time until our retirements at 65. We put our only child through school and never once ask for a government hand out. We understand that some people go through hard times and must have help. However, Haskell is a train wreck that seems too get worse by the minute. Their students suffer the most. As a responsible taxpayer living right here in Lawrence for many years it is our responsibility too speak up for these poor students. Where does it say on any treaty that Native students can only go too school with other Native students? Make Haskell a community college for anyone who wishes too attend. Lawrence needs one, it will help the Haskell students, maybe even get them some real professors and the real education that all deserve Native and Non- Native. Or hand the whole thing over to KU and let them educate the students the federal government does not care about the Haskell students. Look at the mess it is in.

Jeanette Kekahbah 5 years, 2 months ago

That the federal government does not care about Haskell students is true, bobandmywife.

As a taxpayer anywhere in this country, it is, IMHO, important to be educated about what our money is responsible for buying and why. Sadly, such things are rarely taught in ANY schools...

Haskell is not a government hand-out. Treaty obligations are not hand-outs. Treaty Law is the supreme law of the land, as stated in the US Constitution.

Where else can Native students go to college without incurring the costs of tuition, books, housing, etc.?

FYI, Haskell is not closed to non-Natives. There's an exchange program of sorts allowing Haskell students to take classes at KU and KU students to take classes at Haskell.

Can't "these poor students" speak up for themselves? Maybe we ought to listen to what THEY have to say and ask THEM how we can support their success, how we can contribute toward improving the quality of Haskell Indian Nations University.

Reducing it to a 2-year venue, in what way does eliminating 4-year degrees serve Native students? Seriously?

Yes, it's a bummer that the nearest community college is Johnson County but how about we NOT take yet MORE away from the people indigenous to this continent? Our convenience at their expense...we're so good at it, with 500 years of experience in doing it.

You are so proud of never asking for a government hand-out, that's great. Why are you looking for something from Haskell?

bobandmywife 5 years, 2 months ago

We are NOT suggesting take away, we want too make it better. Haskell already is basically a 2 year school. Letting Native Americans continue to pay what they pay now then make it a community college. They can get rid of instructors and replace them with real professors, have more money put into it by charging Non-Natives full tuition and have accountability about what goes on there. They do have an exchange program of sorts but we don't think many KU students take advantage of it, although it is nice for the Haskell students. For Haskell to have staff saying they are experts in oh let's say environmental studies when they are not is wrong and misleading too their students, which Haskell seems too have NO problems with.

Jeanette Kekahbah 5 years, 2 months ago

No, it is not basically a 2-year school. 2 members of my family both graduated with 4 year degrees. One works for the EPA. Please tell me who is doing the misleading?

drillsgt 5 years, 2 months ago

In other words..we're gonna move you to DC to sit in a corner and do nothing...be sure Venda to cry to people like u did about Warner ..you got called again on something that you said you could do..wrong..you failed worst than Warner or Martin or swisher ever could..what about your ais teachers giving students grades they did not earn ..Jgf is one

bobandmywife 5 years, 2 months ago

Here's what we don't understand "Dr.Venida Chenault was requested by Mr. Drapeaux Acting Director of Bureau of Indian Education to assist in Development of Special Projects. " Requested? We doubt that. They had too get her out of there, with all the grade changes..... Haskell can't even tell the truth about why Chenault was put on detail. Didn't Dr. Warner put her on a detail too? Or are we wrong about that? Anyway, leave her in D.C. @ drillsgt MS. JGF in AIS needs to go too. Someone somewhere needs to request her too !

friendofhaskell 5 years, 2 months ago

I find it interesting the LJW continues to host this anonymous blog by a few disgruntled former employees and Haskell haters whose only motive seems to be to destroy community and political support for Haskell. Now, they propose closing Haskell and turning it into a community college. This blog is little more than a trojan horse being used to deceive the public, destroy the professional reputations of those who refused to go along with an agenda that lacked integrity under the prior administration and divert attention away from where the problem started. Based on the news articles posted in the archives of LJW and other local press, as well as the recent interview with the current president, Chris Redman, the grade change scandal that led to the sanctions against the athletic program are related to grade changes under prior administration. The prior president, Linda Sue Warner is no longer at Haskell, nor is the prior AD or the prior football coach. Haskell is recovering from that train wreck.

drillsgt 5 years, 2 months ago

Friend sounds like a mad employee .since her umbrella is now gone....karma happens...and when I go for my stroll this morning...all you have to do is listen....

bobandmywife 5 years, 2 months ago

@ drillsgt Certainly does sound like a mad employee.

erck85 5 years, 2 months ago

@ drillsgt and bob: I have noticed a couple of things about your posts, mainly that when a person speaks up against 'haskellnews' propaganda, you automatically label the individual as a disgruntled employee. To flip your rationale back on you, what makes us so sure that you are not one of the Warner faithful? Still angry that she left you behind? It is quite apparent that your posts are made by more than one individual signing into the 'drillsgt' and 'bobandmywife' accounts, unless your writing and critical thinking skills just seem to come and go at semester end.
I also find it interesting that 'Haskellnews' would downplay their prior criticism of Chris Redman so long as they can make an attack on Dr. Chenault. Haskellnews, in your post on 9/10/12, you made a remark stating that Chris Redman should work from Lawrence (not Oklahoma), so do you really believe that Redman is taking the reins? or is this an opportunity to further slander Dr. Chenault?

bobandmywife 5 years, 2 months ago

My wife and I never knew Dr. Warner. We knew of her, but did not know her on a personal basis. Maybe you are still angry that she left you behind? Why did you even bother to bring her name up, she is no longer at Haskell. Our concern is not Dr. Warner. Venita Chenault seems too be a big problem for Haskell. It is not many of their employees who get detailed at least twice. According to Mr. Redman's own statement he is taking over the reins for Venita Chenault. If you question that you need to go ask Mr. Redman we are simply going by his own statement. We are concerned about what is happening at Haskell, the education their students are or are not receiving and our tax dollars. Many in the Lawrence community share our concerns.

Carol Bowen 5 years, 2 months ago

Friend is right. Why does the Journal World support this blog? It a sure fire way to alienate the community and seems to be written by disgruntled employees. Employees who think like this are the problem. It's a good thing not very many people are reading this stuff.

Mike Ford 5 years, 2 months ago

haskellnews is a dolph simons plant. Bob and my wife....starting with the Civilization Act of March 3, 1819, the US Government offered schooling in the arts of civilization involving farming, blacksmithing, and education in return for selling off land to the US via treaties ratified by the US Congress whose powers over Indian affairs are vested in the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. Historically absent Kansans and others need to know that the students who attend Haskell are enrolled members of federally recognized tribes whom the US Government and the US Congress have treatied with and the selling of lands and resources have created tribal accounts held in trust for purposes such as education by the US Treasury. The fact that you live in or around Lawrence means that members of the Kaw, Delaware, and Shawnee Nations treatied away these lands between 1825 and 1869 and the US Government and US Treasury still doles out the proceeds from these lands sales so that students from these nations attend Haskell. Enough with the GOP nonsense of people not paying their way.....why don't you realize you benefitted from the implied threat that the US Government and the Territory of Kansas used to get these tribes to cede away lands that were promised to them as long as the waters flowed in the 1820's when some of the tribes like the Shawnee and Delaware came here. Andrew Jackson used implied threats to get my Chahta relatives to cede away Mississippi lands in the 1830's. Like Americans.....you speak before you know.

katatnite 5 years, 2 months ago

I am a KU grad student. Some Haskell students are my friends @ tuschkahouma You need to grow up. You are an apparent Haskell employee who sounds in fear of her job. The government has done a terrible job educating Haskell students. You are spouting off about treaties when your real concern needs to be for the Haskell students. I have been on your campus. Awful food, poor education, awful housing and I never feel very safe there. Instead of talking treaties and giving students grades for protesting things like beaver safety, the Haskell students should be protesting for a better education and an investigation into their school and how does the budget THE STUDENTS budget get spent. I read through some treaties but could find a thing that said the federal government is responsible for educating Native Americans through college could you please post that here? For now I must join the community college people. I think it would improve Haskell . They could get their two year degree then come over to the hill, which is what a lot of them do now because of their poor four year degree programs. I believe they have a total of 4 choices.

Jeanette Kekahbah 5 years, 2 months ago

katatnite your entertainment value is priceless...as an epic fail of attempting to be legit...try harder, honey, like a real KU grad student would.

Carol Bowen 5 years, 2 months ago

Personal attacks do not make a good argument. Whether katanite is right or wrong can be resolved with documentation, which kata has requested.Please provide.

bobandmywife 5 years, 2 months ago

@ connected Be ashamed of yourself katanite makes good points. Who are you too try and bully kata. Kata ask for information cough it up. Or can't you?

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