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Haskell Indian Nations University students endure while Haskell employees can’t fulfill their duties?


Memo from Chris Redman:

                UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT of the INTERIOR                  
                                             BUREAU OF INDIAN EDUCATION                                                              
                                         HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY
                                                  Office of the President
                                          Lawrence, Kansas 66046-4800
                                   Phone (785) 749-8497 Fax: (785) 749-8411                     
                    -Building our future…preserving our traditions…through academic excellence”

Date: 7/1/1 To: All Haskell Indian Nations University Employees From: James C. Redman, President Subject: Chain of Command and Proper Adjudication of Employee Issues

This memorandum serves to inform all employees to follow the supervisory line of authority for all matters, including following established procedures or protocol for seeking resolution or relief on complaints and grievances. All employees have avenues to seek resolution or relief if they have any complaint, grievance, appeal, or any issue of discontent, believed to warrant action; this requires following the appropriate protocol and/or procedure. Regardless of the issue, at no time is it ever appropriate for any employee to air their issues publicly through the email or any means of mass communication, while on government time or using government resources, to individuals not directly or specifically a party to the possible resolution of the issue. This includes emailing management at the highest levels of the organization, and circumventing the chain of command.
Employees are also discouraged from actions considered defaming, slanderous, damaging, and inflammatory towards others. Opinions of employees regarding coworkers, colleagues, and supervisors or administration is not protected under “academic freedom” and will be addressed accordingly, should such information result in unwarranted harm toward another. Time management, schedules, and performance of employees, is the responsibility of their supervisors. After lengthy discussion, it is the conclusion of the administration that employees that commit considerable time policing the actions of other employees-peers and administrators alike-are not only usurping authority and misusing official government time, but are also creating and perpetuating animosity and discord within the university that we have worked so hard to remove from prior years. It is and should remain to be the goal of all of us to move away from actions that adversely affect Haskell, its students, and employees. Leadership at Haskell is committed to foster in an era of collaboration, support, and unity that moves this university forward. It is also our expectation that that the above (and past) practices of individuals that unnecessarily damage this university’s reputation and exploit our challenges become the exception rather than the rule. Positive and productive remedies to issues and concerns of employees are in place. Please join us in supporting this endeavor. Signed:James C. Redman, President,Venida Chenault, VPAA: Mother to Joshua Arce, CIO, Clyde Peacock, VPUS,Michael Lewis, CFO,Joshua Arce, CIO: Son of Venida Chenault, VPAA, Mona Gonzales, HR.

Haskell Indian Nations University students endure while Haskell employees can’t fulfill their duties? On July 1, 2012 a memo was put out by Haskell’s President James C. Redman informing employees that they need to stop policing each other and airing Haskell’s dirty laundry in public. That “academic freedom” will not protect them. That’s seems to be a matter of opinion and written by someone who apparently does not understand the full meaning of “academic freedom.” Mr. Redman here are some thoughts and maybe improvements to your memo. Employees are not allowed to leave their duty stations without coverage.They are also not allowed to sleep at their duty stations. Employees are not allowed to drive students around unless it is a true emergency I.E. The hospital. Emergencies do not include a certain male employee driving female students to Wal-Mart, etc. This looks bad on the face of it and is strictly against Haskell policy. University Council meetings need to be used to discuss what can be done to improve educational and residential life for Haskell students and not as a time for campus department heads to sit there patting each other on the back. Supervisors need to do everything they can to enhance the safety and welfare of the students by talking proper procedures as outlined in the employees’ handbook. Employees who fail to do their jobs according to the employee handbook can be permanently dismissed.

Harassment: At least one person who signed your memo has herself sent harassing emails to employees, hasn’t she? Maybe you could start cleaning up your employee base with the VPAA? Harassment is illegal on the Haskell campus.

Mr. Redman you need to seriously consider moving yourself and your family to Lawrence Kansas. When you were hired the expectations were that you would be a full time president. Having several “actings” running Haskell every week is NOT in the university’s best interests and shows little if any leadership. Mr. Redman you seem to be heading in the direction of no confidence as far as employees and students are concerned. Obviously people are wondering about your full commitment to the university.

haskellnews commentary 09/10/2012


bobandmywife 5 years, 8 months ago

Haskell employees are ridiculous. As far as Redman he needs to take a hike and take VPAA with him. Taxpayers monies are wasted at a “school” that is so dysfunctional.

Leslie Swearingen 5 years, 8 months ago

I am familiar with the history of Haskel which to me is horrifying, but now, perhaps, they have flipped to much in the other direction. Just calling it an university does not mean it is one in truth. How many degrees from Haskel will be accepted at any graduation? Native Americans who live on the rez need doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, to be present to help them live full, healthy lives while knowing and respecting their individual cultures. This is a mess and it appears at this time that there is no way to clean it up. I think there is a reason why Redman wants everyone to go though the chain of command. (Is this a military school?). Because he wants to make sure it stops with him. I just wish there was something that could be done, beyond saying that it is a bad situation. There has got to be a way to change things.

ProudofHaskell 5 years, 8 months ago

I wish all the naysayers could see the students Haskell graduates. Haskell has four accredited baccalaureate programs and an interdisciplinary baccalaureate in the works. Many Haskell students go on to graduate studies in law, engineering, business, etc. Dr. Venida Chenault, Haskell's VPAA, has done an incredible amount of work - she is knowledgeable and willing to take on any challenge. Critics might want to consider all the positives at Haskell.

drillsgt 5 years, 8 months ago

the classes she approves dont transfer to other colleges, and the normal rate of a haskell student is 2 years or less, or a semester only. the time for people to move on is now..we need real classes that involve issues for native communities, not old history, we know what went on back in the day, now lets move foward and tackle issues that matter to us, health, infastructure, money issues , adminstrative leadership classes, come on if if you cant see it , then your not helping native students, stop treating haskell like a boarding school!..its a university or it supposed to be..VPAA has not moved foward, and has no vision, and 3 of those names of the memo ARE the problem...

bobandmywife 5 years, 8 months ago

It's just a sad place for the students. We heard it has maybe 4 BA's and one of those is hanging on by a thread. They have no master programs and therefore cannot qualify as a "University" we are surprised that the accreditation people have let them use the name "university" for so long. Talk is cheap Haskell is what it is a community college at best. It could stand a chance if it were open to the Lawrence community as a community college stop calling it a university and trying to run it like a military school, it's a government college not a military school. We don't think anyone has any idea of what Chris Redman is trying too do since he is not there long enough too do anything.What good changes has he made at Haskell? We have never heard good things about the current VPAA. We think it might be the taxpayers who will have to step in and demand big chances, money talks.

bobandmywife 5 years, 8 months ago

@ drillsgt You right VPAA is stuck in the 1960's. She see's no need for growth at Haskell nor does she want any. She is one of those Haskell employees who are content to let things remain the way they have been since the 1960's and causes problems for those who disagree with her. Times have changed and because people like her have remained far too long at Haskell, Haskell has not. The memo that Chris Redman put out shows little hope for him. That memo was like a dictatorship memo to the masses. You can tell by who else signed it who Chris Redman has aligned himself with...bad choice of people. The only way to turn it around is a community college for the community. We have started to look into this. No reason American Indians can't go to classes with those who aren't. Especially since it would be to their betterment. They need all of those classes you mentioned and more. Taxpayers ballot time is coming soon.

bobandmywife 5 years, 8 months ago

P.S. My wife heard about some program Haskel employees are required to take called Wearver? Does anyone know what that's all about?

Leslie Swearingen 5 years, 8 months ago

Institutional Values and Code

Accountability To be responsible, accountable, and dependable for our conduct, behavior, and attitudes as we strive for excellence in our respective roles.

Respect To honor the diversity of beliefs, rights, responsibilities, culture, and accomplishments of self and others.

Cooperation To work with one another to accomplish good for Haskell Indian Nations University and for the American Indian/Alaska Native Nation

Honest To be truthful and open in our relationships with employees, students, and with each other. Institutional Code

Haskell Indian Nations University supports a campus environment in which traditional American Indian/Alaska Native cultural values of respect, cooperation, honesty, and responsibility are modeled by all University employees and students in day-to-day activities, conduct, behavior, and attitudes.

All employees, students, and representatives of Haskell Indian Nations University will:

1 Treat all other employees, students and others with respect.

2 Work together to improve and strengthen communications; employee, administrative, and student relations; institutional processes and procedures; and the learning environment of Haskell Indian Nations University.

3 Be truthful in conduct behavior, and attitudes and trust others to do the same.

4 Be accountable for words, thoughts, and deeds and engage in conduct and behavior that reflects the institutional values of the University.


bobandmywife 5 years, 8 months ago

@ frankie8 All Haskell employees should have to take a test on this, esp facilities management and their secretary not to mention VPAA, DW and LW, as we hear it.

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