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Are there problems at Haskell Indian Nations University’s housing department?


We have decided to start with housing since many of our readers seem to have a great concern about housing at Haskell.

Apparently over the years little has changed with Haskell’s housing?

Haskell's housing has had the same department heads for years. Maybe it’s time for a change there? After all it may be hard to have new ideas with the same old leaders?

How much housing experience did these leaders bring with them when they were hired?

We understand there are still room checks? Not the safety checks that KU does. Haskell university students are treated as if they are attending a boarding school. Housing staff tells to clean their rooms. As if that is not injustice enough the housing staff actually enters students rooms to check and see if they are clean and for the grand finale they can be kicked out of the dorms for unclean rooms!

Do some students get back in the dorms because they run to someone to get a grade changed so now they once again qualify for the dorms? Who is that person who changes the grades? Grades are grades and once given should they not stand?

Seems like students complain a lot about not being able to find some of the dorm staff?

Why are they not where students can find them?

How about dorm safety? One dorm has 3 floors, yet there is no full time staff on floors two and three?

Is the only full staff in any of the dorms is only on the first floor?

These might be things that the new president would like to look into?

May we kindly suggest all student run dorms?

haskellnews commentary 01/25/2012


drillsgt 6 years, 4 months ago

how about students cleaning the bathrooms when facilities is paid to do it...the complex is so dirty people got ringworm from being in there. who is paid to clean that up?..how about crazy counslers running around and spilling there stories to students about unearned valor....students leaving for other schools cause there is nothing more to take after a year or two..if classes transfer, who is in charge of classes?..how bout the the coustmer service around campus?..alot of I dont knows, and i cant get you a id cause im too busy..thats my experience here..the students are your job..president redmen look into this please

katatnite 6 years, 4 months ago

I had heard about the ringworm from my friends...that's so gross! That's not all counselors run around spilling, if I were a student there I would never tell one of those counselors not one thing about myself. I heard that at Haskell you don't necessary have a background in the job that you have there. They give vets preference which is fine, but I believe in an educational setting you should have background in whatever you do on campus. Like counseling and housing. I think the head of housing is also the head of counseling! There's something weird about that. The head of housing can't even run housing!! Customer service??? I was at Haskell one day with a friend first she could not find any dorm staff so she could sign me in then she went to the business office and they were down right rude to her, same experience at the cafeteria. So glad I attend KU. Haskell's president does need to look into this and start getting rid of some of his employees.

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