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A new semester has begun and we hear Chris Redman is doing a good job.


A new semester has begun and we hear Chris Redman is doing a good job. That is not to say that he has not inherited years’ worth of Haskell problems. Could the following be true? Haskell’s enrollment is still down? Haskell’s dorm situation is as bad as ever, as far as letting students be readmitted who should have been long gone? Haskell is still not graduating a majority of their students? Haskell continues to throw money at the AIS degree? A degree that most students cannot get a job with? Unless there are jobs for people willing to picket for the rights of beavers?? Do some housing people continue to work and do a good job while others simply don’t care? Or maybe we should rephrase that to a majority that doesn’t care? Maybe a change in the higher up people (T & T..AKA B&B) at housing would be a good start? After all housing is very important to how students succeed in school isn’t it? What about all student run dorms? Like at the real universities? After all this time where are the four year programs? Can a school really be a university with 3 or 4 four year degrees to choose from? Hang in there President Redman! haskellnews commentary 1/18/2012


drillsgt 6 years ago

This is all vpaa's fault......what? no more security balnket...

bobandme 6 years ago

My wife and I agree. It is the Vice president's for academic affairs fault. We want to congratulate Ms. Venida Chenault for all of her hard work. It is finally paying off and Haskell finally has a president ( okay Dr. Warner tried too ) who is willing to get those out who won't, out along with the ones we hear like to steal?? And maybe those who come to work hitting the bottle just a little too hard?? My wife has friends who work at Haskell and we also hear President Redman has refused to join any of the "high school cliques" that some of the Haskell employees have going on ?? Good for you President Redman ! That's right no more Haskell security blanket. For those on AL how do you like the real world? @ drillsgt you nailed it. Clean the place up President Redman so our hard earned tax dollars can finally mean something.

bobandme 6 years ago

P.S. We have always heard that Haskell's housing is a mess and everyone knows that starts with the department heads, has anyone heard anything about what is going on in the registrar's office? Just asking...Haskell has missed it mark it should be a reality television show, that way it would not need tax payers dollars. We are sick of paying for Haskell.

erck85 6 years ago

After a long hiatus, I see that "Haskell News" is back at it again. Speaking of students who haven't moved on (i.e. not graduating and not getting a job), is JAZMINE CENDE still around? I also feel like there must have been a changing of the guards as the diligence and writing quality have deteriorated significantly to the point where all that stands out are mis-leading and rhetorical questions.

It's really interesting to see that folks who have no idea how a federally run institution operates, have so much to say about the process; or perhaps they're all too familiar and are preying on those who truly don't with misleading questions?

I find it very interesting that "Haskell News" uses phrases such as, "enrollment is STILL down," "STILL not graduating a majority of their students," and describe a dorm situations as "bad as EVER." This would only lead one to believe that these issues have been on going, yet the blame is very easily shifted on to acting administration that held the reins for a brief period.

Lastly, in today's tough economic times most jobs that are available with a Bachelors degree (in anything) are simply entry level in nature (and often in unrelated fields). Business alum that I graduated with either attended graduate school with AIS alum or got entry-level jobs in college administration, much like their AIS counterparts. So really "Haskell News" (and cronies), what is your point? It seems as though you're still beating the dead horse that you were two, three and four years ago, before Dr. Warner abandoned you all.

Oh, yes; and for the last time, there cannot be any degree program expansion on soft money. That premise makes no sense, as it is financially irresponsible, much like blogging on issues and trying to stir up controversy by using innuendo, leading questions and false information.

katatnite 6 years ago

I have a lot of friends that attend Haskell. Haskell News is right, the housing situation is bad. Why are some students allowed to change rooms when others are not? Why when students get removed from the dorms for bad grades are their grades changed and they get to come back into the dorms? Or when they have been in some sort of trouble again and again get to come back to the dorms? It’s not fair to the students (like my friends) who try and Haskell does have students who really try. Again I agree with Haskell News that it starts with the department heads and maybe it’s time for a changing of the housing guards as far as that goes. How long have the heads of housing been there? Does anyone know? I don’t really like to visit the Haskell dorms because I never feel very safe there. It seems like their housing people can’t be found or are just sitting around in their offices. You won’t find that at KU.

Maybe Haskell should go back to calling themselves Haskell Junior College because that is what they are, don’t you agree? Haskell News is right they need more 4 year degrees in place.

I found this link: http://www.american-school-search.com/review/haskell-indian-nations-university

It pretty much supports what Haskell News said.

By the way what soft money are you talking about? What is soft money and how does it work?

erck85 6 years ago

Katatnite, if you have an issue with Haskell "calling themselves" a University, perhaps you should take that up with the NCA/HLC. This is the accreditation granting organizations/bodies that sets standards for colleges and universities such as the University of Kansas and Kansas State University (http://www.ncahlc.org/). Obviously if Haskell has accreditation, it is not a matter of incorrectly labeling themselves as a University. You may also want to review the "american school search" resource before putting too much faith into that, http://chronicle.com/blogs/wiredcampus/college-fights-to-get-off-web-sites-most-dangerous-list/23422, shows that this website has been known to misinterpret/misconstrue data, especially regarding small schools.

Also, soft money is grant money that is not ever-present. It is only guaranteed for a short period of time and if the grant is not renewed, then that money is essentially lost due to start up fees. Additionally, Haskell is routinely underfunded for the degree programs that are in place, how could they possibly expand when there isn't enough to begin with. The only way that I see progress for campus improvement is additional lobbying for funds by the students (from my understanding, federal employees are barred from doing such), or an increase of fees. It is very true that without Haskell, many Native students would not have the opportunity to attend college but that does not mean that they should not be held to a standard. Perhaps, continually low fees for students who maintain high GPAs would provide incentive for taking academics more seriously.

katatnite 6 years ago

If Haskell is so underfunded why don't students attend their nearest tribal college? And close Haskell down? There seems to be a lot of tribal colleges. I think it's a bad idea to ask students to lobby for anything. KU would never ask their students to do such a thing. I believe that job would fall to Haskell's Board of Regents. Is that correct? Didn't someone try to raise tuition at Haskell before to fund more programs and didn't the students protest that? Thanks for explaining soft money. I don't know the answer for Haskell, but I know it needs one. Best of luck to their new president.

erck85 6 years ago

-There are around 30 tribal colleges spread throughout most of the country, but each one will likely have it's own culture as dictated by the area tribe(s). Haskell is probably the only tribal college in the country that has such unique heritage and a distinct campus culture that provides students with the opportunity to learn about the similarities and differences from one tribe to the next, one region to the next. One of the most important things about the AIS degree is the fact that so much is learned about federal tribal policy and the effects of colonization on many different tribes. As Native people it is of great importance to understand the rights and responsibilities of our sovereign powers. Because this becomes a melting-pot of Native cultures from across the country, you would be at a difficult task to provide another example of where the effects of tribal policy would be better represented in one or two rooms.

-The problem with shutting down Haskell is that the university was established in partial fulfillment of trust responsibility; so in essence, to shut down Haskell could mean that part of that responsibility would go unfilled.

-By comparing Haskell too closely to KU, you are making an apples and oranges comparison between Public and Tribal college systems. KU would not ask their students to lobby for more money simply because their students are paying substantial fees that are not paid at Haskell (due to trust responsibility). KU also brings in a very high amount of grant dollars (not sure, but I would definitely assume that KU's grant monies alone are significantly more than the operating costs of Haskell's total budget). Katatnite, you are right that attempts have been made to raise fees, however previous attempts were sought after with unchecked accounting practices, where the students felt there was no transparency as to where money was going. I know that many students do not support athletic teams due to what is becoming a losing tradition by entitled groups of players (emphasis on the GROUPS portion as that remark is not aimed at all of Haskell's scholar/athletes). As previously suggested, if students who did not take education as seriously were required to pay higher fees, perhaps Haskell would have more resources and better retention.

-Katatnite, you are right on track that Haskell does need answers. These answers are typically acquired by having well thought out critical discussion, not by making inaccurate and inane remarks on an anonymous blog followed by stabbing remarks from a bandwagon core group of followers. Thank you for reading.

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