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Is Keith Moore a study of Naiveté Native?


Is there an answer to any of the questions Keith Moore raised in any of that gesturing?

This video is proof that Larry Echohawk and Kenneth Salazar (and we wonder since he appointed them President Obama) are clueless about self - determination. We now have proof positive that Keith Moore is clueless. He accuses tribes of being unaccountable to Indian children when he leads the Agency that has an historical commitment to UNaccountability. What many hoped was a breath of fresh air and new leadership we now see as proof that the reasons our cultures listened to elders was because elders actually had experience or expertise. Most of the people reading this are better qualified than Keith Moore. Many of the people sitting in the audience listening to this diatribe in the video have their children or grandchildren in Keith Moore’s schools.

Are his kids in them? Or the better question would he consider his schools worthy enough.

Look at the lady behind him ( to the left) wearing a yellow jacket looks like at times she can hardly contain herself from breaking out and laughing.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwLI6D...

haskellnews commentary


bobandmywife 6 years, 4 months ago

What?????? Waste of taxpayers money to have this guy employed by any government agency.

Indianwoman 6 years, 4 months ago

This video is another attack on Keith Moore are typical when people are actually getting things done. People who write mean articles like this are full of envy and hate and the opposite of what our elders want. It's sad realy that the person writing this article even pulls his own children into it. That shows you what kind of people that are full of envy and hate will do...will go to any length to do. This man is working hard on behalf of Indian children and people in the "Crab pot" trying to pull him down...but you can't because he is getting things done ....ACTION...He spoke about that. Very important...You want to see a man and his team that are doing something for Indian children?...He is right here and I know that bothers you because maybe you did not get the job..Yep..You did not get the job or just pure "ENVY" which must be very hard for you to carry with you all day, every day. Indian people were so use to NOTHING being done. Nothing was being done for so long in this position and for our children..NOTHING being done in this position for years that now you have a LEADER and you are being a CRAB. You should be praying for this man with the Elders and other Indian people that are in prayer for him. His team have come in and have taken ACTION to better the schools and the education for our people. By the way, I am putting words in caps so you can see them and go look them up in the dictionary. Be a part of the SOLUTION is what our elders say that are not full of hate. Quit being a part of the PROBLEM. Pray for him...Dont hate on him because of the envy you have. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this. As he said in the video, it is more important to go down the list of the positive things that he is doing with the help of a small team and a tiny budget. What are you thinking? Putting his children in this post?...even speaking about them...shows your lack of character and that you are still in the CRAB Pot...So..Listen you little CRAB..Go pray, reflect and ask our creator to remove your envy and hate for a man who is working so hard, against a lot of people to get things done. Ask that you may pray for help for his team...He works harder than most people I know and cares. His actions in Indian Country are hard enough without having to see negative posts such as yours...I will pray for you to get out of the CRAB Pot...This post you wrote is more about you and your lack of esteem...RESPECT, and I will pray for you...that you can let go of that hate...then you can get out of the crab pot...Crabbie...Yep..Your a little CRAB...Hate on someone else Crabbie...Not a man that works 12 hours a day...Yep..people were ot use to that either...but so many are grateful for this man and his hard work ethic and let'sput his resume up...It's impressive and maybe you are mad crabbie that yours is not....You can be different...I know you can... I will pray for you Crabbie...That's what our elders will do too.

katatnite 6 years, 4 months ago

This is who Haskell has to rely on? It's worse off than I thought.

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