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Did a Haskell Indian Nations University student assault a Haskell security guard?


Douglas County Sheriff’s records show an arrest for assault at Haskell Indian Nations University on 01/27/2011, booking number 12-0452. Link: http://www.dgso.org/web/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=228

The important question here is where does that student currently reside?

Do the higher ups at Haskell housing condone this type of behavior?

It’s ironic that Haskell President Chris Redman spoke out against this very thing today (LJW article February 1, 2012.) “Alcohol and drug dependency among students as well as domestic abuse and other violence. “It’s heartbreaking that one student may go through this,” he said. “I refuse to accept behavior that leads to harm.” Link: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2012/feb/01/haskell-president-says-university-faces-challenges

The question here is did the heads of housing report the incident to President Redman?

Has President Redman issued an order that he is to be told immediately about any arrests or assaults that happen on campus? Has it been reported to the Jeanne Clery Organization? If not that has consequences and shouldn’t this type of behavior have consequences at Haskell too? Don’t parents of Haskell students have a right to know about any type of crime and violence on the Haskell campus? The answer is yes they do.

From the Jeanne Clery organization: “Institutions that fail to comply may be fined or lose eligibility to participate in federal student aid. Schools that maintain a police or security department are required to disclose in the public crime log "any crime that occurred on campus…or within the patrol jurisdiction of the campus police or the campus security department and is reported to the campus police or security department." The log is required to include the "nature, date, time, and general location of each crime" as well as its disposition if known. Incidents are to be included within two business days but certain limited information may be withheld to protect victim confidentiality, ensure the integrity of ongoing investigations, or to keep a suspect from fleeing. Only the most limited information necessary may be withheld and even then it must be released "once the adverse effect…is no longer likely to occur. The log must be publicly available during normal business hours. This means that in addition to students and employees the general public such as parents or members of the local press may access it. Logs remain open for 60 days and subsequently must be available within 2 business days of a request.” Link: http://www.securityoncampus.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=297%3Aclerysummary&catid=64%3Acleryact&Itemid=81

President Redman has a rough road ahead.

We would wish him luck, but he needs more than luck, he needs fortitude and a lot of it.

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katatnite 6 years, 2 months ago

Over on the other page today it's talking aabout Haskell and the EPA. Shouldn't they be working on safety issues and degree programs?????

bobandmywife 6 years, 2 months ago

Does anything at Haskell ever improve? And don't give us that EPA stuff. Move out the heads of housing that would be a start.

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