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Has the President of Haskell Indian Nations University become a ghost like presence?


Mr. Chris Redman has held the position of President of Haskell Indian Nations University for a year now, with promises of change. Could perhaps the biggest change he has made thus far is to stay away from the Haskell campus as much as possible? Freshman came in this week and haskellnews commentary received several emails saying that once again Mr. Redman was not on campus and “actings” were taking his place. Other emails have stated that some of the employees don’t even know who he is and when he is there it is not for long, appears he runs on a Tuesday-Thursday schedule? Isn’t that the same schedule he had when he himself was an “acting?” Hard for any university president to know what is going on when he is barely on campus, however, with all of Haskell’s current problems, one would think the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington D.C. would want more than just a ghost like presence and his “actings” running the campus. There have been many reported sightings of ghosts on the Haskell campus, maybe if a student or employee is lucky enough they will spot Mr. Chris Redman. haskellnews commentary 08/17/2012


bobandmywife 5 years, 10 months ago

So Haskell has a president, but not really? What good does that do them? Who are the actings that run the place? Taxpayers want to know.

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