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So long farewell...Mr. Larry Echohawk


Is the Secretary of Interior saddened to lose his staunchest Morman to the Mormon Church? Apparently Larry Echohawk really didn’t mean it when he told folks that he would stay an entire four years with the Obama administration? Did he really mean he would stay until his church called him home?

Isn’t this the moment Indians across the nation have been praying for?

Will his new position, allow Mr. Echohawk (who has an uncanny ability to cry at will) to testify that “all is well” full time?

Despite spending a bit of time making absolutely no positive changes for Indians? We wish him well in his new endeavor. He does seems eminently more qualified to cry than he did to actually make a positive difference in the lives of Indian people? Especially their biggest asset—their children.

He has succeeded where others have failed—was he able to stay longer than any recent Assistant Secretary because he chose to do absolutely nothing?

And his departure will provide a bit of levity too as we watch to see who scrambles to take his place. It will also be amusing to watch the Mormon’s who have safely sat surrounding him, providing Kleenex when he needed it, as they try to stay in their highly paid jobs?

Locally, nothing much will change. It is Haskell after all, and change is forbidden? Is it not?

And they have their own local self-identified Indian who can cry, with his eyes closed, and warn us about global destruction while students, under the tutelage of the Vice President for Academics, holds the tissue?

haskellnews commentary 04/12/2012


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