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What do Dr. Warner and Venida Chenault have in common?


One of our Arizona readers has asked why we haven't mentioned Dr. Warner recently, so we decided to follow up.

This week Keith Moore is interviewing candidates for the president of Haskell Indian Nations University by telephone. We decided to ask this question:

What do Dr. Warner and Venida Chenault have in common?

Answer: Both were interviewed by Central Office for a position they hadn't a snowballs chance of getting ( although we acknowledge for different reasons ).

The interviews are to keep the EEOC folks at bay, and meet the letter of the law requiring that all interviewees be treated the same.

Of course, these two women differ significantly in the ARCH context and we think that is what our reader was referring to:

Accountability: Dr. Warner used logic and programs in budget decisions.

Chenault and everyone it concerns let the foodservices run amok and plan to keep all staff on this summer in an era of unprecedented limited resources so they can keep them smiling. Of course this is the same money that could be used for the students, who by the way have no summer school this summer.

Respect: Really.

Cooperation: Dr. Warner tried to strengthen relations with major universities; Aren't Chenault and Wildcat are trying to run KU's programs in the ground? Thankfully no one on that Hill listens to them.

Honesty: Again, really. Isn't it one thing to KEEP providing false information to the feds? But continuing to feed false information to students is morally corrupt, isn't it?

We hope Goodfox-Tsosee-Wildcat-Chenault ( wait isn't that American Indian Studies)? take time to pray about this one.

Again, thanks to our Arizona reader for posing this post theme.

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