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Natives should REJECT this "University."


From: Powwow.com

I've said this for years. For those whose thin-skinned sensibilities disavow an ability to critique Natives (us!) as social adults or Haskell Indian Nations University as an establishment of, ahem "higher learning," take a look.

Natives should REJECT this "University."

Dr. Warner had a Vision and was not supported because this place has no accountability: and doesn't want any. It is a generator of divisive mindsets and the lowest common denominator.

What it shouldn't have is pride.

I have never met Dr. Wildcat. What I do know is that he did not earn his PhD from Haskell, because they've never developed such a program. Further, if they do -- within my lifetime -- it will, likely, be scoffed at, creating further folks who merely work at Haskell.


haskellnews commentary 06/17/2011

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sbobandme 7 years ago

True so true. They need to stop wasting taxpayers money with that place. Close it down send the Haskell students over to KU where they can get a real education and a degree from professors who are actually real professors with degrees in the subjects they teach ! P.S. This was a great post. Thanks Haskell News.

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