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Senator Rand Paul rallies to shut down The Bureau of Indian Education and The Bureau of Indian Affairs.


The new kid on the block, Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, The toast of the Tea Party, has decided the United States government would be better off not supporting The Bureau of Indian Education,The Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Services.

Quite frankly we wish we could oppose him, but seeing the mess that Haskell Indian Nations University is in with it almost non-existence graduation rates and crimes on campus gives us a moment to pause.

"Self-determination and self-governance" does not mean letting the United States Government run your life for you. What has The Buerau of Indian Education done for you at Haskell? Gave you people such as Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Larry Echohawk, Venida Chenault to name a few, who have been no help to you at all while letting others who could have really helped you leave like Dr. Warner, Deb Thompson, Sharon Hallum, Dr. Blackbird, Ted Wright and Ted Junea, just to name a few. They let some of your programs go and even with his shaddy back ground they have continued to let George Tiger head up the board of regents and be around the students.

And poor Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, they just flat out let them lose their accreditation.

The tribes have clearly shown they do a much better job without the governments interference.

The problem goes far beyond just Haskell though. The BIA/BIE and IHS have been run poorly for decades. American Indians are entitled to cut rate care at any IHS facility, just like the cut rate education they are currently receiving at Haskell.

And what The Cobell settlement? American Indians will receive ( if they ever receive it at all ) pennies on the dollars that the government stole from them.

American Indians ( those of you who are not among the elitist few receiving the big bucks from Uncle Sam, like Larry Echohawk) need to raise up join Rand Paul, demand your money, and demand that your tribes take over, everything from Haskell, to IHS. Get rid of The Bureau of Indian Affairs and The Bureau of Indian Education. That would be true "Self-determination and self-governance" Obama failed you.

haskellnews commentary 02/10/2011


Roh 7 years, 4 months ago

Taken from "http://www.mtwytlc.org/component/content/article/99-news/1010-sen-rand-paul-set-to-ignore-treaty-obligations-to-indians.html"

Indians have been here before. The era of termination of tribes arose out of the budget cutting frenzy of the post–World War II era. Indian termination was the official U.S. policy from the mid-1940 to mid-1960s, when legislators argued that the BIA was no longer necessary to protect Indians—that it would be more cost-efficient to completely assimilate them and do away with the federal bureaucracy. Some legislators even had the brass to argue that getting rid of the BIA was equivalent to the Emancipation Proclamation. In the end, of course, few Indians felt liberated—109 tribes were terminated, more than 1.3 million acres was taken from tribes, and entire cultures were pushed to the brink of extinction. The money the government “saved” by terminating tribes is believed to have been less than the cost added to the extant social programs, and many Indians, meanwhile, paid an even greater cost—the loss of their identities.

Given that historical context, Paul’s desire to end the BIA is alarming to some Indians. Tol Foster, an American studies assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said Paul’s plan “looks a lot like neo-termination,” adding, “stripping federal dollars out of tribal budgets would be catastrophic; these funds make up most of their budgets.”

Foster, a Muscogee Creek citizen, speculated on Paul’s motives: “Some people tend to be amazingly ignorant as to why the Founding Fathers found it prudent to negotiate through treaties with Native tribes, and that those treaties as ratified were agreements to exchange most of this continent for services and aid provided by the federal government. Selective amnesia—as in the 1950s and early 1960s—can be a powerful weapon, particularly because Native Americans are such a very small percentage of the overall population, but are inordinately dependent still on federal funds provided often as not by people who have no knowledge of, nor interest in, Native American people. Ignorance is a mighty convenient thing, at times.”

Answer this if you can, Haskellnews, "Just because you don't like what is going on at Haskell, why support a policy of Termination?!"

dogsandcats 7 years, 4 months ago

"The Bureau of Indian Eduction" Irony? It's Educ-A-tion. A spelling test should be part of the hiring process at the LJW!!!!!

sbobandme 7 years, 4 months ago

We agree with Haskell News what has the government given American Indians..big brother to look after them. It's always about money. We say demand your money close down The Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Education and let your tribes have "Self-determination and self-governance". Surely that is what they would want.

tomatogrower 7 years, 4 months ago

Haskell News, why don't you just come out and tell us which developer you are working for. That's some prime real estate. They can't wait to get their hands on it.

Flap Doodle 7 years, 4 months ago

Irony = calling yourself jsthefacts and then just making stuff up in your posts. LOLZ

haskellnews 7 years, 4 months ago

einy's (anonymous) says… with all the casinos and the money generated from them there is no need for any of the bureaus. Let them manage their own affairs.

pace 7 years, 4 months ago

Only a fool unable or too lazy to google would post the myth "with all the casinos and the money generated from them there is no need for any of the bureaus." . If you are against the agencies make argument with reason, Don't tea party it.

Thunderdome 7 years, 4 months ago

Casinos haven't helped all tribes. And Mr. Paul should spend a little time educating himself about issues before he starts making broad sweeping suggestions about eliminating agencies. I am guessing he has spent no time at a tribal governance meeting and if he has, it was only for a photo op. BIA can be run much better, but eliminating it would be catastrophic.

geekin_topekan 7 years, 4 months ago

So this will mean that the tribes will gain control of their intellectual property? Every time someones names their company "Kansas..." the tribes get a cut? How about images like Land-o-Lakes and Mutual of Omaha? The tribes will own those images and will now be able to sue for their images and names being used! Woohoo! Under the surrent set of rules, the tribes are not able to hold patents or own their own intellectualy property, but now. . . How about the artifacts? And the seeds and crops, like blue corn. Can the natives patent those now? This is just the short sighted and hate-based politics that the teabaggers are becoming known for. It will go nowhere but it will give Fuax news' 40million a day couch potatoes something else to out in their cross hairs.

coderob 7 years, 4 months ago

With all of the treaties we have with Native Americans, the BIA seems necessary, but the notion of the BIE does appear to be antiquated. Maybe they could merge the two or change the names. It's not the first time we've had to change a US government department's name.

"And there was also the department of defense, which in more honest times was known as the department of war." Jose Saramago.

bearded_gnome 7 years, 4 months ago

. If you are against the agencies make argument with reason, Don't tea party it.

and the "tea bagger" sexual slur, cancel import of vapid liberal comments. thanks, displayed your ignorance well.

is Haskellnews serious here?
there is some truth here.
Dr. Warner was run out of Haskell as fast as possible. she is a strong academician with a strong heart to make Haskell better. but because she was upsetting some people's boats she had to go.

the record of the national bureaucrats is terrible.

geekin_topekan 7 years, 4 months ago

As if you haven't noticed the circle-jerk surrounding Palin. Gimme a break.

The termination and all its feel good, money saving language will end up costing Americans trillions if you wanna know my opinion. If ya don't, quit reading.

Descendants of those people whose remains are laying in cardboard boxes would be able to sue every step of the way, from the university faculty all the way up to the US government for the desecration of their deceased relatives. Currently they cannot. Imagine if Natives wanted to dig up white graves for their own anthropological study and could use their own treatment as a legal argument? (Not saying that they ever would, Indians are too classy for that, but currently they cannot even if they wanted to).

And the Chiefs, Braves, Illini, Seminoles etc.etc. will have their hands full because the Indians cannot legally challenge their use of images, slurs and misrepresentation. Once terminated, they could.

Those who think that Indians should be "freed" just like the slaves were granted their freedom may want to do some research and learn for themselves that the treaties were written to remove any legal and political powers that the Natives could utilize as citizens. As individuals they were granted certain freedoms but were stripped of their powers as a people.

Termination would give those powers back to the tribes and the only thing that would prevent them from emerging from the ashes would be people like the currents who seek only to satisfy themselves. Termination could be the beginning of unbridled power to Natives, or under the current's behavior, the end of Native Americans all together.

Termination would not be a bad thing, only a challenging one and I wonder of Haskell is giving Natives the education that they will need to step up to that challenge. Or is Haskell just operating as a revolving door, keeping the money flowing for a few and discharging waste.

katatnite 7 years, 4 months ago

Take Rand Paul and The Tea Party out of it. Why wouldn’t the tribes want to take the monies that the government spends on The Bureau of Indian Education and The Bureau of Indian Affairs and run their own lives? Why would Native Americans prefer to be to run by the U.S. government? @bearded_gnome this is true"Dr. Warner was run out of Haskell as fast as possible. she is a strong academician with a strong heart to make Haskell better. but because she was upsetting some people's boats she had to go". Link: americans.org.uk/online/Indians.htm The tribes' relationship with the bureau is often described as a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, the bureau is the symbol of the tribes' special relationship with the federal government. On the other hand, tribes have suffered from bureau mismanagement, paternalism, and neglect. It is the hope and objective of many tribal peoples and government officials that tribes can enter into a more equal relationship with the bureau and that the bureau can truly function in an advisory capacity as opposed to dictating policy to tribes.

The federal government's relationship with tribes has wavered over the years between respect for tribal sovereignty and rights and attempts to extinguish tribal existence. The current relationship between tribes and the federal government is one of respect for tribal rights. It is an era of self-determination in which the federal government has committed itself to protecting and enhancing inherent tribal resources, rights, and the ability of tribes to manage their own governments. The current administration is in the process of "downsizing" in order to meet balanced budget promises. Only time will tell how the first owners of this America will be treated by the current Administration and Congress.

drillsgt 7 years, 4 months ago

here is something for thought..the new issue is that there was some talk about the leadership at the top . is taking all the grant money from all the programs and doing alot of illegal hiring .. promised jobs to friends....that's news..and the students leader should of just sat on somebody's lap during the UC meeting. so.that's news...throw out the leadership? i agree

tomatogrower 7 years, 4 months ago

Why not shut Haskell down? Then the developers would have a field day fighting over who gets all that land. They would love to take Barker and Mass all the way through to 31t street and build all kinds of housing developments through there. Come on Haskell News, which developers are putting you up to this mud slinging and rumor mongering? If you had a real case it would have been brought to the attention of the authorities, not spreading crud anonymously on a forum.

sbobandme 7 years, 4 months ago

@ tomatogrower Do you really understand the topic here? It is not about developers. Either you don't understand that or you are trying to side track the real issue which IS why not release monies to the tribes and let them run their own schools, etc. As long time Douglas county taxpayers and seeing that the government cannot give Native people the education they deserve my wife and myself agree with what has been written in this blog, What you are saying is standard talk from that current group of people who are now in charge of Haskell, its the same c*ap they have been spilling for many a years. Speaking of anonymously on a blog what do you consider yourself?

Amy Heeter 7 years, 4 months ago

Sitting Bull said " my country used to have a good name. Sometimes I wonder who it is that has given it a bad name"

sbobandme 7 years, 4 months ago

@ autie Amen, my wife and I agree with you.

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