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Funding is once again being cut at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.


On Native America Calling:

"Current Events - Funding is once again being cut at Haskell, this time to the peril of several sports teams. But one group is banding together to raise the funds to keep athletics going at Haskell''.

What can we say? Congratulations to Venida Chenault?

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haskellnews commentary 04/05/2011


roamingnome 7 years ago

A close review of programs and degrees that actually impact Native people in a positive manner is needed. I cannot find any valid reason for American Indian Studies and what services that particular degree does for tribes. Most individuals who have that degree have told me that they cannot find a job with this degree to help our people.

Maybe AIS should be cut. The only instructor in that department who has any true connection with her culture is Melissa Holder. She was raised on her reservation and has lived in a true Native fashion. She does not need books to learn about her people, Native philosophy, or how to deal with non-Natives....she has lived it! The others never lived the Native way of life or on the reservation or tribal area; they are what you call urban Indian. And, they are what traditionalists call the white man's Indian.

Cutting AIS would save a lot of funds that could be used toward degrees that actually benefit our people. Let Ms. Holder develop a Social Work degree which is a profession really needed on most reservations.

Question: Why is there not a demonstration by the AIS people on 23rd asking for support for funding?

tomatogrower 7 years ago

Get a clue. All government funding is being cut.

katatnite 7 years ago

I recently saw someone I knew from Haskell. He graduated with a degree in AIS and told me the only jobs for people with AIS degrees are in museums and all of those jobs are inherited. He was really upset because he can't find a job now. @ roamingnome everything you say is true.

geekin_topekan 7 years ago

I have said it before, AIS should be offered as a minor.

Courses that teach the historical relationship between gubments and the extremely complicated laws that bind the two are important to ensuring competent future leadership. I am sure that every Native is aware of the dependency factors that are essential to the treaty documents, but how many understand them enough to affectively combat the continuous onslaught of corruption in Indian Country? Native Lit and oral tradition, culture in films and theories of decolonizaton are important, fascinating, and very much a part of Native identity, but they will not get you very far in Washington.

A Major that offers the tribes' public health understanding and leadership would have been invaluable to the people, but plans for that program were scrapped by the actings, correct?

The state of education in Indian Country is also struggling but the Dean of the Teacher's College resigned because of the "unprofessionalism" in the actings behavior. What a bloody shame. A dark hour in Haskell history.

AIS has many practical applications, so if its not the job market, perhaps the fault lies with the individual? Just a suggestion. The courses look exceptional in the catalog.

The English major would have been an excellent addition to Haskell's offerings also. Technical and professional writing skills, including instruction on securing grants, are essential, especially to a people that are legally bound to their dependency status upon the gubment. Whatever happened to the English major plans?

Haskell's actings seem to lack no skills in finding and manipulating gubment funds. Now if they could just pass those skills on to those who would use them for the people, Haskell would be the flagship for Native empowerment.

Their are many AIS grads who have utilized their Haskell education and are practicing success. Let's see what we can do to being Haskell's AIS degree to the level of respect it deserves.

roamingnome 7 years ago

tomatogrower...I have the clue! I am suggesting what needs to be cut. AIS is a worthless degree. Haskell needs to look at what degrees that actually will serve our people best.

sbobandme 7 years ago

The taxpayers are paying for Haskell students to get useless degrees ! Who teaches in that department and what is it they are teaching?

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