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The Higher Commission Sites Lack Of Leadership At Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.


The Higher Commission sites Lack Of Leadership At Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.

In a letter to Dr. Sherry Allison, president of Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute ( SIPI). The Higher Learning Commission sites several factors that contributed to SIPI’s lost of accreditation including, but not limited to: “The college has had four presidents and four interim presidents in the past ten years, which is a pattern of turnover that has failed to provide stable, long term leadership for the college”.

In Larry Echohawk’s response he states” Sipi failed to meet the first four of five criteria the commission uses for all post secondary institutions”.

Read the full The Higher Learning Commission Letter, and Larry Echohawk’s letter to the tribes at: Link: www.bia.gov

Echo Hawk Addresses SIPI's Change in Accreditation Status.


sbobandme 7 years, 8 months ago

Sounds an awfully like what Haskell is currently going through to my wife and myself. For any college to lose accreditation is a big deal. Makes one wonder if Dan Wildcat canceled Haskell's walk through visits with The Higher commission because the group currently running Haskell didn't want The Higher Learning Commission to see what a mess Haskell is currently in? By the way, welcome back Haskell News, we missed you.

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