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Are Students at Haskell Indian Nations University keeping their rooms clean?


Some folks have written in asking why we keep writing about room checks at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas? The answer is simple, it shows boarding school mentality has not left Haskell and weekly room checks validate this point.

Do Haskell Employees, Larry Echohawk, Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn , The Bureau of Indian Education and this weeks ACTINGS Venida Chenault and Jim Tucker really believe that room checks are a sign that Haskell is a “Premiere University”? Real universities do not have weekly room checks to double check the sanitation and cleanliness level of their students rooms. Do they?

Aren't Haskell's room checks are a carry over from the boarding school days when people believed that American Indians were not clean and therefore students rooms had to be checked? Here we are in 2010 and Haskell still carries on the traditions of being a boarding school.

Who does these room checks? If other students check the rooms is this a violation of a students privacy? Isn't the entire room check procedure a violation of students rights? Could Haskell loose federal funding over such violations?

Haskell students are adults and therefore should be treated with the respect they deserve, shouldn't they? If they have a dirty rooms, that is their problem, right?

Why is Haskell not student Service-oriented ? Are they doomed to stay in the current boarding school mentality? With 91% of its students not graduating, it does not appear to be working...does it?

haskellnews commentary October 15, 2010


friendofhaskell 7 years ago

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ndnjoe 7 years ago

You seem to fall upon many documents that you are not privlidged to have in the past, why not use your brain to research the purpose behind the room checks and then just address the policy instead of not really knowing any answers to your question. It is called research, something you have bagged on certain Haskell instructors about lack of. Maybe the students at Haskell are dirty...so what, it is called sanitation and care for others that might have to live with the dirty pig.

As a smaller in size individual who shared a dorm room with others who were not so clean. Yes, I was intimidated by my roomates. But I also didn't like their dirty habits....I see where that would have been a great asset to me. And maybe when I might have got a little dirty, I had to be responsible for room check to get my part clean. No issue with room check.

As mentioned. You say "dirty room so what." I say sanitation issues, that can not just cause mold, but could bring in roaches and mice. Are you not able to have this understanding yourself??? Are you the dirty one that didn't want to pick up your stuff?

Do I think a person should be treated like an adult when they attend college. Yes I do, but I don't think that a person that is in college who has to be told to keep a "shared" room in a clean condition is acting like an adult....therefore, they should not be treated like an adult.

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