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Global Warming from a Conceptual Standpoint

Sanders is not as crazy as you might think

Chris Golledge

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been making some news lately from calling climate change our biggest national security threat, and he has had some, let's call them, detractors. Let me describe some observations and connections, and tell me where my thinking goes astray. There is a connection between the existence ...

Fear clouds your thinking

Chris Golledge

How do you prove orbits are elliptical to someone who does not know calculus? Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus in order to prove it. (Yeah, I know there is some controversy about this with Leibniz; that's not the point.) But, if you don't know calculus, how would you know if ...

Wind versus Tourism

Chris Golledge

I normally stay out of politics. I understand the physical world better than I understand the world of politics, but I have to point out an observation I made that has political implications. This is a bit old, but it was brought back to mind by the debate over the ...

Driving Mitigation Wedges with a Carbon Tax

Chris Golledge

I frequent a few online discussions on climate change and I see a lot of disagreement on what can and should be done to mitigate climate change. These arguments generally go something like: - Wind can't do it because the wind doesn't always blow. - Solar can't do it because ...

Alarmist Projections

Chris Golledge

I have some simple observations to point out. The human population is rising, and it is rising faster all the time. I don't think I need to provide supporting references for this; it should be common knowledge. Heat waves are becoming more common. ["This hot extreme, which covered much less ...

A Brief History

Chris Golledge

In 1824, Joseph Fourier found that the earth was considerably warmer than it shoud be based on the work on thermodynamics (the study of energy exchanges) that he was conducting. If you are trained in mathematics or physics, you might recognize Fourier as the same person who gave us Fourier ...

In My Backyard

Chris Golledge

Anyone who has been paying attention to climate change has noticed that interest in the subject, at least in this country, has increased with with the advent of the current heat wave and drought. I have thought of a corollary to the more common 'Not in my backyard' rule - ...

Where We Are Going

Chris Golledge

It has been a while since climate change was an active discussion here. I suppose people in general are more concerned about their welfare in the short term (and hence a focus on the economy) than they are about their welfare in the long term. Or, perhaps it has become ...

Global Warming First Concepts

Chris Golledge

Very often when the subject of global warming comes up, there are arguments that start with... - But convection... - But saturation... - But volcanoes... - But clouds... - But Mars... - But Uranus... cetera. Perhaps it might be useful to think in terms of just energy rather than ...

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