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Pregnancy and Politics


If you have seen any news in the last few weeks I am sure you have heard the news of Bristol Palin being pregnant. Although she is 17, unmarried and pregnant does that really have a place in the election? She is neither the first nor the last 17 year old to be pregnant. According to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment teen pregnancy rates in Kansas in 2005 was at 50.8% in ages 15-19. Although Shawnee and Douglas counties were not in the highest groups, nearby Wyandotte County was. Bristol happens to be in the spotlight just because her mother is the Republic Vice President candidate but does this mean that we need to focus on her pregnancy?The focus of the election should be on her mother's ability to be vice president, not on whether or not she is a good mother. Teen agers are going to do whatever they want despite how good or bad their parents are. Not only have national news stations been talking about her being pregnant, I heard a local radio station (which I will not mention the name of) talking about her being pregnant and making fun of her by bring in someone to pretend to be Jamie Lynn Spears to give her parenting advise. I really think that everyone needs to leave Bristol alone, and focus on Sarah Palin's ability to become the Vice President.Is there really anything that could be done to decrease teen pregnancies, or is it just something that is going to happen no matter what steps we take?


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