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Identity Thieves for Obama


Identity Thieves for ObamaIn a recent conversation with my family I was disturbed to find out that my aunt and my uncle's friend had unauthorized charges on their credit cards from Obama for President. My aunt's was only a mere $5.00, but unauthorized nonetheless. My uncle's friends charge however a whopping $2,500. And when this friend called the 800-number listed with the charge he was told, that yes they did charge his credit card without his permission and asked him to keep the charge on the card in support of Obama. My aunt when called the 800-number she was also asked to leave the charge to help raise money for the campaign. Does this explain how Obama has been raising all the money for his campaign, or is someone posing as someone for his campaign? Either way this could be a case of credit card fraud and someone needs to be held accountable for their actions. Everyone should also take a close look at their credit card bill after the election.


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