Stop Me If You've Heard This One

Alt. OTS; Should Lawrence High Schools Allow Zombies To Loiter On Campus After Dark?


**You Know They're Out There** *************************************************** Asked at the entrance of Cirilla's about 2:00AM. Should Lawrence high schools allow zombies to loiter on campus after dark? *********************************************** *********************************************** wuh? . . i dont know . . will there be any girl zombies? *********************************************** *********************************************** Not if I ...

Sarah Palin: Mother, . . .and She's HOT!!

Roedapple ******************************************** And a happy Mother's Day to each and every other mother today, especially to you, Mrs RoeDapple!

Alternate OTS: Does Air Captured In Tires Affect The Ozone Layer?

Roedapple ***************************************** Well the cuzins was all down to the truck stop havin their weekly confab bout how to fix the worlds problems when one of them got the bright idea ( now there's a oxymoron for the cuzins) that all the air in the tires of the world might ...

Song Blog: What A TOOL!!

Roedapple ***************************************************** This song blog will be about songs that include tools in the title, or have tools in the lyrics. If you can find an artist or group that have a tool in them that works too! ***************************************************** ****************************************************** But let's remember folks, not all tools fit the ...


Roedapple ****************************************** Lance Mackey won his 4th consecutive Iditarod with a total time of 8 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 9 seconds; just a shade under 9 whole days. Way to go, Lance!

Songs, Phrases and Old Sayings About Luck


This is the last time I'm bringing this blog back. Really. No more. D-U-N, done. But in honor of St. Patrick's day and all of you descendants, real or wannabe, of good Irish stock, this final addition will be dedicated to you! What we will do is this; Post a ...

♣Free the Blog♣

Roedapple *********************************** Jonathan Kealing (allegedly) has chosen to "bury the blog", written by Multidisciplinary for, as far as anyone can tell, the complaints of a few over the enjoyment of the many. This being a private website, we can't complain about our First Amendment rights being trampled upon, but as ...

Concealed Carry: What is The Best Concealed Carry Weapon?

Roedapple **************************************** Yes, you already know the answer, or at least we all hope you do. The best concealed weapon you could possibly carry into any situation sits squarely on top of your neck, between your ears, just millimeters below your scalp.Your brain, your mind, your gray matter. Capable of ...

Concealed Carry: Still Waiting For Those Wild West Shootouts!

Roedapple ****************************************** In the early 1990's, when the push began in most states to allow citizens to be allowed to carry concealed weapons, those who opposed were fearful of a new wave of bloodbaths in the streets if this were to happen. To nearly everyone's surprise, except for those who ...

Trophy Hunting: Asking Your Thoughts


First let me state, I am a life long hunter, never as an absolute need to survive but as a learned skill. I have hunted for reasons of putting food on the table and to decrease predation, but never as a trophy hunter. I do not harbor disdain for those ...

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