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The votes from CPAC are in



As reported by Marc Ambinder over at the Atlantic:

2,395 attendees entered responses, more than ever before, according to GOP pollster Tony Fabrizio. Here were the top results, as presented by Fabrizio: Ron Paul, 31 percent; Mitt Romney, 27 22 percent; Sarah Palin, 7 percent; Tim Pawlenty, 6 percent; Mike Pence, 5 percent; Mike Huckabee, 4 percent. Others collected fewer votes.

Just for giggles, Mitt, Obama and Dr. Paul all emerge post primary season as national candidates in the run up to the 2012 election, with Mitt representing establishment right of center voters, Obama as the incumbent/left and Ron Paul picking up the anti-establishment right of center / center voters. Unlikely, I know but NY-23 makes it seem possible, if not plausible, that this split could replay on the national state.

The question for the forum is, how does this play out, and why?


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