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Traditional Kansas values

Let's return to the traditional, historical set of beliefs and practices and values that have, in modern times, been replaced by beliefs and practices and values wholly alien to the Kansas of its founding era.

Some examples of the values Kansans intended to have motivate and structure the state:

  1. Non-citizens, including non-US citizens, could vote in Kansas elections.
  2. The government was specifically tasked with assisting they who suffered misfortune and had claims of sympathy and aid of society
  3. The government was specifically tasked with the responsibility of promoting literature, the arts, and sciences
  4. The government was specifically tasked with encouraging intellectual and scientific improvement.

All in all, it's easy to see that the values and beliefs that motivate the current political power structure in Kansas (I won't say "political majority," because at best the current crop of politicians represent a plurality of citizens) are nearly opposite of those that motivated they who created the state and its Constitution.

(Don't believe me? Read the original Kansas Constitution for yourself: )

The current political powers-that-be, and the voters who support them, sure have a lot of explaining to do, in terms of how we got so far, far away from the the humane and liberal values that motivated and structured the founding of this state.

We need to return to traditional and historical Kansas values, and reject the modern amoral values that currently influence and control the state.

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