The pedestrian has the right of way

Funding for education? How about the $1.01 billion/year in incentive programs?


Given that "Kansas spends at least $1.01 billion per year on incentive programs, according to the most recent data available,"and that the state has been found to be under-funding education, it seems reasonable to request that the state's incentive programs be audited to see if those programs are having their ...

"Labor is the United States"


I'm interested to hear reactions to the above premise, which is, to my mind, a central truth no longer shared by enough political representatives in Washington. I'd wanted to post it yesterday, for Labor Day, because it so clearly articulates the importance of Labor Day, but was away from internet ...

Traditional Kansas values


Let's return to the traditional, historical set of beliefs and practices and values that have, in modern times, been replaced by beliefs and practices and values wholly alien to the Kansas of its founding era. Some examples of the values Kansans intended to have motivate and structure the state: 1. ...

Best description of the individual mandate


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