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Islamic Terrorism forces Censorship in United States

A Muslim group has threatened South Park creators for insulting Muhammad by casting him in a bear suit.

UPDATE July 21, 2010 - Alleged Terrorist Arrested

Reuters: Man behind "South Park" threat arrested. Zachary Adam Chesser has been arrested on charges of providing material support to an extremist group.

I am not a fan of Comedy Central's animated situation comedy South Park; I just do not find it entertaining. In fact, when I have tried to watch it I usually end up changing the channel. The show is vulgar and full of innuendos. However, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the content of this show. Moreover, it is not subject to Federal Communication Commission regulations since it is not a network broadcast show. Of course, Comedy Central can choose to censor any material it carries; however, they usually do not.

Never the less, when a radical "Muslim group warns 'South Park' creators of death", Comedy Central did choose to censor an episode of South Park; they have even removed the episode clips from their website. threatened Trey Parker and Matt Stone with assassination, showing a gruesome picture of Theo Van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was shot and stabbed to death in 2004 by an Islamic fanatic. The Muslim group made the threat because Parker and Stone had insulted Muhammad by casting him in a bear suit.

Comedy Central has not seen fit to censor the show when it has insulted other religious leaders, political leaders, or protected groups. However, they did react to terrorism. The radical Islamic terrorist simply made a threat and Comedy Central surrendered.

Radical Islamic Terrorist: 1, The First Amendment and American Freedom: Ø

UPDATE: 04/23/2010 The following is taken in whole from this Hollywood Reporter story.

'Muhammad' now a dirty word on 'South Park'

Now "South Park" can't even say the words "Prophet Muhammad."

After last week's episode of the Comedy Central series sparked a threat (and yes, it was certainly a threat) from a radical Islamic website, the network has cracked-down-for-their-own-good on creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone during last night's continuation of the show's storyline.

For those who missed the drama, the show's 200th episode last week mocked the one "celebrity" that the series has been largely unable to depict, the Prophet Muhammad, who was hidden from view in a bear costume. A U.S.-based website then warned Parker and Stone they could end up like Theo Van Gogh (the Dutch filmmaker who was murdered by Muslim extremists after depicting Muhammad on his show) and even posted the address of the show's production office. The site has since been shut down.

Last night, "South Park" continued the controversial Muhammad storyline, but with a key difference: every instance of the words "Prophet Muhammad" was bleeped out, making the episode practically incomprehensible, especially to anybody who missed the previous week.

The character of Muhammad was once again also hidden from view, covered by a large block labeled "censored."

A Comedy Central spokesperson confirmed it was the network's decision to bleep the words.

The Muhammad content is also not available on the South Park Studios website.

A message on the site states: "We do not have network approval to stream our original version of the show. We will bring you a version of [episode] 201 as soon as we can."

Ironically, "South Park" apparently shows an image of the Prophet Muhammad briefly in its opening credits that has gone largely unnoticed.

UPDATE: Parker and Stone comment on "South Park" censorship: In the 14 years we've been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn't stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn't some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle's customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn't mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We'll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we'll see what happens to it.

This CNN video investigates the South Park episode and Revolution Muslim's threats.

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Fun Pictures of Recent Comment

This is a compilation of pictures that I have used as commentary.

UPDATE - July 21, 2010 - This blog will be updated regularly as photo opportunities present themselves. What is a photo opportunity? That is when I want to make a comment with a picture, but don't want to write a new blog. This update also includes a format change. The pictures will now be the link to the back story - just click on the link to go to the story or comment that the picture represents.

Click on the links to go directly to the picture; click on any picture to go to its background story.

Quick Links:

15 Minute parking Meters

School Board Collage

Dino's Dome Home


Also see: "The Oread hotel falls victim to vandals".

KTAG Checkered Flag


Also see: "The Oread hotel falls victim to vandals".

Oread's Obama Is A Fraud

Perkin's KU Mile High Club

Arensberg Shoes Gas Leak

Fraser Hall Flag Poles

The Eldridge Expansion

Schlitz Beer

Laird's Target Off the Mark

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Blogging Shortcuts - DIST’s Cheat Sheet

Updated August 27, 2010

This list of shortcuts are those that are frequently used by bloggers. If you are new to blogging, it is recommended that you first review the tutorial How to Create a LJW Blog - A Beginner's Guide.

All shortcuts are simply "cut, paste, fill in the blank." Unless otherwise noted: copy all red HTML code; that means from, and including, the first "less than sign" (<) to, and including, the last "greater than sign" (>). Replace any text inclusive of the words, "Paste [your content] here" with your desired text, picture, or code. Do not eliminate any quote marks, or other code characters.

Quick Links:


Headings are bold fonts in various sizes. Use the one that fits your need.

Largest Heading

<h1>Paste your largest heading here</h1>

Still Quite Large

<h2>Paste your large heading here</h2>

This Is A Common Size

<h3>Paste your common heading here</h3>

A Little Smaller Heading

<h4>Paste your smaller heading here</h4>

A Normal Size Heading
<h5>Paste your normal heading here</h5>

A Small Heading
<h6>Paste your smallest heading here</h6>

Paragraphs and Line Breaks

Paragraphs can be separated by placing the text between "P" tags. This also has the benefit of resetting the size and style of fonts to the default.

<p>Paste text of paragraph here<p />

The paragraph command places an empty line between paragraphs.

Line breaks, force a new line to start. For example, This is
a forced line break.

<br />

The paragraph and forced break can be used to place blank spaces between objects, pictures, and text.

Another type of break, one that is quite visible and provides a distinct separation of content, is the horizontal line.

<hr />


Poetry presents a challenge when writing a blog or using HTML code. There are many ways to work with the spacing. Here is one way:

Poetry requires different spaces
Sometimes single

Other times double

Either way is a lot of trouble

To make the jingle
You have to think bilingual
And keep smiley faces

Here is what the above poem looks like "behind the scenes."

<p>Poetry requires different spaces<br />
Sometimes single<br />
<p>Other times double<p /><br />
<p>Either way is a lot of trouble<p /><br />
<p>To make the jingle<br />
You have to think bilingual<br />
And keep smiley faces<p /><br>


This text is bold
<b>Paste bold text here</b>

This text is big
<big>Paste big text here</big>

This text is italic
<i>Paste italicized text here</i>

This text is underlined
<u>Paste underlined text here</u>

This is strike through text
<s>Paste strike through text here</s>

Center Alignment

Pictures, objects, and text can be aligned using HTML tags. Text and pictures will, by default, align to the left.

Align to the center

<center>paste picture or text here</center>


The first type of link will take the user to the linked page. The user would then use their back button on their browser to return to your page.

This is an example.

<a href="Paste URL here">Paste Visible Words Here</a>

This link will open a new tab or window on the user's browser. The original tab, your blog, will remain open.

Visit W3Schools!

<a href="Paste URL here" target="_blank">Paste title here</a>

This last link is a "clickable" picture. This allows a user to click an embedded picture or object and open a new window to a referenced link.

<a href="Paste URL Destination Here"target="_blank"><img src="Paste URL of Picture Here"></a>


Images are uploaded using the upload a photo link on either content or extended content boxes. However, sometimes they will not appear in the blog; rather, the blog just shows a hyperlink. Normally this can be fixed by simply placing a paragraph ending on the line preceding and following the link.

<p />

So it might look something like this in your content box:
<p />
<p />

There is another method to display images as you may have noticed in the links section above. In this case you will be pasting the image location between the quotation marks. However, you must have the actual link location. This can even be a link to another internet source as long as it is the actual location of the image. Image locations can usually be found by right clicking on an image and then choosing view image.

<img src="Paste URL of Picture Here"></a>

There may be times that the picture needs to be limited in size. Size limits are stated in pixels. Normally, if the width is defined, then the height will adjust to maintain ratio. But, if necessary height may be specified. In the cut and paste below, simply replace 700 with the desired width in pixels. Note: 700 is the approximate width of the blog column.

<img src="Paste URL of Picture Here" width="700"></a>


<img src="Paste URL of Picture Here" width="700" height="350"></a>

Here is an example of a picture limited to a width of 100 pixels:

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